DK&H Side Story 2-3

Demon King & Hero Side Story 2-3: D, do you swing that way? No!


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji




(Having said that…)






(Wh, what are you saying?)






(R, Rhode?)



(L, Lord Demon King?)



(H, human?)



What’s this. This is scary. This heavy and scary silence! My instincts are screaming! Run!




I quickly transformed. Run! Run for your life! Even if I get scolded by Rhode later, running takes priority!


I spread my wings wide!


“Your big sister’s neck hurts.”


In the air… Waaaggk!


Something’s pressing down on me. In the end, my plans of fleeing through the skies ended with me with my face in the dirt. And the source of that…


(Rhhhoooooooodddeeee! What on earth is this! Is this actually human! How on earth does a human break through a dragon’s magic power and make it crawl on the ground like a lizard with gravity magic!)

(Oh, she’s a demon mixed-blood…)

(Wuuuoooo! As expected of the evil demon’s bloodline!)

(…As a demon, I really should be angry, but the blood that flows in her veins is so evil I can’t say anything against that.)


At Lord Destruction’s words I flinched, but at the words that came after, I quivered in fear. Blood that a Demon King, origin of all things demonic says is evil, what kind of blood is that!


The girl with the demon king-certified blood smiled and squatted in front of my face, looked my in the eyes, and said,


“Your big sister’s neck hurts. You know what I’m saying, right?”


I hurriedly Polymorphed again and nodded with my head that couldn’t move. As I did, she stroked my head like she would a good boy…


(Rhoooooddddeeee! I, I’m still an adult! I’m over a thousand years old! How old is she that she can treat me like a kid!)

(…If it’s that much, it’s alright. A kid is better… I’m what, the number 1 spinster…)


Rhode’s sad. Eh, sh, she’s crying? Rh, Rhode! You weren’t this kind of character!


“Tch tch, making a woman cry, you’re surprisingly a bad boy type?”


Wuoooooo! Whose fault do you think this is! Before that, how did that icy frost maiden Rhode turn into a feeble girl!

To my eyes containing my horror and distrust, the girl released her gravity magic, plopped herself down beside, and drew her arm around my shoulder.


“You know, right. The kingdom beside your place?”

“Agrizen Kingdom…”

“Yep. But you know, they say that place’s prince’s pre~tty decent.”


They say if you know the enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Although as a pacifist, I didn’t have any enemies, but since I could be under some hidden threat, I took to heart the gossip of the local monsters and spirits.


So I eventually came to hear of the prince nearby, who was apparently really handsome, had a good personality, and was rich enough that everyone in the country had their eyes on… Huh?


“Hohh~ As expected of a dragon! Understanding without me even needing to say a word!”

“You mean… Surely…”

“Yep, it’s that.”

“… No, I haven’t even said anything yet…”

“But, what you’re thinking of is the right one. Yep, it’s that.”


What I’m thinking of is right? Really? Really?(1)


(Rh, Rhode… Surely not?)


Rhode didn’t meet my eyes.


(L, Lord Demon King. This sort of thing should be done by you!)


The Demon King didn’t meet my eyes either.


(H, human! Th, the Order should be the one to stop an evil dragon running rampant! No, please do it!)

(…The goddess says she knows nothing about it.)


Oh, f-! No, what is this, aaaaaargh!


I looked at the girl with pleading eyes. Please. Anything but…


But even at my pleading eyes, the girl just smiled and tightening her grip on my shoulders, whispered into my ear.


“Now, I’ll say it again! Evil. Dragon! Hand. Over. The. Prince~”


…And thus I became an evil dragon.





Author’s Note


The specs of the protagonist girl of the side story.

Hero’s stamina + Hero’s talent + Hero’s abilities + Hero’s beauty + Demon king’s personality




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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Second ‘really’ originally written in Korean, pronounced in English

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    *Looks at maou of economy with pitying eyes*
    “You have it hard huh~ thats way more scary and tiresome than OT huh*pats shoulder* good luck being a dad and also that guy rowing a boat when you where in between life and death I think thats the author in disguise preparing to troll u bye *cries manly tears*”

  2. So she forced to the evil dragon to kidnap the prince and then pretend to go in to save him. As expected of the daughter of the hero and demon king.

  3. Even Destruction thinks that she comes from the most Evil bloodline in existence…
    And from her plan, we can guess that she has some of her father’s ability…

    Okay, she is the Supreme Evil Overlord.
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  5. Thank you… and my god, please be stronger than all the other gods, and shield this world from the wrath of the hero’s and demon king’s family.

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