DK&H Chapter 8-8

Demon King & Hero Chapter 8-8: Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji


TLN: A couple of chapters ago, someone mentioned that I should annotate who’s saying what. I’ve experimented with that this chapter, leave your opinions in the comments as to whether I should keep it this way or not. Personally, we’re near the end anyway, and I think it’s fairly clear as to who’s saying what even without notes, but it’s up to you guys.





“The world’s will?” (Yuria)


The demon king(hero) stuck in Endless’s hand shivered. At the same time, a sinister aura enveloped Endless.


“Wh, what’s that! That aura!” (Demon god)


Erupting with an incredibly dark energy that even shocked the demon god, the hero cut Endless just like that.


“Wh, what!” (Demon king)


Looking on at the startled hero(demon king) the most heinous demon king(hero) smiled evilly and yelled,


“Ha? Abundant will desiring sweetness? Bullshit! I… have the strength of the solo brigade!” (Yuria)


And her sword shone brightly. With the will… of countless singles!






……..Well, not really…



The above is just pure crap. It’s plain madness.

(TLN: That means that you can ignore the above.)




Everyone held their breaths. What, while yelling something incomprehensible, the demon king defeated the hero.


And the end result.


‘What can I say…’ (Goddess)

‘Chaos again.’ (Chief God)


The two creator gods thought the world that they had made was truly amazing, and at the same time, feared it too.


“Uu, uuuu…” (Yuria)


The hero groaned, her face curled into a scowl, as if she couldn’t believe she had lost. At the same time, Sermir, eyes wide, turned to Raelle and shouted,


“Mom, what’s that?” (Sermir)

“Demon Seed. Unlike us, who continually reincarnate, demon kings use demon seeds, ergo, the one who bears the seed of demons becomes a demon king. In a nutshell, that was Endless, the Demon Seed of Greed. Greed incarnate, an insatiable desire.” (Raelle)

“W, we didn’t see that in the heaven/demon war!” (Sermir)

“Of course! If that comes out, we’re screwed. No, unless you resign yourself to annihilation to block it, there’s no way you can win against that!”(Raelle)

“Scary… Mom, from now on, I’m not going to any more heaven/demon wars!” (Sermir)

“Th, this brat!” (Raelle)


At the non-appearance declaration of the strongest god, Raelle scowled, but Sermir could launch another counter if she took it any further, so she turned to the slightly easier target, the demon god, and yelled,


“Oi, you bitch! Why’s that here! That’s not supposed to come out normally!” (Raelle)

“Don’t ask me bitch, I’m more surprised than you are.” (Demon god)


The demon god’s words were correct. Demon Seeds were something she made herself. The day that was broken was the day that the demon king named Greed would cease to exist, and at the same time, she’d have to spend all her energy to make a new one. Which meant that the strength of the demon world would fall in the meantime.




“That crazy thing knew he was going to get totalled.” (Demon god)


The fact that he had summoned the Demon Seed, meant that if that had been destroyed, so was his soul obliterated as well. Ergo, he really had put his life on the line fighting the hero.


“Why couldn’t he put in that effort in the heaven/demon wars…” (Demon God)


Even in the mutterings of the surroundings, the demon king had eyes only for the hero.


“What…” (Yuria)


At that intense gaze, even the hero turned red without her knowing it.


‘Ah, and it looks like I’ve lost again…’ (Yuria)


Before she had lost by words, but now she was pushed back on strength as well. Now it really was time to surrender her mind and body to the demon king…


“Was absolutely not what I was thinking!” (Yuria)




“What’s wrong?” (Demon king)


The demon king asked in response to the hero suddenly shouting towards the sky. The hero sighed and muttered,


“Nothing… You can say I felt something like the world’s rebellious movements…” (Yuria)


Having ignored the will of the world, the hero turned back towards the demon king.


“You, said you were weak.” (Yuria)

“Don’t you know the balance is broken already? Coming from the one who trampled over gods.” (Demon king)


Looking at the smiling demon king, the hero said,


“But, what are you going to do if this trial doesn’t come to a close?” (Hero)


The demon king had definitely yelled, reeking of a hero’s aura, “No, my… no, our trial isn’t over yet!”


And now that the demon king thought it over…


“Y, you’re right?” (Demon king)

“Excuse me?” (Yuria)


He let out some really irresponsible words.


“What made you think the trial wasn’t over!” (Yuria)

“That… the world’s will?” (Demon king)

“Yiiiiiiiik!” (Yuria)


Having noticed the flicker of rage that passed over the hero’s face, the demon king very quickly turned to the goddess for help.


“Your Honour! Th, the verdict!” (Demon king)

“Hm….” (Goddess)


The goddess closed her eyes and thought.


‘How do I make this more fun?’ (Goddess)


She liked all the mortal world’s dramas (her favourite types being the ridiculous ones) and novels (likes web novels and OP MCs). While thinking about all the anime and webtoons (as expected, preference for OP MCs. Also likes romance.) a satisfied smile crept across her lips and she said,


“The verdict is as follows. I’m not sure because this is another world, but to sum up what they say are crimes, made a household with a demon king, brought him to capital but didn’t report him, saved the demon king even as a hero. Well, throw out the one about not siding with me.”  (Goddess)

“D, don’t throw it out!” (Raelle)


Let’s ignore a certain Supreme God’s words.


“Why am I being treated like the old Sermir!” (Raelle)


The goddess continued,


“But the hero was already contracted under the Scales of the Chief God, and thus had no other options.” (Goddess)

“Y, yes!” (Yuria)


As the hero nodded her head fervently, the goddess smirked and continued,


“But crimes are still crimes! And thus the easiest method to resolve it…” (Goddess)

“Resolve it?” (Yuria)


As the hero tilted her head, the goddess smiled sinisterly, and gave the final verdict.


“I pronouce [the two of you should just marry].” (Goddess)




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  3. ““But the goddess was already contracted under the Scales of the Chief God, and thus had no other options.” (Goddess)”
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