GS Volume 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1 / Chapter 31

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As the bus Jun Hyuk was riding entered Sangam-dong, his cellphone rang.


– This is Jang Jun Hyuk, right?


– I’m a writer from MV channel. Where are you?

The familiar voice on the phone was that of the youngest writer.

“I’m almost at Sangam-dong.”

– Bus? Subway?


– Then get off at the Sangam-dong Digital Media City stop and wait there. I’m going to pick you up.


Jun Hyuk got off at the stop and looked around. He had wandered the downtown area lined with skyscrapers before, but this was the first time he had come here with somewhere to go. It was also the first time he had done something after making plans with another person. He had not known that this exciting and stirring feeling would be so great.

“Jang Jun Hyuk.”

As he turned his head to see who had called his name, he saw the young writer waving to him from a car.

“It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? This is it for your bags?”

She spoke as she looked around the backpack Jun Hyuk was wearing.

“Excuse me? What bags?”

“You’ll be here for a week. You didn’t bring your clothes?”

“I brought my socks and underwear.”

“Hu hu. Good. You’ll have to change your clothes anyway.”

The young writer discussed things Jun Hyuk did not know about and drove the car into MV channel’s building parking lot. She took Jun Hyuk to a personal waiting room fit for a famous singer instead of the participants’ waiting room.

There were already a few people waiting in the room and a rack full of clothing.

“Wow, he might as well be a model. A treasure like this walked in on his own? MV got really lucky. How tall is he?”

“He’s 186 cm.”

“186cm and his looks would make Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin cower. He’ll look amazing on camera. Our Director really has an eye for these kinds of things.”

“What do you think? Do you think you’ll have clothes he’ll look good in?”

“Since the mannequin kills, whatever we hang on him will be fashionable.”

Excluding Jun Hyuk who stood there blankly, everyone fussed and carefully examined him. It was only then that the young writer started to explain the current situation to Jun Hyuk.

“Jun Hyuk. These people are here because of the clothing sponsorship. It’s an extremely rare situation, but you’re a special case. Cooperate with us on this.”

The young writer addressed the people there for the clothing sponsorship again,

“The concept is chic, rebel. Please dress him accordingly since his target will most likely be teenagers.”

Jun Hyuk finally understood what was going on. It was the apparel sponsorship that Yoon Kwang Hun had told him about. It meant that they were going to give him clothes.

He had to wear a t-shirt with a big XOR logo on it with tight jeans. There was even a long and thin chain hanging from the pants.

Jun Hyuk looked at himself in the mirror and smiled slightly. The young writer thought that he was smiling because he liked what he saw in his reflection and laughed as she spoke,

“What do you think? You like it? Is it okay?”

“Yes, I like the chain. My boss really doesn’t like these types of things.”

“Older people usually don’t. Also pick out the clothes you like from this hanger. They’ll be the clothing you wear for the next week.”

“Really? I can pick what I want?”

“Of course. It’s a sponsorship. When the shooting ends, it’s all yours.”

Jun Hyuk had the thought that he had done well to participate in the auditions for the first time.


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