GS Volume 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1 / Chapter 17

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Bothersome entertainment agencies gradually stopped coming, and women who claimed they wrote for broadcast stations began to visit the cafe.

“Hello, sir. I’m Kim Ji Young, I’m a writer for channel MV.”

“Oh, yes.”

“May I meet this internet star pianist?”

“Why are you asking for him?”

Yoon Kwang Hun had the passing thought that she wanted to make some gossip show using Jun Hyuk’s handsome face.

“Have you by chance heard of a program called ‘Tomorrow’s Star’?” It’s very famous. Ho ho.”

“Are you talking about the audition show?”

“Yes, that’s the program. This is its fifth year, fifth season. We will be accepting contestant applications soon.”


“The pianist… Right, what’s his name?”

“It’s Jun Hyuk.”

“Yes, we were wondering if Jun Hyuk would participate.”

“No. We aren’t really interested in auditioning…..”

“No, don’t think about it that way.”

“That’s not it. Our Jun Hyuk cannot sing.”

“Oh, is that true?”

Three of these writers did not show disappointment that Jun Hyuk could not sing. It was as if they had no interest in his singing.

So what exactly did they want?


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