DK&H Chapter 8-3

Demon King & Hero Chapter 8-3: Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.


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Ed: Isleidir

TLN: Those of you who couldn’t make heads or tails of last chapter: throw Common Sense-chan out the window, you won’t be needing her anymore.




“The trial shall now commence!”


At the goddess’ words, Raelle, Sermir and the Pope who were sitting on her left, as well as the hero and the demon king on her right all stood up and yelled,


“What’s with this development all of a sudden!”


At those words, the Chief God beside the goddess made an expression as if he didn’t fully understand what was going on either, and said,


“I know, right? What’s this? Prosecutor? Defendant?”

“Fufufu, this is something that’s been popular in my neighbourhood lately. The famous line being ‘If you talk, you die, and everyone that’s listened to you will die.’(1)

“Ah, I think I’ve heard that one. But with this combination, I think anything beyond a 1v1 will probably be a loss, killing everyone that heard you, isn’t that impossible?”

“Let’s not sweat over the fine details.”


Shrugging her shoulders the goddess looked over everyone and confidently shouted,


“Now, let the trial commence! The first one to explain themselves will be.”


At those words Raelle and the demon god yelled at the same time.






And thus in the first trial, the defendant was the goddess.




“I’m innocent! I’ve done nothing!”


As the goddess yelled with an aggrieved expression from the defendant’s seat, Raelle yelled,


“Guilty or not, explain yourself! How are you our mother?!”

“Yeah, how is another dimension’s Chief God our mother?! Explain yourself!”


At Raelle and the demon god’s words, with an “Ah!” the goddess punched her palm and said,


“Oh, nothing much. I was watching from the side when you were born.”

“”Was that the reason!””

“Hm… To be exact, since I was the one that created you, that would make me your mother…”

“”That’s disgusting!””


The Chief God was about to say something when his two daughters’ words stabbed him in the heart, and he retreated to a corner and started drawing circles, muttering,


“Sob… My daughters are scary… They’re in puberty now… They weren’t like that in the past…”


Looking on at such a Chief God, the demon king in the spectator seats said,


“The demon god was always like that though.”

“Before that, the Chief God’s mentality seems to be a bit weak.”

“No, it’s just that the hero’s mentality’s too strong. Well, although I hear that kind of thing from Mom every day.”

“Hoho, but why are we watching from the side lines?”

“That aside, I think we’re drifting off from our roles as main characters. The title’s Demon King & Hero, but to think that the demon king and hero are spectators.”

“Tell me about it. The gods are throwing tantrums, gods are throwing one-liners everywhere. What is the title, God & God or something?”


Ignoring those spectators.


“”Don’t ignore us!””


Meanwhile, the demon god and Raelle were questioning the goddess.


“”We were skipped, ignored!””


The goddess had a grim expression on her face.


“That was the case… I wasn’t the mother.”

“What, is it really that surprising?”

“Surely you have gods beneath you as well.”


At Raelle and the demon god’s words, the goddess let out a bitter laugh and said,


“No, our world doesn’t have separate gods.”


“Oh my…”


Looking at the goddess’ face that carried hints of isolation and loneliness, Raelle and the demon god thought.


If what their Dad said was right, then that goddess had existed for several times the length of their own dimension.


Meaning that she’s spent at least a few hundred thousand years living by herself. Even for a god that was…


“I’m sorry…”



The goddess drew her arms around the solemn Raelle and demon god and said,


“No, it’s alright.”



A sweet atmosphere. Looking on at such a mood, the hero said,


“There’s no way that’s going to stay sweet.”



As soon as the demon king’s mouth closed, the goddess opened hers.


“Yes, I… I’m your father!”

“”Was that it!””

“Yes, I was watching your birth with gleaming eyes. Yes, I’m the dad! Namely I’m your father!(2)

“No, what about things like a god’s isolation, or loneliness?”

“Hm? Why would I feel such things? It’s such a fun world, especially with computers and smartphones. Gates and Jobs, if they were gods, they’d probably better than me at it.”

“Even so! What about before those things were invented!”

“I hung out next door. Started things like Ragnarok out of boredom.”

“”Don’t throw other worlds into dimensional wars!””

“Then this trial ends with the conclusion that I’m your father…”

“Don’t end it there!”


Their discussion only ended after another thirty whole minutes.




Author’s Note:


Trial Round 1 end. Everyone’s hands and feet will make their exit in round three.



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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Reference to the famous line of the villain from the K-drama “I can hear your voice.” Aired in 2013.

(2) The last ‘I’m your father’ originally in English.


TLN: So, in the words of a certain Princess Shrine Maiden… Anyone need their restoratives yet?

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