DK&H Chapter 8-2

Demon King & Hero Chapter 8-2: Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.


TL: Eevee

Ed: Isleidir




‘What’s this?’


At that moment, the hero knew she was weird.

When she first saw the demon king, she was so tense her breath caught in her throat.

When the demon king said he quit, she wondered if such things could actually happen.

When the demon king was kidnapped, when that boobed demon king called Aya came up, when the demon king made a covenant, she was horrified.

And when the figures unknown to the commons, the real owner of the worlds, the demon god and god of light met with her, she thought everything had come to a peak! But now.


‘Oh, that’s the case then. She’s the Chief God of the next neighbourhood.’


Just that. The woman in front of her was just, the Chief Goddess that lived in the next neighbourhood. Creating the heavens and life? And the worship that it afforded?


‘… I think I’m not going to be able to believe in gods.’


Thinking as such, the hero nodded.


“… Look at that hero’s mentality.”

“Damn. A. Ma. Zing. She just denied gods in front of the Chief God.”


As the two Chief Gods made a blank face on reading the hero’s thoughts, the demon god and Raelle, whose faces were also equally blank until then, shouted,


“Wait what do you mean, next neighbourhood! That’s another dimension entirely!”

“Yeah! If we want to go to the human world, you put all sorts of restrictions on us, but you’re allowed to come and go between dimensions?”


At their yells, the Chief God calmly replied,


“Yep, we can.”




“I’m the Chief God. I’m a Creator, you know? And besides, I’m going over to her place every day to have fun.”



“Well, if you have any problems, you be a Chief God.”


Raelle and Nielle’s faces turned blank again. As the two of them turned to the goddess, she smiled and said,


“Oh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“B-been a while?”

“Have we met before?”


Looking at Raelle and the demon gods who had their heads slightly tilted, the goddess smiled and said,


“Yep! Of course, because I’m your mother.”

“Wh, whaaaaat!”



Interrupting the horrified two goddesses, the Chief God looked the goddess and said,


“Hold up, let’s decide on proper titles. I’m the Chief God so that’s out; they’re both female-type gods, so you’re all goddesses.”

“”Why are you deciding on titles all of a sudden after that bomb?””

“What should it be… God’s will?”

“”What do you mean, God’s will?! No, there’s more gods than humans here right now, you know?!””

“Hmmm… Then what should I do… The world’s will, the author’s thoughts…”

“”World’s will?! Wait, shelf that last one for your own brain!””


At Raelle and the demon god’s tackle, the goddess made a serious expression and nodded.


“What should it be? The pure and innocent woman? The flawless beauty under the heavens?”

“No, that’s too long… Think about the person that has to type that all out every time it’s said.”

“Hm… But you can just chew through the kbs(1) then. Might actually like that?”

“”Is this the time to be worrying about that?! No, that back part! Something’s dangerous!””


Okay then, simply the goddess of drama, Goddess Kim for short.


“No! For that matter, what’s the goddess of drama have anything to do with Goddess Kim!”

“Who are you talking to?”

“”The God’s will! Evil incarnate, the source of all evil!””


As these nonsensical declarations were being exchanged back and forth, two humans, one god, and one demon king were quietly whispering in a corner.


“What’s this? It’s scary.”

“… I wanna go back to heaven.”

“Hero, let’s gap it.”

“Ok, on the count of three, run for the window.”


Looking at the scrapping Supreme Gods and the creators above them, the four nodded. How would you put it? It felt like if they stayed any longer, something truly fiendish would appear. Thinking that, they charged at the windows.


“”””Emergency escape!””””




With the sounds of breaking glass, the four… Came back inside the room.


“Fufufu… Trying to run.”

“What do you think I came all this way for? Fufufufu.”


The two smirking creators said together.


“You can enter freely.”

“But not necessarily exit the same.”


Of the four that were quivering in fear, the hero and demon king yelled at the same time.


“”This is our house! You’re the one that came in on your own!””


And so the story went to its conclusion.




Let’s ignore everyone else.




Author’s Notes


Transcending the reader, the author that interacts with characters.

The author’s favourite is comments (TLN: Note, also applies for translators.)

But everything’s been reorganised so what’s what…


Warning, your hands and feet may be at risk from this point onwards.


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Translator’s Notes:

(1) On Joara, where this was originally published, rather than word count, chapters are basically measured by the number of kilobites (kb) that it takes up. For comparison, 1 character takes up 1kb in a file. So a 10kb chapter would be approximately 10000 characters, give or take. Actually, I don’t know whether they measure it in kilobites or kilobytes (kB)



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