GS Volume 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1 / Chapter 46

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He woke up to his phone’s constant ringing. He was scared to pick up the phone. Could it be a reporter? The caller ID said that it was Baek Seung Ho.

When he slid to accept the call, there was a sound so loud he thought the phone was on speaker mode,

– What are you doing that you don’t pick up your phone! Do you know how many times I called you since yesterday!

“What? Yesterday? What time is it right now?”

– Good job. You’re just at peace. I stayed up all night.

Yoon Kwang Hun opened the motel room’s thick curtains and the bright sunlight spilled into the room.

– Did you pass out drinking? Oy. It’s a mystery as to how you were a fund manager with such a fragile mentality.

As Yoon Kwang Hun drank a glass of water to quench his dry throat, he came to his senses,

“Did you call a lot yesterday?”

– Look at your call log. Anyway, congratulations. I’ll have to buy you a drink later. You’ve hit 1st place in real-time searches. Ha ha ha.”

He almost teared up. He was not yet a nuisance to Baek Seung Ho. There was still a person who was willing to help him.

“I was in 3rd place before, now I’m 1st?”

– Congratulations, you’re a famous person. No, are you a celebrity?

“Stop talking nonsense. What do I have to do?”

– Let’s check one thing first. Why did you keep Jang Jun Hyuk? You’re not one to use an orphan just to save on employee wages. What’s your reason?

“I did it for humanity. Why?”

– What gibberish is this? Are you still drunk?

“Hey! If it were you, would you take on the 21st century Mozart to serve in the hall?”

– 21st century Mozart?

“Yeah. Jun Hyuk is a real genius. He’s a kid who’s received a gift that God gives every 100 years. You… you don’t trust my judgment? You know I have an ear for music.”

Music was another reason why Baek Seung Ho and Yoon Kwang Hun had gotten close. They were both music enthusiasts regardless of the genre whether it was classic, rock, blues, jazz, et cetera. But Mozart? He was exaggerating.

Whenever we call a helpline, the waiting melody is always Mozart’s ‘Eine kleine Nachtmusik’. 80% of the world’s helpline melodies were Mozart, 10% was Vivaldi, and the last 10% was pop music with royalties to pay.

Hotel lobbies, lounges, and elevators all over the world greeted their clients with Mozart. If Mozart were to receive royalties, he would make the amount to buy his country Austria every year, and his handwritten scores would be worth over $200,000 each.

Mozart shared the title of genius with Einstein. How could he compare Jun Hyuk to a person like that…..

– Well… Let’s say that’s true. Why did he go out on that audition program? If he’s Mozart, he needs to go to New York or Vienna. Why Sangam-dong?

“Honestly, I sent him to be around kids his age and it seemed like he wanted to go out too. He wanted to show his music, so I sent him to get some experience. Who knew it would turn out like this?”

Baek Seung Ho seemed to be organizing his thoughts. He did not speak for a while.

– Do you want to leave this to the discretion of our company? I’ll ruin these assholes for you.

“Hey, I don’t have money. How can I work with one of the top two law firms in the country? I called to get your opinion.”

– Would I take money from you? After I got your call, I had our investigators look into it a bit.


There was a reason why Baek Seung Ho had not called yesterday. After looking at the articles on the portal site, he had even enlisted investigators to determine the circumstances before and after the incident. He had called once he had the reassurance and made up his mind.

He had forgotten. Yoon Kwang had allocated all of his work to Baek Seung Ho because he had liked this kind of work ethic.

– Of course. You think I was playing all day? Anyway, it seems Jun Hyuk really is a treasure as you say. They’re playing with the press on the internet. It’s a scheme to discredit your guardianship over Jun Hyuk so an agency can take him.

“What the fuck. I knew they would do that.”

– You should have kept your treasure hidden. What were you thinking sending him out into the world? It’s full of thieves.

“Stop. I’m full of regrets as it is.”

– These days, the entertainment industry makes a lot of money from this Hallyu thing. And Jun Hyuk’s really good looking. If he really is a music genius as you say, he’s a golden egg.

“Then will you take care of it for me? You deal with the money issue as well.”

– Let me just ask one thing before that.”

“Go ahead.”

– Are you trying to raise him yourself? Like making a management agency?

That was greed. It was an era where talent directly became money. If that talent was in the entertainment industry, it was enough to make anyone greedy.

Baek Seung Ho thought that Yoon Kwang Hun might be trying to reclaim the glory of his past through Jun Hyuk.

Yoon Kwang Hun’s unexpected reply invalidated Baek Seung Ho’s guess,

“No, I was thinking of sending him to America or Europe by next year. I was just going to take responsibility up to there. His talent isn’t something anyone can raise or whatnot. If you just throw him into bigger waters, the big fish around him with automatically gather to him.”

There was a silence again. Baek Seung Ho’s voice came out low after the silence,

– You… really put your heart into it. You don’t have any selfish intentions for this. I’m seeing you in a different light.

“Hey, this kid! What are you talking about all of a sudden.”

– Okay. I’ll take care of this, you just disappear for a bit. Even if the talk gets worse, don’t pay attention to it for the time being.

Yoon Kwang Hun fully understood what Baek Seung Ho was saying.

He meant that he was going to wait until the editors had completely ruined Yoon Kwang Hun. Once they had ripped Yoon Kwang Hun apart and made him nothing more than a rag, he was going to sue them for an enormous amount. He was going to empty the pockets of the editors responsible.

“Understood. Oh right, I’m in Hyeyiri right now.”

– Okay. Oh, and once people get a hold of your identity, you’ll be getting a ton of texts and calls abusing you. Don’t turn your phone off because you’re angry. I’ll send one of our employees right now. Until our employee gets there, pick up all your calls and record everything. Don’t say a word in response and just record it. The employee is going to bring a cellphone and a warrant, so sign the warrant and use that phone if you need to call. Give your cellphone to the employee. We’ll handle it.

Threatening texts and calls were going to be converted into money. They were about to see the real face of a vicious lawyer.

– Text me the address of where you’re at now.

“Alright. And Seung Ho.”

– Yea.

“Be careful not to hurt Jun Hyuk.”

– Oy. You worry too much. Is Jun Hyuk your son? Rest for a bit.

“Okay. Thanks.”

– No problem. It’ll be over in three weeks at the most. Hyeyiri’s nice. Read a bit, go for walks, and rest. Don’t drink.

Once he hung up, his mind was at rest. All he had to do now was wait. Yoon Kwang Hun passed out on the bed again.


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