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Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-9: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


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Thirty minutes after Yuria had become enlightened to the mysteries of the world, the Chief God finally came round to the topic at hand.


“So that… Why’d you call me?”

“Hm… So. Lady Demon God and Raelle were picking a scrap with each other, and Raelle was losing.”

“Who was losing!”


Raelle yelled in response to the Demon King’s words, but the Chief God only made an indifferent face.


“Looked to me like Nielle was getting the worst of it?”


Unlike the Demon God that had been shaken up for a longer time, Raelle had yet to be properly targeted. So on the surface, it looked like the Demon God’s loss.


“We were all picking on her until just now.(1)

“Ho, so you openly admit to picking on her in front of her father?”

“Think of it as children’s insolence, grandfather.”

“Hm… Wasn’t the Demon World a highly stratified realistic social structure? In that case, I’m not your grandfather?”

“Hm, then think of it as a picketing union, President.”


At those words, the Chief God grinned and said,


“You little brat, I like you.”

“Thank you for thinking well of me, President.”

“Hm… Very good. What would be good for the company name?”

“What about Chief God Interprises Limited?”

“A listed company from the start?”

“Hm… How would we distribute the shares?”

“””””Hang on! What are you on about!(saying?!)”””””


At the remainder’s mass protest, the Chief God and Demon King muttered,


“”Tch. To think they wouldn’t understand this.””

“””””What do you mean, muttered! We can all still hear you!”””””


Maybe it was because their retorts had an effect, the Chief God and the Demon King both became serious.


“Alright then, so what?”

“Of course, it goes without saying that Raelle should hold Nielle as the big sister.”


He casually skipped the middle bits and went straight to the conclusion.


“””””Don’t skip out the reasoning! No one can understand what’s going on! How are you so easily skipping straight over this?!”””””

“Oh, Raelle’s kid. Sermir, was it? I’m still your granddad, you talking smack?”

“I know right, but even before that, the Pope and the hero was talking rudely right from the start?”

“Tch. I’m still the creator.”

“Please understand, kids nowadays…”

“””””Don’t turn back to pointless stuff! Before that, you two make the least sense out of all of us?!”””””

“Hm, but it looks like Raelle hasn’t admitted defeat?”

“By pure strength, she’s equal, but in terms of combat sense, the Demon God takes overwhelming victory. Plus, the one with similar power to the Demon God in the human world, her strength almost equal to a Demon Emperor, Sermir, as well as the Pope that can use a portion of her strength. Adding to that, the indomitable hero. All together, there’s no way Raelle can win.”


At the extremely natural countenance of the Demon King and Chief God’s serious expressions and words, all five muttered.


“””””I give up…”””””


The five were in despair. Even the living example of treachery, the Pope was in despair, they had no answer.


“What, over already?”

“Their mentality seems weak.”


At the Demon King’s last lines, all five felt something snap within their minds.


“Eh? I’m getting chills all of a sudden?”

“Huh? Why’s the Pope taken out the Divine Scepter? Sermir the Divine One’s Spear? Is Armageddon on or something?”

“Eh, Raelle, Nielle. Even if it’s a fight to determine the elder sibling, isn’t that the Spear of Light and Tethys’ Scythe.(2) Is the human world at risk of ruin?”

“Eh? Hero? What’s that? That’s not sword ki or a sword aura. Kinda opaque…”

“Oh, that. Heart Blade. Wow, I only ever saw that in the next neighbourhood. It looks like our place’s finally got someone that can use Heart Blade as well?”

“Is it that strong?”

“Yep. Very. It goes beyond willpower and cuts with the strength of the heart. That hurts even if I’m hit by it, you know? If that’s trained a bit further, you get kids going around that can even dice up creator gods.”

“It’s just our imagination in thinking that that Heart Blade’s aimed at us, isn’t it?”

“Hm? Now that I’m looking at it, aren’t the other kids’ weapons all aimed at us as well?”

“Hmm…. It’s just us, isn’t it?”

“Hmm… Surely, right?”


The awkwardly smiling Demon King and Chief God gradually stepped back, cold sweat running down their backs.


“””””Fu. Fu. Fu.””””””


At the same time, an evil, yet identical set of smiles formed on the faces of the three gods and two humans, and the same words came out of their mouths.


“””””You’re dead.”””””


That day, the Demon King received a grim reminder.


The terror brought about by the one always known as the pushover, Sermir, and her strength that could even face off against a Demon Emperor.


That day, the Chief God also received a grim reminder.


The terror of the Heart Blade, which even cleaved apart the next neighbourhood’s Demon God. The pain brought about by that lethal sword from the single desire to kill.


That day of 74824 Years Since Creation. The Chief God dubbed that day, Ragnarok.




Author’s Note:


What’s this, I feel that my mentality’s dying the more I write.


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Translator’s Notes:


(1) Original raws used a slang which literally abbreviated to ‘digging holes together’ – i.e. ganging up on her.

(2) Tethys: Titan daughter of Uranus and Gaia, eventual wife of her brother Oceanus and by him the mother of the river gods and the Oceanids. Nothing to with death or scythes.

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