DK&H Side Story 2-2

Demon King & Hero Side Story 2-2: D, do you swing that way? No!


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My face hurts. It hurts. It really hurts. Why…




Making a pitiful face, I looked at the four men and women in front of me.

The red-haired girl said,


“Evil dragon, human mode.”


(Oi, use Polymorph.)


So Rhode says at the girl’s words. If they wreck you, get wrecked, I suppose.




But looking at my human form, the red-haired girl made a sound of appreciation.


“I… quite like this?”




I stepped back two paces in an instant. To think that a dragon would feel fear from a human!


(Wh, what is this. Human!)


Instinct calls. The innocently smiling girl in front of me is a demon. A grand demon! The most evil demon of them all!


(Hmm… To talk about this kid…)


After a short silence, the Demon King of Destruction said calmly,


(My employer.)

(D, do you mean to say you were summoned? World domination?)

(Nope, like I said, my employer. I’m getting paid to do this.)

(Eh? Has the Demon World’s economy finally collapsed? Is it that bad that a Demon King needs a part-time job?)


My jaw dropped in disbelief. The girl beside us grumbled “what are you talking about by yourselves” but ignoring her, I stared at the Demon King.


As I did the Demon King went ‘ah…’ for a brief second.


(Oh, and for ten thousand gold a day.)

(An amazing deeeeaaaalllll!)


What, only ten thousand gold a day! Sure, it’s a lot of money, but it’s only a couple of months income for a kingdom. No, by saving up, it was a sum that could be mustered up in a month.


So all you needed to do was diligently save up for a year and world domination was a possibility!


(No, don’t get me wrong. The Demon World’s economy is fine… It’s just that my own finances are poor… Sob… I have a mortgagee sale sticker on my house…)


Looking at the suddenly tearing up Demon King of Destruction, I was horrified again.


(A, are there loan sharks in the Demon World too?! No, before that, who would dare put a mortgage sticker on a Demon King’s house!)


At my cries, the Demon King of Destruction pointed to the girl with teary eyes.


(Her dad.)



I looked at the happily smiling girl again. No, what kind of family does she belong to that can force a Demon King to a mortgage sale! No, even before that!


(C, could it be that Rhode, you too…)


“N, no!”


Turning crimson, Rhode accidentally shouted out loud.


“Hmm~ What’s not?”


At the girl’s words, Rhode coughed, said “nothing” and smirking as if she knew everything, the girl nodded and turned to me with her smile again.


(So what. No, before that, take this human away. Something about her scares me.)

(Hm… I’m acting as her magic teacher for now… Sorry, I can’t handle the aftermath for you.)


Out of politeness for Rhode who seemed to have choked up all of a sudden, I left her be and said to the Pope candidate.


(Are you capable of telepathy?)

(Yes, black one.)

(Alright, then why are you here?)


At my words the Pope candidate scrunched up his handsome face and said,


(That is… Suddenly, suddenly…)


As he was choking up again as well, making sounds that seemed to have come from the depths of his soul, he calmed himself down and rearranging his face into a serene expression, he carefully said,


(Wh, when I came to the altar, His Hol-no that fucking Pope just gave me up! The Goddess, the Goddess gave me a divine order to accompany her!… Just what did I do in my past life, my goddess!)


That serene facade was pure bullshit. With his level of agitation, it was amazing that he didn’t yell those words out loud. Looking on at the successor to the greatest religion, I rubbed my eyes.


Ah, I’m tearing up.


But to me, Lord Destruction, Rhode, and the Pope candidate all turned to me and said,


(Having said that…)







Author’s Note:


The sudden side story might have surprised a number of people. But the quick ones will already have noticed what this story is.

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Translator’s Note: If you’re still stumped, might want to refer to the first Q&A.

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  1. Ahhh its the daughter of the yuusha(maou) and the maou(yuusha) I was almost gunna throw a ‘the f*ck is this’ mithril medal in the author’s face then ask his personal doc what drugs he was taking!!!!

    Oh and wish in the future you tl his other works and lets see if there are some s*it of insanity he piled hidden in some WN/LN he made :3

  2. Wait…
    So the Hero and the DK ended up marrying?
    And now the DK is using Destruction’s debt to treat him as a slave for his daughter?
    And the Pope and Sermir have sold the next Pope to the Hero’s daughter?
    And the daughter now has two pet dragons?
    This actually makes more sense than the rest of this novel…

    The only real question is : does the daughter have the same cooking ability as her mother, or is she a super evil overlord that possesses both of her parent’s ability?

    Thanks for the chapter 😀

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