DK&H Chapter 8-7

Demon King & Hero Chapter 8-7: Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.


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Ed: adkji


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“Looks like the trial’s over?”


Looking at the brightly smiling hero, the Chief God turned his head to the right.




In the midst of the broken wall, the Demon King was visible.


“Huk…. Hukkk…” (TLN: Crying sfx)


Turning his head to the left, now he could see the one who managed the world and was the most affectionate, the god he treated like his daughter, the God of Light Raelle, weeping in a corner with her hair completely dishevelled.




The Chief God closed his eyes for a second, pressing down on them with his hands, and turned to the other creator god beside him.


“Oi, this thing called a trial, was it always the strongest that won it?”

“Hm? Well… It was easy to win if you had a lot of money, maybe being strong’s the same?”

“No, that’s not right, is it? No, before that, you and the readers wanted something sweet!”

“I dunno, maybe the will of the world rejected such sweetness.”


Looking on at the goddess tossing her hair around, the Chief God leaked out some noiseless murmurs and faced the hero.




Her words were short. Considering the fact that he was a Chief God and all. But, if he tangled with her now, he didn’t feel like he’d win.


“No, nothing.”


There was a thing called the flow. If he went against it, he could end up like his daughter, who was currently squatting and crying over there in the corner.


“Then, this trial is now ov..”

“W, wait!”


The brightly smiling (and immersing everyone else in fear) hero was about to declare the end of the trial, but a certain someone cut her off.



“A h, hero!”


“Th, this trial isn’t over yet!”

“I think it is!”


The hero’s Heart Blade started shining more brightly.


“Wow! At this rate she’s going to master that.”

“N, nooo! Then I’m going to get sliced up like the neighbours?!”


To the two creator gods’ surprise, the demon king stood up confidently and said,


“Not yet, my… No, our trial hasn’t yet ended!”


A demonic aura started to surround the demon king. The strength of ruler of evil, the master of darkness!


“What… You wanna go?”


The hero’s blade turned towards the demon king, but the demon king only laughed.


“Oh… A, a hero!”

“A, amazing…”

“So brave…”


Everyone at that place saw.


The unrelenting hero(demon king) even in the face of the wrath of the strongest demon king(hero)!




A black abyss appeared in the middle of the court. Having seen this once already, the hero gripped her sword, and let out a cry.





At the same time, a black hand appeared, took on the Heart Blade that threatened the Chief God and. Blocked. It.


“Wh, what!”


Even if she was going easy, Heart Blade was still Heart Blade. Normally, she was just going to cut the black hand called Greed and smack the demon king around with the flat of her sword, but at this unexpected twist, the hero gritted her teeth.


“So even then… You’re a demon king after all!”


With another shout, the blade slowly forced the black hand back, and the demon king clenched his teeth and let out an even stronger demonic aura.


“I… Cannot lose!”


The demon king’s demonic ki exploded outwards. In response, another black hand appeared out of the abyss.


“Wh, what’s that!”

“Eh? That…”

“Ruler of ten thousand evils, the owner of endless greed demands you! Follow my commands, vanquish the foe! The demon king of Greed, Endless!(endless!)(1)




The darkness appearing from the abyss, no, escaping from it, eventually took on the shape of a human and roared.


“Urgh! So what!”


Having already forced the Supreme Gods and even the Chief God into submission, to think that she’d be blocked by the weakest demon king right here!


Looking on her, the demon king clenched his teeth.


“Supreme Gods? Chief God? Will of the world?”


The hand of darkness, no, Endless that was struggling just now started pushing back the hero’s sword.


“So what! To me…!”


The skill that overcame the limits of willpower, that could cut anything as long as you desired it, the Heart Blade gradually lost it’s luster.


And the demon king shouted,


“There is plenty of will that wants sweet romance between you and meeeeeee!”


And finally, Endless’s hand broke the hero’s sword.





Author’s Note


Th, the assignments are flooding in! I, I can’t hold on much longer!


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Translator’s Notes


(1) Originally in Koreanified English, then English provided afterwards.

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