GS Volume 2 Chapter 65

Volume 2 / Chapter 65

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Jo Hyung Joong broke the silence. He shrugged as he spoke,

“I see. I’m sure you all will know better if what he is saying is true or false… I don’t know.”

The Concertmaster heard Jo Hyung Joong’s words as an insult as well.

“This is just the last check before recording, not a concert. I don’t hear this as anything but him trying to point out our faults. I admit that he has an ear for music, but you should have just brought the Berlin Philharmonic in if it was going to be like this.”

The Concertmaster had said something he should not have. He meant that there was nothing he could do about it because they were getting the talent they had paid for. This angered even Jo Hyung Joong.

“I can’t agree with that. If Jun Hyuk’s criticisms are correct, this isn’t a level of checking before recording. That means this is the first time you’re trying to play it… It upsets me more that you didn’t think of practicing it once when you knew today would be the day or recording.”

Jo Hyung Joong who had always been smiling had become angry. The 16 performers left the recording studio at his reproach. Some left out of embarrassment, some left out of anger.

Jo Hyung Joong scratched his head in the empty recording studio.

“This has become quite bothersome.”

“Sorry, teacher. It’s because of me…..”

“No, I can tell by looking at those people who had nothing to say that you’re right. It’s okay. It’s definite for someone working with music to demand perfection.”

Jo Hyung Joong had the thought that he would need to bring in the Seoul Philharmonic if he wanted to satisfy Jun Hyuk, but that was impossible. His sight seemed to dim at the thought that they would need to spend the next three or four days using the machines in the recording studio without sleep.

The phone call he received as soon as he got to the studio made him forget that they would not need to stay up all night.

After Jo Hyung Joong spoke on the phone for a while, he quickly called Producer Kim Ki Sik.

“Producer Kim, the first stage is MR, right? The backing band isn’t coming out?”

“Yes, the backing band is live from the top 5.”

“You know Jun Hyuk’s mission song, ‘From the Sun to the Boy’?”

Producer Kim Ki Sik had just been watching the video because the VJ had come running to him.

“You know we can’t work with the Fine Philharmonic you set us up with, right? Jun Hyuk didn’t like it and stopped it.”

“Yes, I heard from the VJ.”

The VJ had come running to him with news that he had filmed something great. Producer Kim had also wanted to shout in joy as he watched the video. The highlight was when the performers ran out with bright red faces.

Jun Hyuk had created a scene that could only be found in a drama. It was a reversal that made it so the money they would need to pay the performers was not going to waste.

They would need to cover the performers’ faces for confidentiality. He had picked up Jo Hyung Joong’s call while he had been happily thinking of how to edit the clip.

“The conductor just called to say that he will do it himself. He said that he’ll do it perfectly.”

“Really? That’s a surprise.”

“On the condition that they can perform live on the live broadcast.”

“What? On the live broadcast?”

“Yeah. He kept talking… but he just wants to get publicity for his orchestra since a local orchestra doesn’t have a name. He wants to go out on a national broadcast.”

It was difficult for a local orchestra to become well known unless the maestro was famous. There was no better publicity in a Korea where the place for classical was not big, than to go out on a broadcast.

There was even a case when a conductor of an OST with classical music had become famous overnight. Having a face or name go out on TV was better than any publicity money could buy.


“What do you think? Can you arrange it?”

“The picture looks good but… we might get feedback that we’re favoring him over the other kids.”

Going on the live stage meant that they were allowing for their faces and names to go on air. The drama in Producer Kim Ki Sik’s head became complete with the second reversal.

“The stage is a problem too. Is there enough space for 60 people?”

“Excuse me? 60 people?”

“Yeah, it’s the full orchestra. Ha ha.”

“We have to do it no matter what if it’s to that extent. Contact the conductor and let him know that it’s an okay. I’ll take care of the details with their representative.”

As Producer Kim Ki Sik got off the phone, he thought that though the conductor’s intention may be publicity, the opportunity was Jun Hyuk.

Jun Hyuk had the power to drag people in. He was like a powerful magnet. He thought that he himself might be getting pulled in to Jun Hyuk’s genius, but also could not stop thinking that Jun Hyuk may be more of a genius than he thought.

The episode two days ago had an average 4% viewer rating, while Jun Hyuk’s air time was 6%. Last year, the ratings had remained under 2% during the area preliminaries.

Was there a reason to eliminate this Jun Hyuk at the end of two or three performances? The average person is fascinated by genius. What would happen if they showed everything that Jun Hyuk is capable of?

Producer Kim Ki Sik wanted to go over how this season would go again. He could show a completely different side from the last four episodes. Producer Kim had another worry to add to his list.



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    Well, the orchestra players may have been insulted but in the end, they still want to work with JH. Hahaha… JH has the character where people around may hate him for his opinions and judgments but at the end of the day, they still want to stick with him because he is a real genius with music.

  2. I had a feeling that though the orchestra got insulted, they’d still bite back and work with jun hyuk. Musicians have their pride and with working with someone who can honestly give harsh critic on their music like jun hyuk who’s godly talented in it, it can’t be helped that the flames in their hearts are ignited hahah. Still looking forward to what happens in this orchestra song! Thanks for the chapter!

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