GS Volume 2 Chapter 67

Volume 2 / Chapter 67

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Baek Seung Ho said something that made Yoo In Tae who was packing his bag, stop.

“Should I give you a present?”

“Present? What’s this about?”

“There’s something we’re proceeding with apart from the press offices. The malicious commenters.”

“Commenters? Oh, the people who left spiteful comments?”

“Yeah, the commenters and the people who swore on SNS.”

Yoo In Tae sat in his seat again. He had guessed what the gift was.

“You saw the Supreme Court decision not too long ago, right? When they got $5,000 from the people who wrote malicious comments on SNS.”

“Yeah, it was contempt?”

“We made a list. We got everyone including the people who personally called Yoon Kwang Hun, the people who sent text messages, malicious commenters, and SNS. There are over 300 people who did that more than once.”

There was no way out of it since there was even a Supreme Court ruling.

“You’re going to share some of that with us?”

“Up to half. What do you think?”

Half meant around 150 people. Even if they estimated $3,000 per person, it would be $450,000. What percentage would they make from the case? Yoo In Tae calculated that with the 40%, their fees would only be approaching $200,000.

“So? Are you asking us to convince the press offices?”

“Oh we can’t do that, we’re lawyers. He he.”

Baek Seung Ho’s laugh meant that they should hold hands.

“What’s the percentage?”

“Take 60%. Yoon Kwang Hun doesn’t care about the money. If we’re frank with the calculations, they’re not losing out on much because Jun Hyuk is already getting offers for CFs for his status as a national star.”

Yoo In Tae had seen Jun Hyuk on TV. Regardless of his musical talent, his looks were enough to make him a CF star.

The number of people in his fan cafe that had been created after the press conference also proved his salability. Peace who had taken on all of Jun Hyuk’s legal matters must feel as though it had caught a big fish.

“You know it becomes a problem if we just accept that, right?”

Everyone would be able to tell that the two law firms had joined hands since the press offices were not dumb.

“Just change the name to another place. Anyway, my present is up to here. I’ll just leave the rest to you.”

Yoo In Tae left the meeting room with busy thoughts. His mind was busy, but it was busy with good things. It seemed that all he had to do was to go back to the office and draw up a basic blueprint.

“Oh wait. One more thing.”

Yoo In Tae came back into the meeting room as though he had forgotten something.

“What is it?”

“There are no public apologies on the public media or internet. That side is saying that they won’t do anything that hurts their pride when they’re settling with money.”

“Of course. We don’t need an insincere apology either. Don’t you think a fat lump of money will help heal the wound?”

There was an understanding that something would work out in the gaze that the two lawyers shared.




Lawyer Baek Seung Ho sent polite memorandums to press offices excluding the 8 that Daejung Law Firm had taken on. Since the large media outlets were settling in good favor, the small outlets that have a hard time should also show their apologies. It said that Peace would not turn down the opportunity to go to court if they denied this offer.

There were over 2,000 internet outlets. It was not a number that Peace could handle even if they allocated all of their manpower to it. Baek Seung Ho had thrown the fishing line to over 30 places that were worth any money and thought that it was a success even if half took the bait.

He was proud that it was time to reap from all of the hard work they had put in till now.

Yoon Kwang Hun did not care about the compensation. He had said that he would be satisfied with a proper music studio in the cafe’s basement, and a studio with the best equipment and perfect soundproofing.

However, with the amount that they were expecting to reap, they could afford not just a studio, but three or four cafes in Misari.

Baek Seung Ho was satisfied that with this, he would have fulfilled a person’s duty to someone who had done so much for him in the past.




Since the issue with Jun Hyuk’s 1st mission song was taken care of, Jo Hyung Joong had to send Jun Hyuk back though it was unfortunate. The 2nd mission was songs by the judges. They only had 1 week to work on this.

“Jun Hyuk, you worked hard making music with me. You have to go to Yoon Jung Su now.”

“Excuse me? We haven’t finished recording the accompaniment…..”

“Ha ha. That went well. It’s a full orchestral accompaniment. No, it’s a concert. They’re going to perform with you on the live stage. They’re going to decorate the final stage. Of course, the conductor will be there as well.”

A full orchestra on the live stage? This was basically a concert and not a contest! Jo Hyung Joong was laughing with a pleased expression at Jun Hyuk’s face of disbelief.

“So we don’t need to record now. They’re going to record the live stage and launch the track. You’re going to meet them two days before the live broadcast to rehearse. There’s no need to worry about it now.”


“You have to prepare the 2nd stage. Seung Hee and Hye Sung should have already started prepared with other producers yesterday. Also, Jang Na Rae and Kwak Hye Sung are in your group. Seung Hee was assigned to Lee Eun Jin.”

Jun Hyuk bowed to Jo Hyung Joong. Jun Hyuk who had thought that of scores and performances as everything in music felt as though his eyes had been opened to a new world while working with Jo Hyung Joong. He was sincerely thankful to Jo Hyung Joong who had shown him even a little bit of this world.

“Thank you for everything, teacher. I learned a lot.”

“What are you talking about? If anyone learned, it was me. What did I do? I’m almost sorry that I didn’t do anything. And it’s not like we’ll never see each other again. We’ll see each other often going forward. If you don’t study abroad.”


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