GS Volume 3 Chapter 100

Volume 3 / Chapter 100

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Jun Hyuk was wondering why they were going into a place that looked like an office building instead of a college campus as they walked inside when his eyes widened.

In the building lobby, students were hanging out in an area with thick carpeting and a middle-aged woman wearing a suit greeted the two.

She happily welcomed them and led them to the meeting room for the interview.

“We finally meet.”

“Yes, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Yoon Kwang Hun. You can just call me Yoon.”

“Is this the Mr. Jang?”

“Yes, I’m Jang Jun Hyuk.”

Jun Hyuk awkwardly took the hand that the interviewer held out.

“Alright, then shall we start the interview?”

Three professors sat with gentle smiles and started asking questions while the two tried  to calm their nerves. Unless there was a special case, he would be accepted no matter what. There was no need to be so worried.

“First, I’ll tell you something very important. Our university really wants Mr. Jang’s admission to the school, but we will make the final decision with the interview. This means that you may not accepted.”

“Yes, of course.”

If someone goes against the school’s values, even Mozart would not be admitted. To these people, musical talent was a given and they tried to take into acount even the person’s personality.

“First, we went through the music files and essay you sent thoroughly. It seems Mr. Jang has never attended school. Is that right?”

“Yes, that is the truth.”

Why were they mentioning the fact that he did not receive a basic education instead of in music? The first interviewer’s negative question stayed on Yoon Kwang Hun’s mind.

“In the 2 years that Mr. Yoon cared for Mr. Jang as a custodian, what did you teach him?”

“English and reading music scores. I also made it so that he could freely listen to and play music.”

“Can I ask why?”

“It isn’t a talent I could do anything about.”

Yoon Kwang Hun put emphasis on ‘talent’. It is a talent that he is proud of.

“We know that fully well. Pianist Hye Jin Jeon, Sae Won Go, and Maestro Hwang. We saw their letters of recommendation as well. Madam Jeon’s letter was especially poignant no matter how many times we read it. It was quite convincing. I am asking why you didn’t give him general education.”

For a moment, Yoon Kwang Hun could not think of a response. Why had he not thought of sending Jun Hyuk to school? He was surprised, but he remembered that it had been an environment where that was entirely plausible.

“That’s because Jang’s musical talent was so outstanding. I think I decided that he did not need to do anything outside of music… I could not send a 15 year old boy to an elementary school.”

Yoon Kwang Hun’s response could be accepted as a difference in the educational system, but the interviewers continued to shake their heads.

“Then how is his reading? How many books has he read until now?”


“Yes. Whether it be novels, historical books, et cetera.”


He could not give an answer. Jun Hyuk learned hangul late and the only text he had read were stories concerning musicians on the internet.

“Hm… Can we understand this to mean that Mr. Jang has the knowledge of an elementary school student?”

They made the judgment that Jun Hyuk did not have knowledge beyond music while Yoon Kwang Hun hesitated.

“I believe that is too severe of a judgment.”

“I wonder if it is.  I don’t think he’ll have understanding of a single novel, a science experiment, history or culture… I don’t think it would be lacking to say that he does not even have an elementary school level knowledge.”

If he were talking about the intellectual level, he would be better than an elementary school student, but he could not deny it when discussing knowledge.

The three interviewers spoke with each other in low voices and made their final decision.

“Our conditions for admission are as follows. He needs to receive separate education in subjects outside of music for 3 hours every day and if he fails in that curriculum, he will be left back. I’m saying that he would not be able to graduate.”

“3 hours each day?”

“Yes. If we think that he has reached the average education level of a high school graduate, we will end those classes. This means that he needs to receive a general education and profession musical training at the same time. We believe that if he receives this education, his English will also improve.”

Just then, an interviewer who had been quiet added to this as if he had been forgetting something,

“Oh, language is also added. English is a basic, but we plan to teach him Italian, German, or French – one of his choosing. Most of the students in this school are fluent in at least one European language.”

If they made the wrong move, he could end up spending more time in general studies more than in working with music.

“Jang’s application says that he would like to major in piano, composition, and commanding, but will he be able to keep up with that amount of work??

“He will be able to handle it.”

He did not know about anything else, but Yoon Kwang Hun was confident that he could make it so they could not stop talking if it were about music.

“We admit that Jang’s talent is extraordinary, but this school is full of students with amazing talent. Our school holds classes with these talented students as a benchmark. That is how high the standard is. It won’t be easy.”

Jun Hyuk studied English ardently, but he was not at a level where he could understand the interview perfectly. However, he had fully understood that he would need to dedicate 3 hours everyday to general studies and learn another language.

His hardened face already showed that he did not have the confidence to do this. Of the various schools he had interviewed with, this was the only place with such strong requirements, so he was thinking of the other schools that had said that all he had to do was music.

However, Yoon Kwang Hun felt like he needed to make the decision at this moment. What this school was asking for is neither unreasonable nor deterring. He was actually disappointed in himself for not thinking of paying attention to Jun Hyuk’s education outside of music.

“These are the conditions for admission. And now our questions are for Mr. Jang.”

The interviewer smiled at a tense Jun Hyuk to make him comfortable as he spoke,

“What is music to you?”

It was easy English, so Jun Hyuk fully understood it and answered without hesitation,

“It is making the sounds of the world that disappear within moments, last forever.”

“Making sounds last forever…..”

All of the interviewers mumbled to themselves at Jun Hyuk’s response. Then Jun Hyuk started to speak again,

“Oh, and one more thing. It’s the best way to relay someone’s feelings.”

Jun Hyuk added what he had felt while participating in the audition program.

This professors of this school had already seen plenty in Jun Hyuk’s music. Since they already saw his flash of talent in his piano and scores, they did not need him to go through the audition that all of the other participants needed to pass.

It could be that the interviewer’s question to Jun Hyuk was just out of personal curiosity.

“I see. Hm… When can you start participating in classes?”

It meant that he had been accepted.

“He can start with the fall semester. Jun Hyuk is working on his record in Korea at the moment. It will be released before the fall semester.”

“A record? Oh, we have high expectations. Can I ask for a copy once it’s released?”

“Of course. I’ll send it to you.”

“Thank you. And what do you intend to do for living arrangements? Are you thinking of having a separate residence?”

“No, we would like to go in the dormitories. As you know, he hasn’t had a school life, so he would like to make a lot of friends.

“That is an excellent choice.”

History is made at night and Clayton School of Music is no exception to this.

When hot-blooded youths from all over the world are gathered in one place, there is no reason for them to quietly sleep at night. They party with alcohol and music every night.

In the morning, someone is always lost in thought because they cannot remember the song they played while drunk the night before. This also means that the song was good enough for them to want to remember it. Spending time with these people would give him more opportunities to find such inspiration.

With this, it was decided that Jun Hyuk would become independent in the fall semester.


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