DK&H Side Story 1-4

Demon King & Hero: Side Story 1 Part 4: A certain demon king’s dream


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“Haaaaaa~ Working with my body is good, too.”


A year after Dawihaslo was injured, I was summoned by dark mages and called over to the human world. I’m not a combat specialist in the vein of Destruction or Strife, and managing the demon world alone is insanely tiring, let alone the human world as well. If the human world was conquered, I’d probably collapse due to the demands of continuous all-nighters.

And so, sealing off my strength, I spent my time leisurely ploughing the fields.


“It’s okay if you take a bit of work. Just be tasty.”


With care, I stroked my crops and watered them.


I had no need to worry about the demon world. Remembering my early days, I set up enough backups that would let the world run for about two years without me, and as for the safe containing the emergency funds, I took that to the demon god’s room. So, there was no worry of even the ballsiest demon king ever getting their hands on it.


Hang on a second…


“This is actually really nice?”


I like this! This lifestyle!

I don’t have to look at boring documents, nor do I have to argue with those annoying demon kings that intrude in my office.


“Now that I think of it, it’s because I was born as a demon king, isn’t it?”


The demon king. An unnecessary role, a horrible job that was given at birth and made you work ever since.


“From today onwards, I quit being a demon king!”




“It tastes bad…”


I smoked the cigarettes that I’d worked hard to get, but they didn’t have the same strong taste as the ones in the demon world. Same with the coffee.

The only silver lining was that the Eastern Continent’s teas that I’d brought over was readily available.




Time for a cup, I thought, brewing my tea, when I noticed the tea leaves were sticking up.


“Is something good going to happen today?”


I had just put down my cup after a sip, when;






There was a sudden flash and my door broke down into nine pieces. At the same time, I noticed red hair that grew to the waist, belonging to a girl that even the demon world could call underage, staring at me with killing intent.


‘What did I do wrong?’


The only things I had done wrong in the human world were stealing a few types of cigarettes and a few packs of coffee.


‘Does the human world bring out the swords over petty theft?’


In that case, the title for the most combat-worthy species would definitely go to the humans. To emit such killing intent over petty things like that!


I was then the girl shouted with a voice full of killing intent,


“Are you the demon king?”


To her question I honestly replied,


“No, I quit that?”

“Q, quit?”


The girl’s body swayed. Was it really that shocking?


“Don’t make me laugh! Do you think I’d fall for that type of lie?!”

“It’s not a lie, though.”


I pouted and muttered. I don’t lie unless it involves money, ‘kay?

To understand her predicament, I moved closer, but she flinched, drew right back, and pulled out her sword.


“What are you planning!”


Ack. I’m a delicate demon king. Wait, no I quit that, I’m a normal demon from now on. Either way, this was a senseless girl that kept making massive slash marks on my delicate demon heart.


“No, it’s just that it’s common courtesy to talk to someone up close. Is it different for humans?”


I was still unaccustomed to the human world, nor were there any humans living nearby. As I tilted my head and asked, she shouted,


“Who do you think would be fooled by an evil demon king’s plans!”


Holy cow, she called me evil! It’s the first time (aside from my work) that I was called that!


“No, I’m not trying to trick you.”


She’s still doubting me. Hmm….




I pulled out something from my pocket. The item that I’d snuck out of the demon god’s room!


“Would you believe me with this?”

“The Scales of the Chief God?”


If you know about this already, then that’s that.


Our boss that created the world.

An incomparably scary being that can even fire the demon and heavenly gods that manage the giant corporations known as the heavenly and demon worlds.


“Let’s talk about this. I promise I won’t get up to any tricks.”


A soft light emanated from the scales. Now if I do try something, I’m done for.


“That story, I’ll listen to. But if you are the demon king, I’m going to kill you.”


So she said, but she was sheathing her sword as she said it. Smiling brightly, I said,


“Then let’s talk inside, shall we?”

“Very well.”


She nodded, and she was just about to enter my house.


“That reminds me, what’s your name?”



Her eyes were hard, but she still told me her name.


“Yuria. Yuria Ashrien. That is the name that will judge you.”


‘Yuria Ashrien?’


Now that she mentioned it, wasn’t the hero that drew with Destruction called Yuria Ashrien? Then, this is a legit hero? If I fight, I’m just gonna get creamed, aren’t I?




But not if there is no fight. Plus, meeting a hero was one of my long-cherished dreams, a wish. But, I am a demon. I won’t be satisfied with merely seeing.




Letting out quiet laugh, I looked on at Yuria. Fufufu… I don’t care how I do it, but I’m going to make you mine!



And that was how the story began.





Side Story: A certain demon king’s dream – End



Teaser for Chapter Five: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~β™₯



A peaceful newlywed house. But a black hand approaches!




A stunned demon king!




And the hero’s loss.


“I am the demon king!”


And… through the gates of hell, a new demon king!

Can the hero protect the human world!


Coming Soon~



Author’s Notes:


Yuria: I, I can’t win… Sob…

Demon King: It, it’s alright! No one’s perfect!

Demon King 2: Ha ha ha, a mere hero could never defeat me!

Demon King: Budget cut.

Demon King 2: Gwaaaaaah!


Victory success?


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