DK&H Chapter 9-1

Demon King & Hero Chapter 9-1: Demon King & Hero


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TLN: Final chapter. Side stories, epilogue and afterword is all that’s left after these three. Also, prepare for flipped tables with a hint of sugar over the next three chapters.




“I pronouce [the two of you should just marry].”


At the declaration of the judge, no, the Creator God of another world, everyone was suddenly hit by petrification magic.


“Good! As expected of the best judge!”


Ah, except for the demon king.


Looking at the demon king with sparking eyes and his thumb raised high, likewise, the sight of her raising her own thumb, poking her tongue out and winking was an incomparably cute sight, but in the hero’s head, looking on at the two of them, only one thought was running through her head.


‘Creator or not do I just cut her?’

“Creator or not do I just cut her?”


“Wa, wait! Your thoughts and words are leaking at the same time!”


At the instantaneous lethal killing intent, the goddess flinched, dry coughed “ahem!” a few times, looked at the hero and solemnly said,


“The hero’s crimes can’t be helped, but crimes are crimes! But what if the two of you are husband and wife? A married couple creating a new household is a given, you don’t have to report your husband to the clergy, and what kind of crime is it to save your husband? So naturally, all clear! The hero is cleared of all charges, the demon king solves the contract as sworn on the Scales of the Chief God, and the other kids don’t have to fight with the hero! And so you two should marry! Happy ending!”


With her naturally nodding her head like that, so did the demon king.


“You’re right! If the hero marries me, everything’s a happy ending!”


As the demon king proudly shouted, moved by the goddess’s reasoning, he turned to the hero with an expression akin to a puppy abandoned on a rainy day, and said,


“Or, or does the hero not like me?”


In her state still bound by Endless’s hand, the hero closed her eyes.


Their first meeting. Their everyday life. Her ruining the household chores and the demon king cleaning up behind her, grumbling all the while. The festival they went together. The demon king that was captured by criminals and herself who rescued him.


The various unexpected sides of the demon king. And… countless other events. Yes, as expected…


The hero thought through of all the things since she met the demon king, and said with a clear voice,



“Hooooold uuuuuuupp! That answer’s way too different to what you were thinking above?!”


As if he had never made that abandoned puppy face, with a completely shocked face he retorted with all his might. The hero momentarily though that she’d done something wrong, and corrected herself,


“Absolutely not!”

“Why is the final answer not chhaaannngiiingg!”


The demon king yelled/whined. At the same time, Endless vanished, the hero gracefully landed, propped her chin up with one hand, thought about it and said,


“Firstly, slavery contract as you pleased!”

“Th, that…”

“And yelling at me because I couldn’t do household chores. I’ve never even done those before.”

“Th, that’s why I…”

“Oh, and Aya, was it? Sided with Aya that time as well.”

“N, no, that contract was…”

“Hm… And on top of that, since coming to the capital, caused my mind to self-destruct numerous times.”

“C, cough…”


Running out of ways to justify himself, the demon king looked like he was about to cough up blood, clutched his chest and swayed.


“H, hold on demon king!”

“Don’t fall!”

“The brave one gets the girl in the end!”


The spectators around the demon king cheered him on. Yeah! I’m a demon king! The leader of ten thousand evils! I’m not going to fall with just this!


With his two feet he stood firmly on the mess of trial. His current appearance was like the moment before he summoned Endless, like the confident, dignified hero! And!


“Ah, that reminds me, Endless? Summoning something with a weird name, pushed me down by force and said ‘let’s marry.’ What’s this? A total turn-off~☆”



The hero’s parting shot hit the demon king! It’s super effective!


The demon king coughed and crawled on the ground. He turned gradually greyer. Vanishing. Becoming ash…


“N, no!”


The shocked goddess yelled but the demon king was already beyond the point of no return. It was an attack that even had ☆ attached to it. It was a fearsome attack that couldn’t be defended against.


“Oi, Lolbba! What do I do about the demon king!”

“I don’t know either… Oi, Nielle, do demons turn to ash when they die? No, before that, can they receive critical damage like that with a single sentence?”

“Hm… If it’s the highest-tier holy magic then they can be damaged by words, and vanish to ash…”


Looking at the remains of the demon king that were beginning to transcend dimensions, Sermir nodded.


“Is it ☆? It’s ☆! From now on, all holy magic will end in ☆!”

“Understood, my goddess! It was ☆! This world is ours!”


It felt like some weird cult was going to form, but they were ignored by the surroundings. They were treated like Raelle’s lines, that is, non-existent.


“No, why am I taking on Sermir’s old role!”


Ignore her.


“Don’t ignore me!”


Meanwhile, the hero poked at the ashes that were the demon king with her sheathed sword, and sighed, while making a face like someone that was suddenly deprived of her fun.


“Aywhew… Just how did I…”


Come to love this…


“Totally not!”




“…But that doesn’t mean I dislike him, either.”


The hero turned her head from the skies, and closed her eyes.


She didn’t dislike him. No, you could say that she had good feelings toward him.


From when she was young, she swung her sword and defeated villains. She had many people she called comrades and many enemies. But as for the men that she could say that made her totally comfortable and free, it could be said that this man called a demon king would be the only one.




He had pretty good specs. Firstly, he was a king. Demon king, administering Internal Affairs, but in the end, that he meant he was rich and had plenty of authority. He was also so handsome that even she had wavered slightly. Aside from that fact that he was a demon, you could say that he was number one husband material.



“Not marriage.”


Yep, just that. Just someone with good feelings. Well, more than friends, less than lovers? It was just then when the hero thought she had her thoughts in order.






The demon king who seemed about to disappear with the ashes flared up again. As the final embers rekindled, the demon king’s eyes also started to blaze.


“I was not joking!”




As the two Creator Gods were feeling the wonders of the world at that amazing sight, the demon king pointed at the hero and shouted.


“And so… I swear on the Scales of the Chief God, this is a fight!”


Raising the Scales of the Chief God high in the air, the origin of the misadventures of the hero and demon king, with a charismatic smile, he shouted towards the hero.


“If the hero wins, then the previous contract is null! But if I win… The hero is well. And. Truly. Mine!”


At that shout accompanied by a confident smile unbefitting a demon king, with a somewhat surprised face, the hero replied,


“No, I don’t want to?”



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