DK&H Chapter 8-4

Demon King & Hero Chapter 8-4: Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.


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“The second case of the trial shall now begin!”


Leaving the mother case unconcluded, the Goddess looked over to Raelle and asked,


“Any rebuttals?”

“What do you mean, rebuttals! Why do I have to call her big sister!”


The Demon God, sitting in the prosecutor’s chair, snorted and said,


“Hmph, I won?”

“Bullshit! I was winning!”


Listening to Raelle and the Demon God’s shouts, the Goddess smirked.


“Attaboy, now this is a trial!”

“Oi, don’t be so happy watching someone else’s daughters fight.”


She had already admitted that she had started Ragnarok in other neighbourhoods, so the Chief God couldn’t rest at ease. Sure, looking at other places’ chaos was fun, but not when it happening to his own!


“Then I can’t play XOL!(1)


A single great game was stopping the gods from going to war.


Meanwhile, in the witness’ seat, the Demon King stood up and said,


“Raelle is right. But that was because we ganged up on her, and it was Raelle’s turn to get ganked.”

“Don’t make me laugh! My daughter would… never?”


Maybe if it was a normal day, but looking on her daughter who had changed so much over this single day alone, Raelle couldn’t help but trail off at the end.


“Hm… I can’t pretend I don’t know my mom…”

“R, right?”


Sermir looked at Raelle, smiling brightly, and said,


“That’s the case, but of course, looking after my believers…”

“D, don’t, my daughter! God or not, you don’t need to look after that!”


Looking on at the flustered flailing Raelle, the Chief God said,


“Look at my daughter’s mentality. The God of Light just told the god of the greatest religion to not look after her believers…”

“Damn. A. Ma. Zing. She just denied the duty of a god in front of the Chief God.”


The Demon King looked on at Raelle, who was all jittering, and the corner of his mouth rose up.


“As Sermir’s devout follower, it is a matter of fact that I receive her protection.”

“Don’t make me laugh, my daughter… Sermir… Is on my side!”


Looking on at Raelle who shouted pitifully while shivering in her shoes, Sermir’s expression hardened, and leered at the demon king.


“That’s true, I’m still Mom’s…”

“Sob.. My daughter…”


Crying a bit, Raelle looked on her daughter. Yes, her daughter was truly on her side!


‘Mom’s going to be good to you. From now on, I won’t yell at you, I’ll treat you well!’


It was just when Raelle was making that resolution.




At the Demon King’s words, Sermir’s face did a complete 180 and she said,


“What’s the terms?”

“D, daughter?”


“How about I send a Demon King over to the human world and stir up a show? After all the strong ones fall, Sermir is going to be a hero who beautifully finishes it off!”

“Send who?”

“Destruction? Strife? After I send one over, I can always unsummon him once the show plays out.”





Looking on at Sermir and the Demon King’s deal, Raelle thumped the table and stood up.


“They are negotiating with each other in the sacred court of law! Your Honour!”


Looking on at Raelle’s desparate face, the Goddess replied,


“Then, you just need to make a counter-offer?”


“Sorry, even I find them scary. Just do something for them.”



Ignoring the ranks of gods, looking on at the figures below her, and the disgusting smug smiles of the Demon King and the Demon God beside him. Raelle grit her teeth, but she couldn’t do anything about it.


“Th, then I shall directly bless your…”

“You can’t do that, you know we can’t directly interfere with the human world?”

“Th, then… Ah! I’ll declare you my oldest daughter!”

“I’m the oldest to begin with.”

“Th, then!”


Raelle thought. And she realized.


‘What would my daughter like the most!’


Raelle pointed at the one beside the one beside Raelle herself, i.e. the one beside Sermir, the Pope, and said,


“Him, I can get rid of for you.”



Having been thrown into the fire all of a sudden, the Pope looked up at Raelle with a shocked expression.


“Wh, what’s this! I, I, as Sermir’s believer…”


“Ha! As my daughter’s believer, you’re blocking her path!”

“What are you saying! Where would you find a believer like me! Praying for ten minutes every hour, spreading her teachings to the masses!”


At the Pope’s dignified words, Sermir sighed and said,


“Every ten minutes, whining about why the Pope can’t marry and whether I can’t load him up with blessings. Sure, he’s the one backing me as the biggest follower, but like that hero over there, with a simple threat, backstabbing and betrayal…”

“So my daughter’s biggest problem was you! In the name of justice, you shall not be forgiven!(2)


At those confident words, the Pope looked around him, shocked.


“Hm… If it’s that, then it just might…”


At the hero’s calm words and Sermir’s cold gaze, the Pope turned sheet-white and yelled,


“L, Lady Sermir! Will you abandon your believers!”

“Sometimes, you have to make some sacrifices for the better good.”

“Wh, what’s the sacrifice and what’s the better good!”

“Of course, I’m the better good. The Pope’s the sacrifice.”

“K, keeping your believers safe is one of the gods’ duties…”

“If my mom tells me otherwise, that duty can be probably be rescinded?”


At Sermir’s progressively more serene words, the Pope’s expression became worse and worse. Then.




“Lady Sermir!”

“Oh ho!”


With a fire in his eyes,  the Demon King turned to Sermir, and at his determined expression, the Pope held on to one last strand of hope and looked to the Demon King.


And the Demon King said,


“Threats, plots, murder, and evidence destruction is a specialist of demons! I can deal with it much more cleanly and simply than Raelle!”

“Wuuuuoooooo! The first thing I will order when I get back is a Demon King hunt!”


The Pope & Demon alliance which was held together by some odd relationship finally shattered!

As if there was nothing more to be said, the Demon King ignored the Pope and continued,


“Send over a Demon King and invade the middle worlds! After that, the Pope makes a valiant sacrifice to stop the revival of the Demon King, and saddened by her follower’s death, Sermir bestows her power onto a hero, slays the Demon King, and praises you to the high heavens! Lady Sermir gets rid of an annoyance, the hero does her job as a hero, and the Demon King sent to the human world gets to lessen his debt! I get to play around thanks to the hero! The Demon God gets to be the big sister! This is truly five for the price of one! You’ll never find a better deal than this!”


At the Demon King’s words, Sermir’s eyes brightened and she yelled,


“That’s it!”

“Not it!”

“That’s not iiiit!”


Raelle and the Pope hastily shouted, but as the Demon King of Economy,  the Demon King had only uttered the truth of the world.


“Majority rules! The opinions of the minority shall be ignored!”

“Respect the opinions of the minorities!”

“Ignored anyway, there’s no need to respect it!”

“Respect it!”

“Then, respected and overruled!”



Looking at Raelle and the Demon King’s exhaustive grand argument, the Goddess muttered,


“This trial, as well, chaos.”

“The results was going to be a mess anyway.”


The Goddess let out a deep sigh and hammered the gavel.


Bang! Bang!


“Stop! I shall conclude this here!”


Making an aggrieved face, Raelle faced the Goddess.



“You said I wasn’t your mom earlier!”


The Goddess yelled, but Raelle was stubborn.


“I’ll admit you’re my mom so help me!”



When the Demon God saw the Goddess was actually considering it, she quickly yelled,


“Mom! Then, I’m not going to see you ever again! I’m going to run away from home! I’m gonna be delinquent!”


At those words, the Chief God made a surprised expression and said,


“Hold on a sec, I made you, and the Creator of this world is me? And I never married this girl to begin with?”


But the response was icy.


“You can shut up!”

“Sob… You, they say… My kids have changed… Calling your father ‘you’…”


Depressed Chief God again. But the Goddess looked at the Chief God pitifully, cleared her throat and said,


“Hm hm… Deciding who is the bigger and younger sister is a difficult task. So the verdict is…”


The Goddess looked at Raelle and the Demon God’s fiery eyes, and turned her attention to the hero.




The hero that had been quietly watching this fucked up trial suddenly found herself the centre of attention, and she tilted her head.


‘What’s this?’


What do you mean, what, I said this in the Q&A as well.




We’re trolling you.


As if she had heard something that shouldn’t have, the hero’s face turned white, and the goddess’ lips curled upwards.


“Fufufu… And thus the source of all this madness… This shall be decided with the case of the Hero and Demon King!”


And thus the last trial began.




Author’s Notes:



A simple chart showing the changes in power. (TLN: Where > means greater than)


Beginning: Chief God >>>>> Unpassable wall >>> Raelle, Demon God >>>> Demon King, Pope, hero >>>>> Sermir

Beginning 2: Chief God >>>> Unpassable wall >>>> Raelle, Demon God >>>> Demon King, Pope, hero >>>> Unpassable wall >>>> easybeat god

Beginning 3: Chief God >>>> Unpassable wall >>>> Demon God >>>> Raelle >>>> Demon King, Pope, hero >>>> Unpassable wall >>>> easybeat god

Midgame 1: Chief God >>>> Unpassable wall >>>> Raelle/DK/Pope/Hero/Sermir alliance >>>> Demon God

Midgame 2: Chief God >>>> Unpassable wall >>>> Demon God >>>> DK/Pope/Hero/Sermir alliance >>>> Raelle

Midgame 3: Chief God, Demon king >>>> everyone else

Endgame: Everyone else >>>> unpassable wall >>>> Chief God, Demon King


======Sermir’s Retaliation======


Endgame 2: Sermir >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Unpassable wall >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chief God >>>> Everyone else

Endgame 3: Sermir >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Unpassable wall >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Goddess >>>> Everyone else >>>>>>>>> Chief God


Also. Oi kids. In the story’s time, not even a single day’s passed. The gods stopped time. yy. Still the first day since they arrived in the capital.



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Translator’s Notes:


(1) Lol or League of Legends again. Kind of a recurring joke by now.

(2) I have a feeling this is a Sailor Moon reference, but I’m too young for it to have been on air in my country.


ED: Hi, I’m back~!

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