DK&H Chapter 8-6

Demon King & Hero Chapter 8-6: Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.


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[For those of you who haven’t been here a while and can’t remember what happened, a simple tl;dr for you.] [The Emperor and the Pope told the hero to go get the Demon King, but the hero got hard countered. Time passed and Demon King entered a covenant. The pissed off the Demon god and God of Light came to the human world. Then, chaos. Then, Chief God came down. Chief God got countered. Then, next neighbourhood’s Creator Goddess came along. Then more chaos.]


One word tl;dr: chaos. Only the prologue’s even remotely normal.




And so the historical moment of a dimension being abandoned by a god passed, and the hero made a serene face.


The hero emptied her mind. Similar to her trance-like state when she was practicing her sword skills, with eyes akin to a priest with no worldly desires, she faced her prosecutors.


“Hey, don’t you turn to X when you poke kids with that expression?”

“Yes, maybe… The proof’s right in front.”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

“N, nothing.”


Raelle and the Demon God had messed with a God that had made that very same expression before and had certainly paid the price for it.


The Pope and Sermir thought for a long time, before looking on the Supreme God and said,


“Hm… But… What can we do.”

“How should we do this?”


Then the Demon King stood up and said,


“I dare, to love her.(1)


At the demon king’s unexpected words, the surroundings went quiet. After a long period of silence, the Goddess looked at the Demon King pathetically.


“Oi, if a man sings that, then that song’s ruined for the girl afterwards.”

“Eh? When did I sing…”

“Or was it not a single song but a choral piece? Singing that song by parts…”


The Demon King couldn’t understand the Goddess’ words.


‘Wait, before that, why did I say those words?’


Not having reached the world’s enlightenment yet, the Demon King blushed and looked at the hero.




“So what.”



The hero’s eyes were still like a monk’s and her face was expressionless.


“Sob… The hero’s changed… What happened to my lovable hero!”

“My previous self is dead. After the gods came out, no, when the drips(2) started flying around!”

“How… how can love change like that!”

“Love? What’s that?”


At the hero’s frigid word, the Goddess was frantic.


“Hahhh… What’s this, this is exciting! A drama’s unfolding out before my eyes! A real drama!”

“Oi… you’re a Chief God as well, so what’s with the ‘hahh, hahh.'”

“You pant when you play LoL as well, you know? Kyaa! Hero-nim is so cool! [Love? What’s that?] We have a cold city girl descended!”

“You, just go.”


Leaving the Chief God whose eyes started to turn saint-ish like the hero’s, clenching sweaty hands, the Goddess said,


“Demon King! Get her! If you leave her annoyed like that, it’s the end! Get her back and kiss her!”


Agreeing with the words that the hero shouldn’t be left as she was, the Demon King grabbed her, and when he did.


“You dare!”


Pivoting, the hero’s feet broke the Demon King’s stance, and at the same time, grabbed and twisted the hand on her shoulders.




At the same time, the Demon King felt his world turning upside down.


“Pervert extermination!”


And he was nailed in his abdomen by the hero’s back kick and flew far away.




Having received an incomprehendable attack, the Demon King’s thoughts shut down.






Looking at the Demon King that had taken less than two seconds to be dealt with, Raelle looked at the Demon God.


‘Oi, he’s still a demon king, isn’t he too weak?’

‘No, he’s just twenty, so he’s weak. Plus he specialized in book keeping.’

‘But still, a Demon King’s too weak! What’s this civilian slaughter?!’

‘No, he’s still a top-tier demon king! Just slightly weaker than a combat-dedicated duke! You know  what happens if even non-combatant dukes come out into the human world!’

‘What happens my ass, of course, it’d get diced into alchemic ingredients by that monster!’


Maybe she sensed the two Supreme Gods’ attention on her. However, with eyes of a saint, no, a beast, the hero eyed Raelle and the Demon God, and the two felt fear creeping through them once again.



‘We’re screwed, aren’t we?’




As Raelle and the Demon God felt a sense of deja vu, Sermir thumped the stand, stood up and shouted,


“It is wrong!”


The eyes that were leering at Raelle and the Demon God turned to Sermir.




In Sermir’s innocent-looking eyes, tears had begun to form.


“I’m the Goddess of Love and Benevolence, but to think I’d declare all demons evil and immediately order subjugation orders…”


Looking at Sermir who was leaking tears, Raelle and the Demon God shuddered.



“From here on, as the Goddess of Love and Benevolence, I shall embrace demons as well and set them on the right path with love and benevolence!”


At those words, the Pope that was sitting beside her started crying a waterfall and went down on his knees.


“Ohhhh! Not so, my goddess! It is all my fault. To declare demons to be executed on sight, declaring those who would summon demons criminals. It is us who chose to use your unspoken words as the human measuring sticks…”

“Sob… No. It, it’s all my fault that I lack so much…”


The image of the Pope repenting, and Sermir with her bright smile streaked with tears was a beautiful one you might expect in holy scripture.





“The hero is not guilty!”


As if they hadn’t been crying just now, the two yelled from the dock. Raelle and the Demon God thought,


‘We might have…’

‘Ruled the world badly.’


The two gods had their confidence to rule the world completely and utterly shot. No, they were scared of simply ruling the heavens and demon world by this point.


And to those two gods, the hero’s indifferent gaze fell on them again.


“…Is what they’re saying.” the hero said.


Calming herself, Raelle faced the hero’s emotionless eyes dead on.


‘Yep, I’m a god! The God of Light! Aside from Dad, the Chief God, I’m the strongest! I can’t fall back to a human hero!’


It was when Raelle had just resolved herself as a God.




“You might have saved a Demon King, but it was for the sake of the world! If the Demon King had remained captive then, the children, as well as the empire and the surrounding nations would have perished! War between the two nations could have broken out as well!”

“Do you have no pride as a supreme Gooooooooooooooooodddd!!!!!”


The Demon God ignored Raelle’s heartfelt scream. No, Sermir and the Pope in the dock were actually beckoning their new comrade to join them.


“And thus the hero is hereby not guilty! No, she needs to be rewarded for saving the world!”

“The Demon God shouldn’t reward the hero for saving the world! Wait, before that, it was the dark mages that summoned the Demon King in the first place!”

“As expected, dark magic is dark and evil! Just spouting black demonic power everywhere. You can dice them up as many times as you want!”

“Apologize to dark mages! No, before that, as the Demon God, apologize to all the lifeforms that use demonic magic!”


“And you actually do iiiiiiiiiittt!”


But, the Demon God had already taken the seat beside Sermir and the Pope.

Wanting to say something, Raelle opened her mouth but the hero cut in first.


“Then now…”



The hero’s emotionless gaze went to Raelle. She gulped despite herself and could only giggle while looking on the hero.


“Hm… You said you’d take my side.”

“You said you didn’t want me to.”

“No, can’t… you?”

“I can’t.”

“Hee hee… That’s the case? You’re not going to, are you?”

“Then I’m guilty?”

“N, no. You’re not. There’s no one on my side, anyway? Even if you don’t…”

“You said I was not guilty earlier.”


The hero’ indifferent eyes drew ever closer.


‘Help me!’


As she looked at the defendant’s seat with pleading eyes.


I’ll remember you.

Sermir mouthed.


Rub rub.

Making a cross with his hands, and making gestures of prayer for a good afterlife, was the Pope.



And slitting her throat with her fingers, ‘hurry up and die,’ was the Demon God.


And far over in the corner, the Demon King with the famous swirly eyes.


‘Hm… Then…’


Raelle finished taking in her surroundings and smiled.


“…Spare me. Hee hee.”


At that ridiculous figure, the hero laughed the same and replied.


“…I don’t want to. Hee hee.”


And in that instant, the Heart Blade that threatened the Chief God blazed through the court with it’s shimmering blue light.





Author’s Note:

Ah, no thoughts of kissing the demon king. Soz and rip.


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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Lyrics to the song ‘Gohae’ (Confessions) by Im Jae-Bom.

(2) From Q&A 1: Drip – Koreanised abbreviation for adlib, aka improvisation. Usually used in context of funny unplanned oneliners in modern entertainment.


ED: I’m so confused.

TL: Apparently, so are most of the readers.

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