DK&H Side Story 1-1

Demon King & Hero: Side Story 1 Part 1: A certain demon king’s dream


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji


Alright guys, so this is a short(ish) side story that’s been broken into several part. I’ll try to get this done over Boxing Day, because Christmas specials are overrated /s


EN: What is Boxing Day



It’s a new demon king!

The previous Greed finally retiring…

Move it, move it!


‘Too noisy…’


The blessing of the demon god, the beginning of a new chapter in history.


I was blessed beyond any ordinary blessings, endowed with a huge destiny, but all I can remember from when I was born was that it was too loud.




“That’s that?”

“What do you mean, that’s that. Aside from a demon king’s powers, he’s got no strength.”

“Isn’t it the first time that a demon king is managing Internal Affairs?”


‘Too loud’


I was pissed off to begin with, and the peanut gallery is making too much noise.

It’s not even because I can hear them badmouthing me. They’re just being too damn loud.

Since all the demons are gossiping as I walk down the corridors of the Internal Affairs building, never mind my anger over having to deal with the Budget’s problems, my ears are getting irritated as well.


“At least, my office is still quiet.”


Settling down in my chair, I sighed. This demon world, there’s no end to my work. I could have sworn I’d dealt with all the forms and files yesterday, but my office was snowed down with new paperwork.


“Let’s see… More military spending? Just burn that, let’s see… What’s this bitch spending so much on ornaments! Absolutely cut! And… Repair fees? The demon king of Destruction, is he thinking to destroy the entire demon world? Is he one of Heaven’s spies? What kind of repair fees take up more than the military budget! There’s no place for these unreasonable repair fees in this demon world budget. If there’s no spare funds, I can just confiscate the demon kings’ castles… And here… ”


The more I see, the more amazed I was that the demon world was still up and running.


“This is annoying…”


Among the demons, I was nothing more than an upstart brat, but I pulled a cigarette out of my pocket with practiced motions.


“At this rate, I’ll be the first to die…”


Leaning back in my chair, I looked out through the window to the sight of the red sky characteristic of the demon world.

This kind of demon world…


“Let’s change it.”




Where I had arrived was the warp gate.

It’s not that I didn’t know Teleport Magic, but I needed to go to a special place only this warp gate could take me to.


“To the demon god.”

“Is this important?”


Demon king or not, going to see the demon god was no easy feat.

The guards alone were nobles of the demon world. In addition, they were all one of only 108 dukes of the demon realm.


At his question, I nodded. He/she is our god, after all, so one would expect a god to be perfectly aware of the current state of the demon world.

The demon nodded, said he would contact with the demon god, and vanished.


“The demon god has allowed it.”


He returned shortly afterwards, brought me to a gate and activated it.


“You’re here?”


With a black light, a black space appeared.

And there was a beautiful woman.


“Excuse me… Where is the demon god?”


I assumed that she would be a person of incredibly high prestige, given how we were in the demon god’s space, so I bowed my head and asked her.

And she told me where the demon god was.


“I’m the demon god?”



The grinning woman flicked her fingers and the black space turned into a small office, and I found myself sitting in a new couch.


“I should have visited you when you were born, did you forget me?”

“The figure then was a man…”


At my words, she chuckled lightly and said,


“Gods don’t have genders. The so-called god of light Raelle is called a goddess, but she just like that form so she stays that way. Actually, she might actually think like a woman after staying in that shape for so long?”


She, no, the demon god tilted her head, muttered, “well, not like I need to know,” and turned to me.


“Anyways, so what is it?”

“Um, before that, why did you take the form of a woman?”

“Because I was bored.”


‘Is it just that!’


At that absolutely ludicrous reason, I nearly spat out those words.


“‘Just that,’ you say. Even for a demon king, it’s a bit too disrespectful, you know?”


But, the opposition is a demon god. Something like my thoughts, I suspected she could read them at any time.


“Haaa… Could you please listen to my request?”


“Yes. Just… well, how do I say this… Look out for my back.”

“Eh? That’s easy.”


At my words, the demon god instantly came over and really did look at my back.


“There’s no problem?”


‘Is she serious?’


“Do you have a problem?”


‘Idiot demon god.’


“You wanna die?”


The demon god let out a bloodthirsty grin.


“Pl, please don’t joke like this.”

“This is no joke. You dare call a god an idiot… Annihilation?”

“Not that. Look out for my back for me.”


The demon god vanished, and was back on the sofa she was on before, drinking a green-coloured tea.


“Well, since you do a lot of work, I can forgive you. That said, what are you up to?”


I took a sip of the tea before me and said,


“Ugh, bitter…”

“It’s tasty when you get used to it. It’s something from the eastern parts of the human world called ‘green tea.’ Do drink it more often.”


I haven’t lived long, but in terms of the teas I’ve drunk, the closest equivalent (and for that matter, the only one) I’ve had would be coffee. And that only as a strong black.


“Oi, oi, I know you’ve pulled a lot of all-nighters, so let’s get to the point already?”


I was wondering if I should complain to a borderline omniscient demon god who could read my mind at will, but hey, if I imagined it, she’d understand, so I went straight to the point.


“You probably know this already, but the demon world’s short of funds.”

“Ah, I can’t help you with that. Even gods can’t pull money out of thin air.”

“That’s why I’m asking. Please look after my back.”


I grinned and told her my plans.

Shortly afterwards, an evil cackle echoed through the demon god’s space.



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  1. Since he going to directely oppose the others Demons King ( cut their findindgs and indebt them) he needs the protection of the Demon God to survive.

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