GS Volume 2 Chapter 80

Volume 2 / Chapter 80

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“I had a feeling when you didn’t pick up the phone yesterday. Forget recording, isn’t it over if you haven’t even been able to arrange the song yet?”

Producer Kim Ki Sik was frowning at a Kim Jong Suk who had run to the broadcast station himself.

“That’s not it. We haven’t been able to arrange the song yet because it can’t be expressed as an instrumental. He needs to sing.”

“Jong Suk. Why is Jun Hyuk being like that with ‘Must Erase You in this Sadness’? It’s not even very unique.”

“The lyrics aren’t about breaking up, but about the moment two people turn from each other after they break up.”

When Kim Jong Suk thought of the song, he recalled a scene as though from a movie.

“I showed him the version that Lee So Ra sang on purpose. If you fit it all together well, the picture becomes clear.”

No matter how Producer Kim Ki Sik tried to fit the pieces together, a special picture did not appear.


Kim Jong Suk began to go through the details for Producer Kim Ki Sik who could not put the pieces together.


Leaning on a cold wall

Watching a dawn coming brighter.


“This means she wandered until dawn after breaking up since couples don’t meet at dawn to break up. Whether they met at night or at dinner, she wasn’t able to brush it off and go back home. It was that difficult.”


Now I must leave your side.

Though I might regret leaving your side

It’s because I love you.


“She truly loved him, but decided that breaking up is better for the other person. Since the singer is Lee So Ra, this was the woman’s decision. And the reason why I didn’t let him listen to the version by Lee Hyun Woo.”

Producer Kim Ki Sik started to listen to Kim Jong Suk’s interpretation with interest.


I love you but I can’t help but leave.

This moment is so hard.


“I’m sure it means that breaking up is great suffering for the woman as well?”


Though I only cause you pain

You’ll be able to understand me one day.


“This is important. ‘You’ll be able to understand me one day’. There will inevitably be a day when he understands the reason why they broke up, the reason why this was the only choice. This is the most important message to deliver to Jun Hyuk.”


Goodbye, my love


“It’s not [my former love], but [my love]. She’s not saying that her love faded, but is confessing that she still loves him. What do you think?”

“So why are you saying that this makes Jun Hyuk look back at himself? What’s the relation to the lyrics?”

A scene where a man and woman who are in love, break up. What is he saying is special? Producer Kim Ki Sik could not understand Kim Jong Suk’s interpretation yet.

Kim Jong Suk looked at Producer Kim pathetically,

“What is it? You still don’t know? Your imagination is too short for a producer of a music program.”

“Jong Suk!”

“Think about it carefully. The woman is Jun Hyuk’s biological mother. The man is Jun Hyuk himself.”


Kim Ki Sik yelled as he had just understood it.

These lyrics were the story of the day that Jun Hyuk was abandoned.

After leaving a baby at the door of an orphanage, a woman who cannot leave and leans on a wall in an alley. That woman’s confession.

“Jun Hyuk cried hard when he first heard this song. But after crying for a while, he expressed the joy of farewells on the piano.”


“Yeah. He thought that his mother did this for him. It was because she loves him and not because he was bothersome or because she did not love him. For him. That’s why he was happy. Of course, we don’t know if this is true or not. Jun Hyuk’s mother who abandoned him is the only person who can know, but Jun Hyuk thought the same way as the lyrics.”

Emotions came through the listener. The composer melted his intentions into a song and the audience melted their emotions out.

“If he had listened to Lee So Ra’s song and freely gushed his feelings, he wouldn’t have needed to sing. He can express himself on the piano and guitar. That’s why he was able to create the piano song. But he said that he would forget it. He’s brushing it off so he doesn’t have to think about it twice.”

Jun Hyuk’s on-the-spot piano. That was the song that Jun Hyuk had interpreted from Lee So Ra.

“But he needs to arrange the song for the mission. He needs to do it from his mother’s position and not by his emotions. He can change the melody. He’s only controlled rhythm and inserted parts, so he can’t express lyrics. That’s why Jun Hyuk hasn’t been able to finish the arrangement yet.”

It seemed cruel. Kim Ki Sik is the one who had thought that it was necessary to rub salt in his wounds. However, as Kim Jong Suk had assured, Jun Hyuk did not run away or quit. He was looking back at himself.

“Producer Kim. Send him back to me once the 2nd stage is over. Something will come out after 2 weeks. Can you wait a little longer?”

“What can I do when you’ve pushed me into another corner? I’ll have to wait, won’t I? Just make it so he isn’t absent for the live stage. If you can’t get him to sing, just make sure he has a great instrumental.”

Singing could wait just a bit. Now it was time for the orchestra.

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