DK&H Chapter 8-1

Demon King & Hero Chapter 8-1: Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.

TL: Eevee

Ed: Isleidir

Translator’s pre-chapter note: So this is the eighth main chapter of Demon King & Hero, but in the middle of it is an author’s Q&A section as well as a side story. The Q&A I might not translate, depending on whether you, the readers, want it or not. It’s nothing important, just the author discussing his plans around the time it was published. More importantly, the side story. That I will definitely translate, but it contains spoilers for the only main pairing. So do you guys want it in the middle of Chapter 8, where the author originally published it in, or do you want it after Chapter 9, the last chapter. If you don’t comment, I won’t know how you want it. Also, there was a Lunar New Year special chapter in the middle of Chapter 8 but it contains spoilers =.= Oh yeah, happy Lunar New Year!

TLN2: This was originally translated before Q&A 1.




Chapter 8 – Who are you? Me? A goddess from the next neighbourhood.


After everyone passed their period of shock and horror, everyone resumed acting as if that time had never existed, looked at the Chief God and shouted,


“So, who’s the big sister?”

“Of course it’s me, you little bitch. Right, Dad?”


Looking at Raelle and the demon god who were taking pains to deliberately avoid looking at Sermir, the Chief God let them off by the grace of God.


“Hm… (Quick look at Sermir) Since they took Nielle’s side… Raelle would probably lose?”

“N-no way! No, seriously, I’m still the goddess of light? The hero’s on my side! And… (Quick look at Sermir) Hmm… My, my daughter’s… on my side as well?”


At the look in Sermir’s eyes, who was happily smiling in her direction, Raelle turned her head around and stammered her last lines.


‘I’m not going to get sassy with her from now on.’


‘…This isn’t? What’s..? I think I chose the wrong faith.’


The Pope, hero and demon king that were looking on all reflected on their previous actions.


‘Dad, you’re scared, right? Sermir made you lose your nerve!’

‘No, it’s the first time in my life that I learned what goosebumps were. What is she, she’s scary. Be honest, Nielle, weren’t you scared as well?’

‘Hm… The kid I knew wasn’t like that… Even though she was strong as a heavenly emperor she was so damn innocent that she was only a mid-tier heavenly king… It’s all because that bitch Raelle didn’t raise her properly!’

‘What? If you’re putting it like that, it’s because you raised your kid wrong that everything went to chaos!’

‘We’re not family! He’s not my child! Have you ever seen a child threaten his parents? If that little shit’s at a disadvantage, he’d even sell me out!’

‘Manage your staff properly!’

‘He’s under your management now! You try!’


At this mood which was about to dissolve back to bean flour again, the Chief God used his last resort.


[Open, GOD TALK!(1)]


[Chief God L●lbba(2) has joined the channel.] [Chief God L●lbba] Someone pls help

[Chief God Kim] I’m busy. Watching the kids go on with their Ragnarok.

[I’m a God] Dafuq, still not over?

[Chief God Kim] yy. The humans siding with the demon god made a chimera and took the advantage again. It’s fun.

[I’m a God] Waow, at our place a single hero just swept through everything so it ended quickly.

[Now a Patient] Ah, f- don’t talk to me about heroes right now. The one in my place tried to cut me as well. Nearly got rekt.

[Chief God Kim] Oh, I heard you got the hero with max level Heart Blade? Then again, for not having magic, your place is the best with swords. If a few of your murim(3) kids came over, our local swordsmasters would probably get wrecked right down to their souls.

[Chief God L●lbba] Oh f- Help me guys. Don’t go off on a tangent.

[Now a Patient] What, did your place get a Heart Blade user? Have fun.

[Chief God L●lbba] No, I have one, but that’s not the problem.

[Chief God Kim] But your place has the clergy on top. But a Heart Blade user as well?

[Chief God L●lbba] yy. The hero got pissed so used Heart Blade. Early stages so I didn’t die but it hurt.

[Now a Patient] So what’s the problem?

[Chief God L●lbba] You know I’ve got two daughters.

[Chief God Kim] Eh? Wasn’t it one boy one girl?

[Chief God L●lbba] The one that’s the demon god decided to go back to being a woman. But started fighting again about who’s the big sister.

[Dramalover has joined the channel.] [Dramalover] What’s going on?

[Chief God Kim] Lolbba broke his back in his daughters’ fight.

[Chief God L●lbba] No, my daughters are the same as ever so I don’t really care, but the others are scary. Really scary. The world’s going crazy.

[Now a Patient] The one going mad is my place. The Chief God got knifed by a human and nearly died, you know?

[Dramalover] Oi, make sure that thing can’t cross dimensions. I’ve got no one in my place that can handle that.

[Chief God Kim] yy. Plus, my place is in the middle of Ragnarok. Absolutely mustn’t crossover. That’s a balance breaker.

[Chief God L●lbba] Oh, for- don’t stray off again. Long story short, the money-counting demon king got summoned to the human world, but this lil’ shit decided to quit being a demon king and decided to be a farmer. So the hero came along, but the demon king is a hero lover so fell in love at first sight. You all know Raelle, right? My daughter that’s responsible for being the god of light. She’s got a kid called Sermir, and that demon king made a covenant with her.

[Chief God Kim] Dafuq lolololololol hory shet. Better than Ragnarok.

[Dramalover] lolololololololololololol Not even my place’s soap operas are on that level lolololol

[Now a Patient] Damn it, if it wasn’t for this damn hero I’d so go over to watch

[Chief God L●lbba] But that kid made a covenant so my daughters flipped. Both came to the human world. But twists after twists. I don’t even, it’s scary. Why is the world I made like this. The mind games are unreal.

[Chief God Kim] So why’s it hell? What do you need help with?

[Chief God L●lbba] Come over to my place and decide who the big sister is. I’m scared.

[Now a Patient] soz. Need to look out for the hero.

[Chief God Kim] nono from me as well. In the middle of Ragnarok.

[Chief God L●lbba] Guys pls.

[Dramalover] Eh? Want me to come? If it’s Raelle and Nielle and not some other kids.

[Chief God L●lbba] Pls come. Save me.

[Dramalover] Hiiing, you’ve only got me, right?

[Chief God L●lbba] yy. Help me sis. When we go over, let’s go together and play some Lol.

[Dramalover] Ha? You didn’t know? Lol’s under maintenance.

[Chief God L●lbba] Oh wow….

[Dramalover] Haha. I’m heading over now.


[Dramalover has left the channel.] [Chief God L●lbba has left the channel.]


The Chief God looked at the people staring blankly at him, or to be accurate, the space behind him, and smiled.


“Oh, you arrived?”

“yy arrived.”(4)


Said the woman behind him, looking as if she contained the entire beauty of the world.


“Wh, who are you?”


And to the question of the hero who represented everyone’s uncertainty, the woman poked her tongue out slightly and cutely said,


“Me? The goddess from the next neighbourhood.”




Author’s Note:


The judge has arrived.

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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Capitals originally in English.

(2) Lol or League of Legends. -bba suffix is slang abbreviation for -lover

(3) A society of martial artists, common in martial arts stories. Effectively, the Korean martial arts equivalent to xianxia Cultivators and their various societies and clans.

(4) Yep, she’s speaking in text language.

Cue the WTF.
6th edit: WordPress wtf is wrong with your line breaks between square brackets
11th edit: FTS I’m done. Leaving it as is.

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