DK&H Chapter 8-5

Demon King & Hero Chapter 8-5: Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji




“I’m innocent!” The hero yelled, making a truly aggrieved expression.


In the seat that had a Creator and a Supreme God, it was now currently being occupied by the human world’s strongest hero.


“That is one hell of a defendant’s seat.”


And beside it, looking at the Demon King who was curiously looking around the front of the defendant’s seat, the hero yelled,


“What the hell are you looking at!”

“Before you, Raelle, and before her, a Creator’s sat in that chair? That seat is even more impressive than the thrones of the Empire or the Papacy, you know?”

“This is a criminal’s seat!”


Opening her eyes wide, the hero looked like she was ready to cry.


“I didn’t commit crimes while I lived my life!”


But, the prosecutors opposing the hero merely looked on at the hero and said the following in turn:


“Firstly, your mission was to subjugate the Demon King, but you ended up creating a household with him.”

“Th, thats!”


The Demon King was about to say something to the Pope, but Sermir interrupted him.


“Second, didn’t report the Demon King even though you brought him to the capital.”

“Th, that’s…”


Looking at the hero that was gradually shrinking in on herself, the Demon God grinned maniacally.


“Thirdly, a hero dared to rescue a Demon King.”

“Th, that was to save the world…”


The hero thought that that much at least would have been justifiable, but Raelle snorted.


“Fourthly, the hero didn’t stand with me even though she’s a hero.”


Everyone’s gazes turned to Raelle for a moment, but she nonchalantly said,


“Therefore, you’re a criminal! Then, everything ends!”

“My life will end as well!”


As the hero yelled, close to tears, the Demon King put a hand on her shoulders shook his head.


“Hero, everything’s easier if you just give up.”

“This is all your faaaaaauuuuuuuuulllllllllltt!”


The hero shook the Demon King by the lapels, but the Demon King just laughed.


Bang! Bang!


“Quiet, quiet! The defendant may choose to defend herself as she wishes. Although, you’re going to die anyway.”

“What, death confirmed? No, even before that, when not a single one of the trials so far have actually come to a verdict, why am I the only one getting the death penalty!”

“Why, it’s because they’re gods, of course. How do you kill a god?”


The Goddess shrugged her shoulders, as if it couldn’t be helped, and the hero swayed, clutching the back of her neck while pointing at the demon king.


“Then, him!”

“I’m clean?”


Looking on at the very innocent-looking Demon King, the prosecutors nodded.


“Wait, why are you discriminating against humans! Your Holiness! That’s a Demon King! That’s evil! He made a household with me!”

“Humans cannot create households with demons, but there’s no law against demons making households with humans.”

“That’s the same thing!”

“Human and demon law is different so not guilty!”


“Then! Then Lady Sermir! He’s a Demon King but he came into the Holy City!”

“Oh, that was to make a covenant with me? So not guilty!”


“Lady Demon God? Aren’t Demon Kings not allowed to be rescued by heroes?”

“No, they can? One of the basic principles of demons is to live by any means. So not guilty.”


The hero turned to her last hope, Raelle and said,


“Lady Raelle! He wasn’t on your side either! No, he beat the crap out of you!”


The hero pleaded to her last hope, the light the hero stood for, and the origin of that light, the God of Light Raelle.


But the God forsook the hero.


“If I side with you, I think he’ll beat me up even more. So not guilty.”

“The world is rotten!”


The hero is in despaired. The world was a mess to begin with, and now, it was rotten. It was irredeemable. Nothing could be done.


“Hey, the world I made isn’t rotten! How dare you say the world is rotten in front of the Chief God!”

“Then, can you side with me?”


The Chief God looked around the court briefly before nodding his head.


“Nope. Sorry. Let’s just say it is rotten.”

“Oi, you’re still the Chief God, how can you abandon your world like that?”

“I can just go over to your place and play LoL.”


And after the historical moment of a dimension being abandoned by a god passed, the hero made a serene face.


“Yes, so I’m a criminal. So… what.”


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