GS Volume 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1 / Chapter 30

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Even when the area preliminaries ended, the production crew had no time to breathe and needed to move quickly. They had to check the dormitory that hundreds of Star Week finalists would be using for about a week and they had to make sure the judges’ schedules had not changed. On top of that, they had to go for days without sleep to secure copyrights to all of the songs that the finalists would sing.

“The list is all set, right?”

“Yes. We picked the 110 main contestants.”

“Who are the people who will go into the top 10?”

“There are about 17 candidates.”

“Including Jun Hyuk?”

“No, excluding Jun Hyuk.”

“Hey, but can Jun Hyuk really not sing? When you look at people with musicality, don’t they have the rudimentary at the least? He has a good voice.”

Producer Kim Ki Sik looked at the young writer as if checking, no as if complaining.

“I checked numerous times, but he won’t sing. I asked him to sing just one verse but he won’t budge.”

It was not the young writer’s fault that Jun Hyuk would not sing, but she shook her head back and forth as if she were trying to avoid responsibility.

“It would be the best if he would just sing a little. It’d be over if he kept playing the piano until the finals and burst out singing during the live performance.”

It was the picture that all production staff members in the conference room dreamt of. What if he kept acting like he would sing, then not back and forth, building up the suspense until the 1st live performance where he belts out all the high notes in a song like ‘She’s Gone’?

How high the real-time viewer ratings would soar… It was a sweet imagination.


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