DK&H Chapter 7-8

Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-8: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


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Masculine, yet feminine.

Childish, yet mature.

Sophisticated, yet plain.


That Chief God stared at the Demon King and spoke.


“What kind of idiotic pose is that.”

“…Well I was calling the Chief God, so I need to look my best.”

“Eh? What are you saying? Nielle was the one that called for me.”


At those words, all eyes turned to the Demon God.


“D-dad. It’s true that I was the one that called, but the one pretending to have called is that kid.”

“D, didn’t you call him with the Scales of the Chief God?”


At Sermir’s words, both the hero and the Pope nodded and looked up at the Chief God. But, his next words shocked them both.


“Ha? What’s the Scales of the Chief God?”

“Hmmm… So Dad, the initial setting was [an oath sworn on the Scales of the Chief God must be kept, if not, then the Chief God would see to it himself that the oath was kept, a legendary item that even the two greatest gods the Divine God and Demon God couldn’t escape.] That sort of thing.”

“Hm…. Did I make that?”

“Un. Just that you said you couldn’t be bothered with it and handed the rights over to us.”


At the Chief God and Demon God’s conversation, the Pope, Sermir, the hero and Demon King all exchanged eye contact.


‘Goddess, this is…’

‘You know. Our house is pure bean flour…’

‘…Oi, so I didn’t have to keep it to begin with? I’ve been had?’

‘Oi, oi… The setting, at least, is real, you know?? Just that the Chief God forgot about it.’

‘The fff…’


Whether the Chief God knew of this conversation or not, with a stern expression, he faced them all again.


“Hm… Yes, I think there was that sort of thing. I think I made a few of those things out of boredom? Things like a sword cursed with evil, a necklace to make you popular with women, or a god-slaying weapon that could even kill the Demon God or God of Light.”

“Wait, wasn’t there a weapon just now that could threaten us?”

“Oh, it’s okay. One of the usage requirements is that you need to possess the Mystic Eyes of ***** Perception(1).”

“”Hang on, isn’t the person that fits that description dangerous on their own?””

“Then again, even you lot, against Shi**…(2)

“”Stop! That declaration is even more dangerous!””


At the Gods’ comments that even crossed dimensions(?), the others just kept minding their own business and continued to exchange looks.


‘What’s this Mystic Eyes of ***** Perception?’

‘I don’t know. I don’t want to know. It feels scary for some reason.’

‘Ah… Our family’s ruined… Even the Chief God’s the same…’

‘…A necklace that can make you popular with women?!’

‘Wait, aren’t you the Pope?!’

‘Even the Pope is a man!’

‘I absolutely forbid marriage!’

‘Ho ho… Just because the Goddess doesn’t have a lover, doesn’t mean their followers shouldn’t too…’

‘Gods don’t marry to begin with!’

‘Eh, we do in the Demon World.’

‘Ho ho… A new covenant right now seems…’

‘C, conversion! The Pope is converting! His belief is too weak!’


With an empty expression, the hero turned her head around.


“It’s alright. What, it won’t break into any more than 17 pieces, now can it?”

“It is a big problem!”


She could see the creators of the world still arguing over that Mystic **** of **** Perception or whatever, seventeen fragments or something.




As she turned her head the other way with her blank expression.


‘Goddess, at this opportunity, surely we should open ourselves to the culture of the Demon World…’

‘No, if the heavens accept the Demon World’s culture, we’re all going to fall! We’re going to get dragged off to the courts!’

‘What’s wrong with our culture? It’s fair, it’s practical!’


And on that side, the greatest influences of their respective worlds, the Demon King, the Goddess, and the leader of the greatest human religion were holding an intense debate with their eyes alone.


“……… Just what happened to make everything like this?”


The hero turned her dead eyes up to the sky and muttered.


‘What, was it the converted Demon King? The Pope that carried it out? No, was it because I originally went to find him? No… This world was a mess to begin with.’


Having finally reached enlightenment, the hero took a glance back at the tofu-firm family, and from her lips came out the world’s truth, unknown to the world’s most prominent philosophers.


“Everything’s fucked up.”




Author’s Note:


A release yesterday and again today, were you surprised?

I was amazed by the amount I wrote as well. I wrote more than I thought I did.

I was going to write longer but all I had left was bullshit jokes so I took it out.



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Translator’s Notes:


(1) Presumably, the Mystical Eyes of Death Perception from the Nasuverse. No clue if it’s right or not.

(2) From the comments of the raws, I have reason to hypothesize that this refers to Shiki Tohno, the main character of Tsukihime (Nasuverse again). Again, I have no idea if it’s right or not. Edit: Both references confirmed correct by the comments. Thanks guys. (*•ᴗ•*)و ̑̑


E/N: This chapter was late because of me. My apologies.

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