DK&H Chapter 7-7

Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-7: Haaaah… I don’t even know.

TL: Eevee
Ed: adkfi

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Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-7: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji




“Hah, hah, ha…”

“Fufufu, go on, call me big sister.”

“Shut up! Someone like you!”


The Demon God closed her eyes, spitting out those words with venom.


“After all, you called me big sister before, didn’t you? Fufu… It’ll be easier if you just give up.”



Gnashing her teeth, the Demon God faced forward.


Of course, her target was the Demon King.


“You little brat! How much have I doted on you, how much have I protected you!”


The Demon King calmly replied,


“Indeed. You doted on me.  You protected me. That’s a matter of course. I worked that much, and you didn’t even pay me?”

“That should be natural for a Demon King! You ruled with the powers of a demon king because of that!”

“Ruled, my ass! While the other demon kings were out having fun, I was the only one sitting in a corner of a room like a pain in the ass, sorting out the finances!”

“I gave you a massive living block, minions, free food and lodging! How about that!”

“That so called massive house I never had time to go in, and I never had time for food or sleep because I was working! Combine all the work the other demon kings do, see if they can even come close to mine!”

“Kuk… So this is what they mean when they say raising kids is a thankless effort…”


“Why are you playing heaven? We’re not a familial society like the heavens. Our society, one of distinctly stratified statuses, built on the bitterness of reality.”

“Then, accept your stratified position and get work!”

“I handed in my resignation so I don’t care!”

“I never received your resignation!”

“Now, now, enough with the comedy routine.”


Raelle, who had a smile that looked evil to whoever you asked, shouted


“Now return to your big sister’s embrace, Nielle!”



With a face of despair, the Demon God mumbled,


“I’m screwed…”

“You still have a chance…”


The Demon King muttered beside the Demon God.



“How about it?”



At the Demon King’s unexpected words, Raelle shouted in a panic, but the Demon King continued to talk.


“Hm… Recognize the relationship between the hero and I, grant me justified compensation for the work I do, a guaranteed knock-off time and a five day working week! If you can do this, then I can make you Raelle’s big sister.”


“N, no! Eek! Get that Demon King!”


At this unexpected twist, Raelle looked behind her and shouted.



“Hoho, helping the weak is the will of the goddess. How could I attack an injured woman?”


The Pope, who had been conquered by Yuria’s sword at his throat, said as much with a solemn voice completely unbefitting of his situation.


“Ha, has the hero betrayed me, the Goddess of Light!”


But unlike what his expression suggested, the Pope knew very well that lies and betrayal happened as easily as eating rice. But how did the hero, who had both her blessing and her daughter’s, betray her!


“Sorry. Scales of the Chief God and all…”

“I told you I can break that?”

“Then, please do so.”

“Urgh… Right now that’s…”


After she said that, looking at Yuria who had her mouth shut, she realized that she was in an extremely poor position, and looked to her only hope.


“Da, daughter!”


With a peaceful expression, Sermir looked down on Raelle who was earnestly calling her name and said,


“Like my follower has spoken, how could I attack the injured? Gods must lead by example and are existences that must follow their own scripture!”

“Be, betrayal! Your mother didn’t raise you like this!”

“You totally did!”


In the instaneously turned scenario, with a look as if she was selling her soul to the devil, she turned to the Demon King.


“So, does that mean I become the big sister?”

“Of course. Deal?”


The Demon God closed her eyes for a brief moment.


‘Losing means going to the dogs anyway… And it’s not like I pay the others a wage either? Hm… If this Demon King brat doesn’t come over, there’s no one that will work anyway, so even five days a week…’


Having sorted out her thoughts, her eyes snapped open and she yelled,



“Iieeet! Do you think you’ll win so easily!”


At Raelle’s bitter shriek, the Demon God laughed and said,


“Fufufu… Naturally not. If we keep going like this, we’ll end up going at each other for real, then even we stand to lost a lot.”

“Oi, you know it and still laugh like that disgustingly?”

“But… what if the Chief God took an interest in this?”






“N, no!”


At Yuria and the Pope’s actions, as well as the Demon God and Raelle’s actions, Sermir sweatdropped and mumbled,


“Um… Isn’t that already past it’s fad period…”


But as if he didn’t even care, the Demon King raised the Scales from somewhere and shouted,


“Lord. Chief. God. Summon!”


At that moment, the world froze.




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  3. The story of an overworked government employee that tricks a hero to fall in love with him and involves the most powerful gods just to get the right to date and have decent work hours?
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