DK&H Q&A 2

Demon King & Hero Special: Q&A 2

TL: Eevee
Ed: Eevee


Doing another Q&A.
Ask me anything. Will answer everything.
Length of time I’m doing this for is until I have nothing left to write about.
My latent talent in even being able to make the reader my emergency filler.
Your comments are my feedstock!


Q: No one seems to care about the demon king’s age.
A: I tried caring about the reader responses, but no dice.

Q: The start was the hero and demon king’s sweet romance but they say it’s turning crap.
A: I have never written romance before. What’s dating, is it something to eat.

Q: What do I do if I want to see romance.
A: You must tell me to. On the rare occasions when I do make and advancements on the sweetness I read romantic novels or manga. Don’t mock shoujo for what it is. Bloody good. Discard the thought that girls mustn’t read shounen and boys musn’t read shoujo. (Note: shoujo manga tend to have a longer time between serials.)

Q: There are rumours that you’re taking drugs.
A: Other than the ones for treatment, I don’t even take vitamins. It’s a misunderstanding.

Q: There are some readers every now and then who call you a genius.
A: Pay me my due wages… no, not that, I think I am a bit of a genius. God talk. Lol.

Q: The gods are too weak. Why are gods being pushed around by humans.
A: Read some modern fantasy. Demon kings for a matter of course, even gods are diced. Bear in mind the fact that they can save the world equally means they can completely screw it over.

Q: Are you really going to go on a 2 year hiatus once you enter the army. There are holidays, so can’t you write then.
A: I’ve said this before, but I’m a reader first before a writer. When I’m on holiday, I must read. I can write once I’m done reading, but it seems like the holidays will be over before then.

Q: When are you writing Butler.
A: No clue. I’ve thought of inital plans beyond the prologue for the time being, when I first thought of it I did plan on completing it but nothing beyond that so it might be hard.

Q: Say you got a publishing offer. There are lots of people who want it to happen, why haven’t you done it.
A: As for Butler, I will not be publishing that ever. If I did, I’d probably have to start everything from scratch. No, before that, I will never have anything to do with hard copy publishers. Looking at authors’ blogs, depending on the sales, the publishers even axe the series with premature endings and I don’t want that. The internet, where I can control the length and content is awesome. Plus there is nothing that I’ve written so far that’s worth money. There are a few that I thought might be worth being paid to write but even the storyline’s incomplete for those. I’d planned for at least two years in planning but it’s stll not done. I think that might be a lifelong project.

Q: You say there’s nothing worth paying money to see but you have a few on Novelan(1).
A: I collect points there and read on Novelan. Press the buttons every now and then. The Novelan prices have gone up lately so it’s been hard reading them. I need to collect mana for 75 days. And it’s still only worth one day. Damn it.

Q: Do you care about the number of views or likes.
A: Rather that views or likes, I care more about comments. I want to have a hundred comments on mine too. Lol. Or not.

Q: There are no more questions.
A: Looks like it.


Note: The reason the author’s writing a side story is totally not because the author can’t deal with the hero. Really.


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Translator’s Notes

(1) Section on Joara which is basically a freemium(?) based service, where readers can either save up free points or buy them with IRL cash to read chapters.

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  1. What is Butler? Is it another story that the author is writing? Because if its as half as good as this one, I’d love to read it.

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