GS Volume 2 Chapter 68

Volume 2 / Chapter 68

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It seemed Jo Hyung Joong had also watched the press conference from his mention of studying abroad.

“Ah, you saw it?”

“Of course. You thought I wouldn’t see it? You endured such a hard time well.”

Jo Hyung Joong’s hand that was holding Jun Hyuk’s as he pat his back was so warm that Jun Hyuk could feel that he had been sincerely concerned.

“I was able to forget because I was working on music with you. Thank you.”

Jo Hyung Joong did not forget the words he wanted to say before Jun Hyuk left,

“Also, if you do end up going abroad next year… let’s make music together before you leave. I wanted to work with you properly.”

“A record? How could I…..”

Jun Hyuk waved his hand as though it could not be, but his heart was beating fast.

“What are you talking about? I want to produce your debut album… Why? Do I fall short?”

“Oh, no. I wonder if I’m qualified to release an album.”

“What are you talking about? If you’re not qualified, no one in our country is. It’s okay if you don’t make money. It’s because I really want to make an album full of music at a high level.”

Making an album with my own music. Jun Hyuk’s heart beat faster when he imagined that a CD with his own music would stand with Yoon Kwang Hun’s thousands of CDs at the cafe.

“Teacher, I’ll come back once the broadcast is over. Thank you.”

Jun Hyuk could not let go of Jo Hyung Joong’s hand and expressed his gratefulness multiple times.

As soon as Jun Hyuk sadly left the studio, the assistant producer opened his mouth,

“Will Jun Hyuk really go to study abroad?”

“I’m sure he will. He’s good enough to play in bigger waters. And I think Jun Hyuk is already oriented to classic. No matter what music he’s working with, he makes classic his base. Eventually, I’m sure he’ll need to go abroad.”

The assistant producer lightly hit his forehead,

“What a waste.”

“What is?”

“Jun Hyuk said last time that he made dozens of pop songs. I wanted to see those all over this industry.”

“He said that the cafe owner didn’t throw any of them out and saved everything. They’ll come out one day, even if it’s not right now. And you think that kid will create a debut album with songs he made in the past? He’ll fill it with new songs.”

A producer did not know how a composer thought. The desire to use songs that were left for later disappears. It was in a creator’s mentality to want to create and release new works.

It is said that the Beatles recorded dozens of songs and chose the ones that would go in their album. Reportedly, the record label was always disappointed that there were so many good songs that got taken out.

When they were working on a new album however, they never used an old song no matter how good it was, and wrote new ones. As they recorded in this way, there could be 50 more Beatles albums with the songs that they did not use.

Even now, the record label fits one of these songs in whenever they release a best hits album. They are making an enormous amount of money on the legacy that the Beatles left behind.

“Oh right.”

Jo Hyung Joong suddenly remembered something while thinking of the scores that Jun Hyuk had.

“What is it?”

“The symphony. Where’s the score for the symphony Jun Hyuk brought?”

Jo Hyung Joong found the score in a corner of the messy recording studio and started to look over it quietly. When compared with Mozart, it was a symphony written by a 17 year old genius though 10 years late.

He read the score full of expectations, but put the score down after the third sheet.

The assistant producer who had been looking at the 2nd sheet started looking for a cigarette,

“This… What is this?”

“I’ll say. Is this music? No matter how much we say it’s the post-modern era, isn’t this just noise?”

In the music they had heard from Jun Hyuk so far, his specialty was his compositions filled with beautiful melody like Mozart. However, not only was this not a beautiful melody, but its irregular arrangement made it difficult to even read.

“Can we say that this irregular sound that’s like noise is music?”

“There’s already a work that makes noise into music. It’s John Cage’s <4 Minutes 33 Seconds>.”

<4 Minutes 33 Seconds> premiered on August 29, 1952 in New York’s Woodstock. <4 Minutes 33 Seconds> had four bandmasters, and each bandmaster’s score was completely blank. There was only a Tacet accent (to rest without performing) written on the sheet. The performer sat in front of the piano and opened the cover of the piano. The time had been decided randomly so the 1st bandmaster was 33 seconds, the 2nd bandmaster was 2 minutes 40 seconds, and the 3rd bandmaster had two sets of 1 minute 20 seconds. After that, the performer shut the cover on the piano again.

As a result, the performer had just opened the piano and sat still for 4 minutes and 33 seconds before closing the piano again.

In this absurd performance, the bustling noise of youths was the music. Even if the performer and audience had been silence, there would be a sound in the concert hall.

The sound of this performance changed by the location. It was a work that could be changed in infinite ways. However, this song was still considered a challenge to the meaning of music.

“Using a philosophical topic like that happens just once. From the second time, it’s just noise. No one will recognize it.”

“Hm… What do we do…..”

Jo Hyung Joong scratched his head. He had promised Jun Huk that he would show the score to an expert in classical.

He needed to keep his promise. It was something he did not know. Jun Hyuk’s song could be avant garde, and receive great recognition.



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