GS Volume 2 Chapter 59

Volume 2 / Chapter 59

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Inside the broadcast station elevator, a lawyer who had followed Baek Seung Ho finally began to speak,

“Wow, senior. That was really impressive. How did you think to propose such a deal? I couldn’t even imagine that.”

“I didn’t think of it.”

“What? Then who?”

“It’s Yoon Kwang Hun’s idea.”

“Yoon Kwang Hun? The cafe owner?”

“Yeah. That man was a fearsome beast in the past. He’s living quietly because he’s a wolf without teeth now. He can easily ruin a producer of a broadcast station.”

The junior lawyer had a difficult time conceptualizing the cafe owner he had seen once as a fearsome beast. He could not imagine that from that quiet man who had only smiled cheerfully.

“I was only going to confirm the facts with the broadcast station. I was just going to end it after seeing if they spread the subject matter for the tabloids. The broadcast station isn’t our target. We need to ruin the press offices and the people making malicious comments since the objects of the lawsuit are these two. The broadcast station doesn’t have a link to Yoon Kwang Hun.”

“That’s right. I thought it was strange as well. Even if they did spread the rumors, it’s obvious that they’ll pretend they didn’t.”

“We still need to check. What did you think? That producer seemed to be surprised, right?”

“Yes. I’m certain he has a relationship with that agency you talked about.”

“Yeah, but there’s nothing we can do. There’s no evidence and he’s not a direct party. If we shake the press office, they’re bound to fight each other. If the agency paid them off, you think they’ll stay still? As they do that, I’m sure something more will come out. I was going to wait, but Yoon Kwang Hun said that we need to wield the knife while we had it by the hilt. Later later. It’s stupid to rely on later when we don’t know how it’ll end up.”

Baek Seung Ho recalled Yoon Kwang Hun’s past when he was like a fearsome beast. He had been the person able to crush a perfectly good company without hesitation in order to guarantee success in future investments.

He used to be a cruel beast who would laugh and say that it was the law of nature for a wolf to eat a lamb.

Life was really unpredictable when seeing a man like now running a cafe while taking care of a talented boy.




Producer Kim Ki Sik sat in the conference room alone for a while and then ran to the legal team.

“Ah, Producer Kim. Good that you came. I was going to request a meeting with you.”


“Huh? How did you know? Did they go to you too?”

“Yes. They said they wanted to check a few things…..”

“Jun Hyuk must really be a gem. He’s only been on air once or twice, but magnate company like this starts managing him. It’s a good thing they appeared after our contract with him was already completed. If not, we wouldn’t have been able to contract him. They would have made a huge deal that it’s an unfair contract.”

The legal team looked as though they were relieved that Peace had come later without realizing that Producer Kim Ki Sik was burning up inside.

“That’s not why those people came.”

“Ah, there’s something else, but it doesn’t matter for us. It’s an issue with the media. But… is that true?”

The rumors that provoked the internet. Age and position had nothing to do with wanting to know the truth behind these gossip articles. The middle aged chief of the legal team had eyes full of curiosity.

“The articles in the media? No. Jun Hyuk and the cafe owner don’t have that kind of relationship.”

“Really? Then the press offices are dead. He he.”

The chief of the legal team laughed sinisterly as though he already knew what was going to happen.

“What? Why?”

“You didn’t see the warrant?”

“I saw it. That’s not something special, is it?”

“Look at the date it was delegated.”

“What about it?”

“The cafe owner signed the warrant the day the first article went out. But it’s been three weeks and Peace hasn’t done anything.Why do you think they would do that?”


“What if Jun Hyuk and the cafe owner had held a press conference as soon as the first articles went out? If Jun Hyuk had cried while saying ‘Yoon Kwang Hun is like a father to me,’ wouldn’t it have been heartwarming?”

Producer Kim Ki Sik had a vague idea of why the time the warrant had been delegated was important.

“Didn’t they announce gender equality last week? After checking, Yoon Kwang Hun’s attorney said that he would review everything. The internet became quiet after the gender equality announcement too. That situation was resolved with this. Peace has been waiting until now. They’ve been gathering the materials for their counterpunch.”

The chief’s explanation was no longer necessary. Producer Kim Ki Sik knew enough about Peace’s strategy.

“How many articles are there on the internet? Didn’t the press offices go overboard and write more when the cafe owner disappeared? Tsk tsk, they wrote articles as undoubtable facts instead of leaving room for suspicion. All of the comments were covered in swearing. Peace has been waiting for that. Now the press office and the people who left comments are all dead.”

“It’s that bad? But it’s a press office…..”

“I guess you wouldn’t know. Once, there was a scandal about an actress and people commented all sorts of bad things like that she was dirty and a tramp. That actress hired Peace to sue those commenters.”

The chief stuck out his tongue while thinking of how severe the people at Peace are,

“They went through criminal proceedings for malicious libel and got fines for $200. And going on to civil rights, they claimed damage fines of $2,000 per person.  That’s hundreds of people, hundreds. Peace made sure they received every last bit of that.”


“When that actress hired Peace, she had agreed to give them all of the compensation as their fees since it doesn’t look good for a successful actress to take money from random people.”


One question had been answered. Now he knew how a cafe owner had been able to hire Peace.

“Producer Kim, you have no sense. What money does a cafe owner have to hire Peace as his attorney? I bet Peace will take more than 80% of the compensation they receive. This is a lawsuit resulting in at least $10 million.”

The cold sweat he showed in front of lawyer Baek Seung Ho was nothing. The events to come were not going to end with the internet press office. The wounded press office might charge Dine Music for the money. This link needed to end at Dine Music.

The chief of the legal team had a hunch that something was wrong when he saw Producer Kim Ki Sik’s cold sweat,

“But why are you like that? Is there a problem?”

“Oh, no.”

“What is it? We’re not involved, are we? Hurry up and tell me before the problem gets bigger.”

“The truth is… It seems that someone on our end was drinking with a person at some agency and talked about the two people’s relationship. And that was spilled to the press office through that agency.”

“Whew… That’s fine. I was surprised. I knew the articles had gone up too quickly.”

“It’ll be okay, right?”

“It’s fine. It’s just something he said drunk. If you’re looking at it legally, the problem is the person who wrote the article. Is everything you say while you’re drinking the truth? That’s just a personal thought or guess. The person who wrote it without checking the facts is at fault. There’s no power in the spoken word. It needs to be printed, photographed, or recorded. It needs to be detailed. Don’t worry.”

“Ah, okay. Thank you.”

They could slip out of it and they could end the connection. Producer Kim Ki Sik thought that he needed to hurry up and tell the director of the entertainment station this and cut their ties to Dine Music.



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  1. I love how flaming and malicious libel can be dealt with one big slap in the face and a wad of cash as compensation in return. Peace Law firm is awesome. I hope Dine Music and Producer Kim won’t be able to escape from the coming disaster. Its Karma after all! Thanks for the chapter!

    1. I’m still waiting for the MC to officially become a producer/composer. I have a feeling it’s going to happen within the next volume or 2 once he finds a writer 😛

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