GS Volume 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1 / Chapter 47

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The 12 finalists needed to shine for a quality broadcast while living together for around 40 days. Going forward, they would have an expert’s help in looking good, their first step to stardom. They believed they had boarded an Autobahn to stardom.

Without knowing what would happen to Yoon Kwang Hun in a week, Jun Hyuk unpacked his belongings with the other 11 contestants in a dormitory not far from Sangam-dong. As soon as they were done unpacking their bags, the staff began going over their schedules.


“First, everyone gets up at 7. You can’t talk for two hours after you wake up. You’re resting your voice until 9. For those two hours, stretch and wake your body to open your mouth.”

These were the first instructions given when starting as an agency trainee. Only the three contestants who were not in agencies felt like they were entering a new world.

“Second, there’s a ton of food in the dorm fridge and sink cupboard. It’s not there for you to eat, but for advertising. The only thing you guys can have to your heart’s content is water. The only food you can eat is what we give you. Third, cameras are filming everywhere except inside the 2nd floor bathroom. Watch the way you act and use the 2nd floor bathroom to take care of your business and to shower. It’s good to wash your face on the 1st floor though. Do as you please since you could be wasting your air time. Washing your face will go out on broadcast if the picture looks good.”

A world where even washing your face was part of a production. This was the perfect chance for a girl who had confidence in her face without makeup.

“Fourth, be aware of the consequences if you try to escape from the dorm to do something stupid. We were a little lax until last season, but we’re going to be extremely strict this time. Listen well. The final selection for the top 12 doesn’t go out for another five weeks. That means we can change it whenever we want. If someone tries to Shawshank their way out, they’ll be cut right away and someone else will take that spot. Keep that in mind.”

Everyone tensed at all of the threats. The staff also let them know that they would only be progressing with fitness and vocal training for a week.

“There’s a bus waiting outside, so everyone change into workout clothing. Hurry because we’ll be leaving in 20 minutes.”

Jun Hyuk rose his hand slowly and spoke,

“I didn’t bring any clothes. They told me not to bring anything…..”

“Oh, the sponsors prepared everything for you already. They’re in the room you were assigned on the 2nd floor, so go change. Also, there are dates written on the tags so make sure you look at that. You have to change every day.”

The assignments had been decided so that there were three people to a room, but it seemed that Jun Hyuk’s room was the biggest because one wall was full of clothes.

Everyone looked at the sponsored clothing with jealousy. They would all get sponsored clothing for the live broadcast, but they could not help but envy Jun Hyuk who was being sponsored through the dorming period.

In fact, they were more envious that he already had a modeling contract than they were of the clothes. They wanted to ask how much he had received as a guarantee than how many items of clothing he was given, but it hurt their pride to do so.

Everyone scattered off to their own rooms at the words of Kwak Hye Sung who was sharing the room with Jun Hyuk,

“I’m American obese so I could only be sponsored by a clothing store in Itaewon,” were the first words out of his new roommates’ mouth.




There were three trainers waiting at the fitness center.

“The three of us are going to manage your bodies for the next month. If you follow our instructions, you’ll be able to have asurprising body even after one month.”

The production crew filmed the trainers’ friendly greeting and the 12 participants’ tense expressions. As soon as the cameras were turned out, their gentle smiles disappeared and the way they spoke changed 180 degrees.

“You! Listen well. You have to lose more than 20kg over a month. What do you think the best method of losing weight is?”

“Exercising well…”

“That’s if you have the body of average kids. Don’t eat. You need to starve.”

Kwak Hye Sung put down his heated face and could not speak.

“We’ll be able to see your jawline at the least if you lose around 15kg. It’s a nuisance to have your chubby face go out on broadcast. What did the viewers do wrong? Don’t you think so?”

It was like this everywhere. Authority needed to be established during the first meeting. They needed to be tied up tightly to be able to digest their schedules. This was the best way to get young kids who were used to doing what they wanted to listen.

“Four pieces of chicken breast and a plate of salad will be the amount of food you have everyday. There’s sponsored food in your dorm, right? Things like instant rice, curry, soup? If you try to eat any of that you’ll have to starve for a week so be careful.”

The three trainers checked each person’s bodies and gave prescriptions as though they were doctors.

The trainer looking at Jun Hyuk sighed,

“Whew… You wasted a blessed body. What is this? You’re so skinny… What a waste.”

“Isn’t he worth working with? He’d look great if he just does some strength training.”

“Right? We’ll feed him some gaynor powder and chicken breast, and try to build his upper body.”

“I don’t need to exercise because I don’t intend on singing with my shirt off.”

Jun Hyuk must have been intimidated by the muscular trainers surrounding him because he did not speak in his usual defiant tone. He was very careful.

“We’re not building your body so you can sing with your shirt off. Why do you think we’re training you guys for free? It’s because you guys are going on broadcast. We’re going to plaster the change in your body after one month on that wall over there. That’s the reason we’re trying to make your body look good. Understand?”

The trainer spoke loudly for everyone to hear. Once the dorm life and live broadcasts, everyone was going to understand that the world revolved on money and that they were being made into commodities.


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