DK&H Side Story 2-4

Demon King & Hero Side Story 2-4: D, do you swing that way? No!


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji






“D, dragon!”

“Th, the black dragon comparable to that ill-tempered Red!”



Guuuooohhh! Ill-tempered my ass! No, why is a kind black dragon like me have to be compared to that scumbag-incarnate Red to begin with!


Flying in the sky, I let out a breath and looked at the chaos in the capital that I had created, no, caused simply by my appearance.


Ah, I feel like crying for some reason. Sob.


How long was it, the knights and the mages have started to make an appearance.


“Th, this evil dragon! This is the king’s… Wah!”

“Take this you foul dragon! Burn with… Aaah!”


They talk too much. To wait for them to stop talking is courtesy between true heroes and villains, but since I am neither, I just attack when they talk.


Unfair? Deal with it. To begin with, a dragon being pummeled around by a (self-proclaimed) hero and causing a racket like this doesn’t make sense either.


Ah, I think I’m drooling from my eyes again. They aren’t tears. A dragon won’t cry because of just… Oh wait, Rhode did.


As I tried to erase my bleak thoughts from my head, I looked to the king’s chambers in the castle and said,

-To quell my rage, hand over the heir.


“N, not the prince… Argh!”

“S, stop him!”



Sword ki was flying everywhere. Spells were being thrown everywhere. But, I’m a dragon. Even if I do get hit, it won’t even leave a scratch.


-Do you take me lightly!




A strong Breath swept across the sky.


“B, Breath!”

“Th, that powerful thing is a breath…”

“C, can’t win…”


Everyone was shaking in fear. Sorry, but this is also human karma. I did feel kinda sorry for them, but if I didn’t do this, then I’m the one at risk.


-I shall say it one more time. Hand over the heir. Then nothing more will happen.


“Is that true!”


Looking over to see a human man striding towards me with a dignified gait, I quickly scanned him over. Let’s see, blonde, handsome, body looks pretty good. Seems to have a fair bit of mana as well. Looks like the heir?


I nodded sagely. The sole ray of hope to save me from the demon king-approved true devil was this kid. If things went well, I was even thinking of taking out a few of my rares as compensation.

As I nodded, after hesitating for a second, he strode out confidently and shouted,


“I shall go!”

“Y, Your Highness!”

“Y, you can’t!”


-I guarantee it. No harm will come to him.


Sorry, no guarantees. But I don’t have a choice. Ah, to think that I, who for a thousand years didn’t lie aside from things like saying Rhode had a good personality, was kind, things like that, would lie in this instant!


“Then… Take me away!”


Oh. This kid’s impressive. But thinking about it, it’s because of this kind of appearance that I’m in this position, isn’t it? Ah, perhaps this feeling that this handsome face, dignified bearing is completely bullshit is just because of my mood right now.


-Then I shall be taking him.


With sleep magic, I put the heir to sleep, and raising him in the air above my head, I told the man that looked like the king,


-I’ll be borrowing him.


At my words, his eyes shook, but maybe it was because he was a king, he very quickly recovered his composure, and nodded calmly.


“We shall trust you.”


Sorry, don’t trust me.


Nodding, I set coordinates for my lair.




Ah, now that my job’s done… Will I have my freedom?






“W, will it be alright?”


At the queen’s words, the king nodded.


There have been occasions where dragons have created successive generations with humans.


That was true. It wasn’t common, but it wasn’t non-existent. No, there were many cases where through these descendants, the kingdom had prospered and in truth, there were legends that quite a number of countries’ royal bloodlines originated from dragons.


“This could even be a good thing for the prince.”

“Oh! This is a cause to celebrate!”


The surrounding nobles also thought that this was a potential opportunity, but only the Royal Mage turned blue and started shaking.


“Wh, what’s the matter?”


As the uneasy king said that, with shaking lips, the Royal Mage carefully said,


“Y, Your Majesty… While it’s a pleasure to speak… The black dragon living in this area…”

“Black dragon?”


As everyone looked at the Royal Mage curiously, the Royal Mage made an expression as if the world was ending, and finished his sentence.


“Is a male.”





Shortly afterwards.




The Royal Court created a team for a dragon subjugation.




Author’s Note


People wanted sweet things so to recharge my sugar levels I was looking at some manga, but every four pages my hands and feet kept cringing so I couldn’t.


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  1. “Yay this prince shall breed with a dragon and make our bloodline stronger!”
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  3. This side story 2 is the only really good part about this entire novel ^^… Actually made me laugh several times, which the entire novel failed to do. Cheers.

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