GS Volume 2 Chapter 75

Volume 2 / Chapter 75

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Yoon Jung Su did not think it was so bad that he had something to teach Jun Hyuk the next day. He needed to teach Jun Hyuk the decisiveness to be able to choose jewels to toss from a chest full of jewels. It is the feeling of a director who has to take a movie film of a 3 hour running time that moves people to tears, but needs to cut it down to fit into 2 hours.




“The use?”

“Yeah. I told you in the beginning, right? The music needs to match the use too. It’s a little detrimental to the body but it’s simple, and fast food came out to make something to eat quickly. You have to make fast food, but you’ve made a French feast.”


“If you can’t take some of it out, we’ll have to end it around here. We need to finish recording today.”

It is a time when the music needs to fit the delivery. The quality of today’s popular music just passed a grade test to be produced, delivered, and consumed quickly to be thrown away.

Yoon Jung Su felt like he was Joseph II when he saw a surprised Jun Hyuk, and laughed.

The top opera, Mozart’s ‘Figaro’s Wedding,’ that dominated Austria was written on the command of the Holy Roman Empire’s Emperor Joseph II.

When Figaro’s Wedding premiered, Joseph II made the assessment, “Your music has too many notes.” When opera had a lot of dialogue before Mozart, there was a lot of work to handle as if it were theater dialogue. However, Mozart created the opera according to his wishes.

<Let the music flow without ceasing for even one moment>

Since he heard an opera that was full of music as compared to the opera from before, anyone could understand Joseph II’s assessment that there were too many notes. However, it is said that Mozart replied, “There is not one unnecessary note in my music,” though there is no way to confirm this.

Yoon Jung Su could not get himself to tell Jun Hyuk to take out notes as Joseph II had done, but he needed to tell him not to add more.

“What do you think? Can you just end it here?”

“No. It’ll be better to just do it over again.”

“What? Again?”

This time, Jun Hyuk laughed as he saw a surprised Yoon Jung Su. s

“It’s okay. I’m not going to do it completely, but I’m going to take out a ton of it and make it really simply. I have to make fast food as you said. It’ll take three or four hours.”

A genius musician who is not stubborn. Had he been customized to the modern time where music is business and not art? Or could he have realized that he needs to concede at this time?

Yoon Jung Su was slightly taken aback that Jun Hyuk had accepted it so easily, but Jun Hyuk kept smiling as though it were nothing.

He was an increasingly complex child. Could it be that he has pride in his music? Or was it confidence that he could make any form of music take the best shape?




Jun Hyuk’s electronic song for the second stage completely transformed to be full of simplicity. Unless one looked for it, it was hard to tell that it was Yoon Jung Su’s song. He had made the perfect music combining a simple drum beat, electric guitar riff, and electronic sound effects.

It was dull however.

Everyone who had been listening to the song that Jun Hyuk had fixed in 5 hours had the same thought.

“This should be enough, right?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. You did well.”

Jun Hyuk had made the music according to Yoon Jung Su’s instructions. It was perfectly made for broadcast.

It was dull, but it also felt like there was something missing.

“You took out the part you’ll be performing during the broadcast?”

“Yes, since we can’t just turn the music on for the stage.”

Yoon Jung Su saw Jun Hyuk who had made the music as though according to a client’s demands as a music director instead of a musician.

“Okay. Are you going to play the guitar on stage? Or the piano?”

“No. I’m going to play the keyboard so I can play multiple instrumental sounds.”

This is how Jun Hyuk’s second mission song was completed.


The three stayed in the studio until late at night to complete their songs so they could put them up on the track site as soon as the broadcast was over. When they finished working on their songs and returned to the dormitory, Yoon Jung Su quietly called Jang Na Rae over.

“Na Rae, listen to me carefully.”

“Yes, teacher.”

“I want to bring you into my agency.”


Jang Na Rae just bowed her head when she heard something so unbelievable. It seemed as though she was trying to hold back tears.

How anxious she must have been. She was expecting to be eliminated during the first half of the finals that were soon to start. If no one wanted to take her by then, she needed to go back to her daily life. This difficult yet grand world of entertainment would come to an end.

She had been thinking that her dream to make a living with music was coming to an end, but Yoon Jung Su had thrown her a rope of salvation.

“I think that if we work on your vocals, we can get them to an unreachable level.”

“Excuse me? Could it be that much?”

Yoon Jung Su’s high praises were more difficult to believe.

“Ha ha. You don’t believe my intuition?”

“Ah, that’s not what I meant.”

“It’s okay. It’s a joke. Anyway, I want to see you over time.”

“Over time?”

“Yeah. My intention is to make you a singer, not a celebrity. If I wanted to, I could get you on a couple variety programs and have you permanently placed on one. But I’m thinking of having you do music while building a fence with TV for 10 years. With a focus on album, OST, and theater concert. Instead of music ranking programs, only broadcasts like Sketchbook with a concert format.”

Yoon Jung Su meant for her to basically be a singer without a face.

“You might not be able to make much money until you take a sturdy seat in the music industry. And you won’t have fans following you around everywhere like girl groups do.”

For Jang Na Rae who dreamt of becoming a star, telling her to take the path of a musician inevitably made her hesitate.

“But in 10 years, Jang Na Rae will be a brand musician.”

It is difficult to tell someone in their 20s to be patient. Honor is important with age but in most cases, finding success quickly is the main goal for youths.

“It’s hard to succeed as a solo artist these days. You saw the girls who are the main vocals of their groups? Their vocal skills are amazing. It’s to the point where each of those girls could be solo artists.”

Since there were over millions of aspiring celebrities, the reality was that there were tons of girls who had everything including good looks and skills.

“I want to make you a singer with skills that overwhelm those girls. My goal is to make it so that they remake your songs and call you teacher instead of daring to call you sister or senior.”

“Teacher. I…..”

Yoon Jung Su stopped Jang Na Rae from speaking,

“Na Rae, hang on.”


“Don’t respond now. I’m sure you need to think about it thoroughly and discuss it with your parents. Give me an answer when the broadcast is over.”

Jang Na Rae nodded her head in understanding.

“My guess is that during the broadcast, there will be other agencies contacting you to sign with them. It’ll be better for you to listen to them as well to make your decision.”

Jang Na Rae who had heard Yoon Jung Su’s proposition boarded the car going to the dormitory. Among the three, Jang Na Rae’s face was the brightest as she had put down a great worry.

The three people who had finished their second mission songs took each of their experiences and thoughts to gain more experiences and teachings from another producer.


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