GS Volume 2 Chapter 58

Volume 2 / Chapter 58

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“Senior, these lawyers are saying that they would like to meet with you.”

“Lawyers? What are you talking about?

“A couple of them came.”

Producer Kim Ki Sik  was annoyed that the legal team was bothering him with legal

matters when he had spent two sleepless days sitting on the cutting room sofa.

The company written on the business card the lawyer handed over was Peace Law

Firm. Lawyer Baek Seung Ho. Producer Kim Ki Sik felt that something was going wrong.

When looking at the number of lawyers and fees of Korea’s countless law firms, it was

a giant firm ranked in 1st or 2nd place. And each business card being handed over said lawyer.

What could be happening that three of them came looking for him while flaunting their prestige?

“Why are lawyers of such a big law firm looking for the producer of an entertainment


“We’re just here about some issues regarding Yoon Kwang Hun. Excuse our


“Yoon Kwang Hun? Oh, the owner of the cafe where Jun Hyuk worked?”

“Yes. I am his attorney.”

An owner of a small cafe in Misari appointed a lawyer from Korea’s best law firm as

his attorney? Producer Kim became even more confused,

“If you’re here to talk about the articles going around the internet, you’ve come to the

wrong place. If you want to file a lawsuit, you have to go to the press offices.”

“Ha ha. It’s not that bad. Aren’t I a lawyer?”

“Then why?”

“We have a couple things to ask.”

“Let’s end this quickly since I’m busy.”

“Oh, sure. When you sent out the press release, did you release information about Jun

Hyuk as well? That he didn’t get any wages for the past 2 years, that Yoon Kwang Hun acquired

guardianship of him after he appeared on the program and right before they signed the contract…

Information like that.”

He was positive these lawyers had come to the broadcasting station to look for the

people who spread the rumors first. He broke out in a cold sweat,

“I’m not sure. You have to confirm that with the public relations team. The production

team doesn’t deal with that kind of stuff.”

“Really? I just met with the manager of the public relations team and he said that there

was a request not to release any information on Jun Hyuk. We came here knowing it’s a pardon

because we wanted to see if there was a special reason for this.”

“Oh, we did request that. We did not want to create news with such provocative


Producer Kim Ki Sik wanted to run away to the legal team immediately, but he could

not show the slightest sign of this. The lawyer’s eyes were watching him and taking note of his

complexion like a wild beast seeking its prey.

Lawyer Baek Seung Ho already knew that the sweat building on Producer Kim Ki

Sik’s forehead was not because of the heat.

The person whose secret has been revealed has already lost the fight. Baek Seung Ho

spoke with more vigor than Jun Hyuk swung his drumsticks in order to wave his flag of victory,

“I see. Then one more thing. Is is true that only this broadcasting station knew about

the ‘facts’ regarding Yoon Kwang Hun and Jun Hyuk’s relationship? Jun Hyuk did a lot of

interviews about his past. However, many articles came up just two or three hours after the

program aired. There was even information that they could never know just by watching the

broadcast. What do you think happened?”

“You’ll have to ask the press offices. How would I know?”

His anger was proof that he was frustrated. Baek Seung Ho was certain that this main

producer may not be the culprit of the media show, but was an accomplice at the least.

“Pardon the inconvenience. We just asked to check. So the broadcasting station never

leaked information to the press office. We will keep this in mind.”

“Excuse me. Did the cafe owner appoint you as his lawyer?”

He was checking a question he did not need to ask. He must not want to believe that

Yoon Kwang Hun had a relationship with such an influential law firm like Peace.

“Yes. He’s like an older brother to me, so I said that I would take this case first. And as

you can see, our law firm is treating this as a very important case.”

Baek Seung Ho was highlighting that the three lawyers were working together.

“We cannot condone the spreading of such vicious false rumors. We intend to give

legal penalties even to people who leave malicious comments online.”

He made his point concrete to Producer Kim Ki Sik who was already at a loss for


“Oh right. We forgot the most important aspect.”

Baek Seung Ho pulled a thin manila folder out of his bag and handed it over,

“This is a warrant. I’m Yoon Kwang Hun and Jun Hyuk’s counsel. Going forward,

Peace Law Firm will review everything related to their contracts.”

As Producer Kim Ki Sik accepted the documents, Baek Seung Ho gave him a friendly

smile. He was certain that he could make the last, decisive move,

“And there’s something we would like to propose.”


“Yes. We would like to modify the contract between Jang Jung Hyuk and MV


“Modify the contract? What nonsense! Both sides have already signed.”

Was it not already a much more generous contract compared to the other contestants’?

To modify that? It could not be done.

“Oy, Producer. Isn’t that why I’m proposing that we change it? Don’t be so


“Fine. Let’s hear it.”

“As you know, hasn’t Jun Hyuk been the hottest issue for the past 3 weeks? The

viewer ratings for ‘Tomorrow’s Star’ has increased greatly because of that.”


“If you look at the contract, the revenue was structured so 40% went to the publisher,

40% to the track producer, and the remaining 20% was split between the composer, lyricist,

arranger, performer, and singer. But doesn’t this structure make it so that MV channel takes 80%

as the publisher and producer?”

“We’re not the only ones who do that. That’s the standard in Korea’s music industry.”

“Yes, I understand. Since publishers are created on idol standards these days, it costs a

lot to produce music. To train idols, you need to buy the song, call in the session men to play the

music, and find a producer… It’s expensive.”

“A lawyer knows a lot about such things.”

“I did a bit of research. Ha ha. Anyway, I heard that Jun Hyuk writes his own songs,

performs, and produces his own accompaniments. He’s doing everything on his own. If we

calculate the production costs, isn’t it just the recording fee?”

“Is that right? Are you asking to receive the producing profits?”

“You catch on quickly. We need to receive 15% of the production 40%. We were

going to demand half but…”

“This man! Are you crazy? Let’s end this if you’re going to keep talking nonsense.”

Producer Kim Ki Sik stood up from his seat while huffing in anger. This is a proposal

that would be hard to accept even if it were for a legend like Jo Yong Pil. No matter how much

traction Jun Hyuk brought in viewer ratings, how dare they try to claim the production profits.

“Then we will admit Jun Hyuk to the hospital tomorrow. He will need to stay for one

or two months of course.”

Baek Seung Ho’s low but clear voice stuck in Producer Kim Ki Sik’s ears.


“Don’t you think so? The man who might as well be his biological parent has been

beaten up for the past three weeks as Korea’s greatest villain. Don’t you think his shock would

be unimaginable?”

Producer Kim Ki Sik could not help but sit back in his seat. The hospital. Even if they

put the bustling media second, they would need to completely edit Jun Hyuk out of the broadcast

airing in three days. The biggest issue was that all of the previews they had aired of Jun Hyuk

whenever they had the chance to would all go to waste if he did not appear on the live broadcast


Jun Hyuk had created an overwhelming fan base of women in their teens and 20s

because of his good looks. Furthermore, his dramatic 17 year life built a compassion that

gathered even people in their 40s to the TV.

With such high expectations for Jun Hyuk, half of these viewers would disappear if he

were to exit the competition.

“Are you threatening me?”

“Do you hear it as a threat? If you listen to the rest of my words, you will come to

understand that it’s a proposal.”

Baek Seung Ho knew well that the proposal would not stick with just a threat. In order

to get something, something needed to give.

“Very well. Let’s hear the rest; see how far you take this.”

“Star Week recording goes out again in three days, right? We will hold a press

conference that day. It’ll be a joint press conference for Jun Hyuk and Yoon Kwang Hun. It’s

going to end very warmly. Then the media will be abuzz… and that’ll affect viewer ratings


Baek Seung Ho took out a presentation and passed them over,

“Take a look. We have organized the interview contents. You’ll know by reading

through it, but the questions are killer. I guarantee viewer ratings will surpass 10% no matter


With Producer Kim Ki Sik who skimmed over the documents in front of him, Baek

Seung Ho went over more of the proposal,

“And every week on the day of the broadcast, we at Peace are going to release our

work one by one. The lawsuit against the press office, lawsuit against the malicious commenters,

et cetera. We’ll make it first place in real-time searches every week. It won’t be a damaging

agreement to the broadcasting station in any way.”

“What if we say no?”

“Didn’t I tell you? Jun Hyuk will be admitted to the hospital. It’s an end to his

activities. Then track revenues will disappear entirely. All you’ll have are one or two songs from

Star Week.”

“The contract says that he can’t refuse appearing on the broadcast until he’s


“How can a child who passed out from mental shock appear on broadcast? This is a

force majeure. There isn’t a single judge in Korea who will send a child hospitalized after

fainting to a stage.”

The actress who lays in a hospital bed to avoid a breach of contract. It was a common

scenario. It was common because this method worked.

“And if you refuse my proposal, we won’t start this lawsuit that the media will be so

interested in until after ‘Tomorrow’s Star’ is over. Our Peace Law Firm has no intention of

helping you with your viewer ratings.”

This meant he was going to make everyone forget about Jun Hyuk during the

broadcasting period.

“I’m sure you’re busy, so we’ll get up now. Think about it and give us a call by

tomorrow morning. If you don’t call us by tomorrow morning, Jun Hyuk will be admitted to the

hospital. Then, good day to you.”

Baek Seung Ho left the conference room without looking back. When the lawyers left,

Producer Kim Ki Sik felt numb as if a typhoon had just passed. How could this happen?



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