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Demon King & Hero Special: Q&A

TL: Eevee
Ed: Eevee (TL decision as I thought there was too much insanity for my editors to handle)

TLN: So this is a Q&A that the author did before Chapter 8. That was where it was originally published, and I’m going to post it between 7-10 and 8-1 as such. Warning: Insanity notice.


To cool my head off and take a break, I’m doing an Author Q&A.
The things you don’t understand, or curious about the story, I take all comers.
The experiment to see my readers’ drip(1) skills.

Q: My question will pierce the Chief God!
A: The Chief God has 100% Drill Resistance so it won’t.

Q: Why do people bother with the Chief God? He’s just ordering around the Demon God, Heavenly God, or NEETing.
A: NEETing is the right answer. Because he’s immortal. Nowadays he just heads to the next neighbourhood and plays LOL. Works when inspections are due.

Q: I left all my drip power in that place!
A: I told you to show me your drip skills, why’d you leave it there.

Q: Is the final objective where you turn everyone evil?
A: No, where else do you find characters as innocent and kind as mine? What do you mean, evil.

Q: ??? ??? ????? ??????? ???
A: ??? ??? ????? ???????? ???

Q: Was the hero’s Heart Blade awakened by the realisation that the world was fucked?
A: No, the author gave her special powers to beat up the Chief God.

Q: What’s going on? lol I have no idea how this chaos started…
A: To put it simply, the reason behind Ragnarok (the fight between gods) was becase the demon king made a covenant.

Q: This is incredibly chaotic…
A: Internal Affairs was chaotic the moment the demon king quit being a demon king. That just spread out through the world.

Q: lolol This novel is so funny♥ The demon king and hero’s sweetness(…?!)!!! All these spells flying around~~ If they ever fought then would we expect a mountain would be obliterated~~♥//////♥ More than anything else, I’m wondering about their second generation♥ Their personalities… lololol Ah~~I think it’d be funny enough to laugh you to tears!!!!! Godly face and beauty as well as OP skills!!! As for her personality, not even double, but multiple lololol her normal faace would be “beautiful, elegant, one you’d protect… etc.” but in reality… lolololol
A: A mountain will not vanish if the two of them fight. The demon king simply gets wrecked. I don’t know if it’ll appear in the story, but if the next generation is born then it’ll probably end up enslaving dragons.

Q: Chaos destruction wrec… k!
A: Impossible to understand

Q: What about the farm
A: The hero destroyed it

Q: Why don’t you do multiple releases? (If you go with the ‘not telling’ route I’m gonna kill you teehee~☆)
A: Because I’m a reader first then a writer. How dare you play the reader card.

Q: Carrot three sizes yy
A: What would you do with a carrot’s three sizes. Having said that, where do you measure a carrot’s three sizes?

Q: What is ths novel
A: A story about being kidnapped into an unpaid overtime hell from birth by an evil CEO and finally quitting and saving his wife.

Q: How old’s the demon king? And what’s the working recrd of the demon king of economy.
A: Amazingly enough, younger than the hero. The reason the demon king’s weak is also because he’s young. To elaborate here, unlike other demons, after birth, the body becomes an adult within 6 months. Then he goes and works according to his inherent skills. But unfortunately for him, because he was most suited to working with the economy, he entered that overtime hell from just six months after his birth. As for his work records, from when he was born to when he quit, he’s had a total of 12 days off. Worked the rest. Overtime is a given, no such things as the weekend.

Q: What drugstore do you go to? Also, what drugs do you take?
A: Treatment for my Achilles tendon at my local drugstore. Not that kind of drug.

Q: How do gods and people punish the Chief God?
A: Because they received a power greater than the Chief God’s, that is, the author’s.

Q: The hero’s screentime’s been getting less lately. When’s the ♥♥ coming? (Recent memory’s kinda)
A: I’m a mosol(2) so not likely. Sometimes when I read manwha or novels with overflowing romance I sometimes use that, but after I write and post it up, looking at it my hands and feet cringe so hard I don’t write it that often

Q: What’s the sudden ruckus for
A: The demon king made a covenant.

Q: What’s this I’m thinking this is perfectly fine… Am I weird
A: Nope, because of my perfect scenario you don’t think this is weird

Q: I thought this was a planned publication, when did author-nim start taking drugs?
A: It still is.

Q: They’re not farming and just playing around, where does their money come from
A: Rereading again ㄱㄱ. Looting the demon king (Charm, aka Aya)

Q: The author is supreme
A: The author is supreme. The computer holy.

Q: How much are the other demon kings’ lights?
A: M’god, light to the leader of demons and king of darkness the demon king. The other demon kings aren’t going to convert.(3)

Q: Go Asrada! To the realm of dimensions!
A: What’s this, I don’t know.

Q: How’s the Pope that strong with that mentality?
A: Even if he looks like that, at the base, he does believe and follow Sermir a lot. + Knows how to manipulate his own mind. He can be very holy when he wants to be.

Q: Why’s the Chief God’s mentality so weak?
A: Because he’s played a lot of LOL lately.

Q: Why.
A: What?

Q: This novel is scary
A: Novel: I don’t bite.

Q: Do you have any plans to try a 10 consecutive release? If so when? If not why?
A: If you want I could always do 10 consecutive 1KB releases.

Q: What’s stronger, the author’s release speed or my immaturity? (4)
A: Incomparable objects. In terms of immaturity, it’s measuring speed, whereas my release speed is measured in terms of slowness.

Q: Can all the OP items be retrieved? Or the god-killing weapon?
A: Nope. To collect them you’d have to fight the scary enemy known as copyright.

Q: Do you have any thoughts about taking this story seriously? Even though it’s ridiculous, do you think of it like that? This story’s funny, but do you think it is?
A: Serious? What is that, is it tasty? And what do you mean, ridiculous, such a detailed story! And funny is funny.

Q: Delete the teaser!… Like this?
A: Heh, I’m a man that don’t care about no teaser. Considering my content matter, it’s probably better if I don’t.

Q: Where’s the next main chapter lolol Hurry please I’m getting withdrawal symptoms
A: Hoho, withdrawal symptoms. If you can’t read because you’re sick… Next main chapter sometime next week. My parents are on holiday. I can’t write if there’s someone else in the house.

Q: There’s nothing I don’t really get but the bean flour’s just kinda…
A: If there’s nothing you don’t understand, then you understand the bean flour as well. Something like that.

Q: When are you going to continue this big bro?
A: Eh? I’m the big bro?

Q: Gimme your personal details. Your three sizes and personal info…(is a joke… not)
A: Age 21. Three sizes, not a girl, so didn’t measure so don’t know. 2nd year uni. Sometimes writes on joara. But more active as a reader.

Q: I’m interested in the demon king’s name
A: Originlly thought of something like Demon King Kim or some 72 character name

Q: The demon king trolling the demon god. More please
A: World destruction. Now time to troll the hero.
Hero: How are you going to troll me any further!
Demon king: It’s for the sake of the world. Plus the hero’s at her best when being teased.
Author: Look forward to next chapter.
Hero: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Are the hero and demon king getting married soon? Love that transcends race♥
A: Soon. Although I don’t know when in the story.

Q: How many can the demon king accept?
A: Not a prison, so not happening. To put it another way, the hero’s present and he cheats? Rip.

Q: No, I quit asking you questions?
A: What is this, this tsundere-like answer. But you’d get stoned if you’re a man.

Q: I’m having fun rereading all the chapters
A: yy

Q: Author! I have ceased asking you questions!
A: Wrong words. If you stopped asking, you’d need to ask a question first, but you never have.

The Behind Story.

1) Quick people might have known (but don’t think anyone has) But a name was quickchanged.
That would be Raelle. When we were in the God’s Tower, wrote Raelle as Rahell. Mistake but couldn’t be bothered fixing it. No one noticed.

2) If you look hard enough, you could find the epilogue for this.
I orignally submitted this as a oneshot on another site, but fell off the shortlist. But the critique I got was that this would be better as a multi-chapter. So seeing this,
Ooh, this might be good, I thought and started writing on an impulse.
Ergo, this oneshot was the prologue, and was about the things the demon king got up to after he quit, so it was really short.

3) Amazingly enough, aside from the start, everything else I wrote on the fly the moment I booted up Korean 2002(5). Especially the side chapters was really fun to write. It wrote itself pretty smoothly.

4) This is nearly done. In terms of book length, this would be about a single volume’s worth.
Author’s Notes:

PS. This is suprisingly hard. It’s rivals my longest chapter in terms of kb!
PS2. I like comments, likes and other growth items. You can give me a lot of those.

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Translator’s Notes:
(1) Drip – Koreanised abbreviation for adlib, aka improvisation. Usually used in context of funny unplanned oneliners in modern entertainment.
(2) Short for ‘motesolo’ which is a corrupted homonym for a term that translates to ‘solo because couldn’t (get a lover)’ Funnily enough, I went with this username for a while until I called myself Eevee again – note this doesn’t mean my status is any different.
(3) The author punning over a single character mistake – the raw question asked for 빛 (light) instead of 빚 (debt) – the author being the good citizen of the internet he is, takes it and shows no mercy.
(4) Educated guesses based on Translate, because Naver or Google didn’t give me a good enough reference. Anyone who knows what 연재력 and 조루력 feel free to tell me in the comments.
(5) You can think of it as a MS Word dedicated for Korean.

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