DK&H: Prologue

Demon King & Hero: Prologue

TL: Eeveelutionlvr (aka Eevee)


The heavens gift talents onto people in different ways.


Some, a talent for agriculture.

Some, a talent for commerce.

Some, a talent for music. (1)

Some, a talent for the sword.

Some, a talent for magic.


But occasionally, the heavens grant particularly special ability to certain individuals.


An incomparable intellect, one to be called a genius.

An unfaltering resolve and determination, the willpower to continue where ordinary men would have given up a hundred times over.

An unwillingness to be arrogant about one’s own skills, continually honing their talents with diligence.

An indomitable courage, never to yield to evil in the worst of situations.


Blessed by the gods, those who forge their own paths, never yielding to evil in the worst of situations, forever fighting to prove that justice exists in the world. With words of respect and honour, people refer to them by this title.


The “Hero,” or the “Brave.” (2)


Has it been said that kings are chosen by the heavens?

There are those who were born with the destiny to become king.


The purest darkness.

Those who rule this darkness that would swallow up the world.

Those who seek the darkness as a friend, born to swallow up the light. (3)


Blessed by the demon god, destroying all those who seek to obstruct them, observing evil regardless of the situation.


Within the devouring darkness, the ruler of ten thousand evils.

With words of respect and honour, all ‘evil’ refer to him by this title.


The Demon King!


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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Raws said ‘singing,’ I went for the more liberal ‘music.’

(2) Okay. The raws gave these terms as 영웅 (英雄) and 용사 (勇士), both of which can more or less translate to ‘hero.’ The first is defined as ‘one with peerless talent and wisdom, leading the people to his ideal,’ whereas the other literally means ‘brave person.’ JP LN/WN/Manga readers may know the latter term better as ‘yuusha.’

(3) Kingdom Hearts, anyone?

Alright guys, so first-time translator Eeveelutionlvr here, call me Eevee if it’s easier to type, and I present to you, a series of absolute crack comedy with some fluffy romance on the side! Common sense? Fourth Wall? What are those, are they tasty? Written by an author who writes WNs for fun, with a shitty translator who can’t even call himself a first-language speaker, we, the team at Myoniyoni translations present: Demon King and Hero!

Also, I have until February to churn out all 67 chapters of this. Expect frequent updates unless I get lazy.


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