DK&H Chapter 7-6

Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-6: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


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The Demon God hurriedly ducked, and a blue sword arc swept over her head.

Normally, she would have just taken it while laughing, but at the moment of impact, a god’s blessing had been bestowed upon it, allowing it to potentially do critical damage.


“Light Spear!”

“Ah, that bastard!”


But no sooner than she dodged, she was immediately thrown into a new dangerous situation by the Light Spear, and she glared at the Pope.


“What kind of old Pope is this strong!”


For someone selling out his god at his own leisure, he was stupidly strong. Each and every one of his attacks was also loaded with the Godddess’ blessings.


“Do you have no pride! Giving that strength to this kind of man!”


At the Demon God’s words, Sermir had a bitter expression.


“Unlike the Demon God, according the will of the Chief God, our power and abilities depend on the number of believers we have.” (E/N: I almost corrected believers to beliebers omg TLN: WTF addy)

“What’s that got to do with this!”

“I happen to be the most worshipped God among the humans… And he’s the Pope.”

“Well I know that you lot are the strongest among the gods! So why the hell is that old man so overpowered as well!”


Even at the continuous attacks, the Demon God felt as if she was about to go mad with curiosity. Sermir only had a forlorn expression as she explained.


“…It’s an automatic allocation! They automatically get part of my powers with proportional to their belief!”

“That fellow’s belief is that great?!”

“Hoho, My faith in Sermir is higher than the skies and more vast than the oceans.”

“…If he thinks that he has the capability to really believe it…”


The Demon God had heard this before, of people who are able to control even their own minds and beliefs at will.


“What, you mean to say this Pope is a fraudsteeeerrrrrrrrr!”


Whether the Demon God screamed or not, their attacks continued.


“That’s good! You’re doing great!”

“You fight as well!”


Having blockd a portion of the Demon God’s rage, Yuria yelled at the Demon King who was cheering from the backline.


“Oh ho, but still my old master! Although we now meet as enemies…”

“Bullshit! Whose fault do you think all this is!”


The Demon God yelled in her rage, but with an expression that said ‘is a dog barking somewhere?’ the Demon King only raised his right hand to pick his earhole.




How did this happen. In the Demon World, he was still kinda cute, but how had he fallen so. The Demon God would never have been able to imagine that this was all due to overwork-related stress.


“Fufufu… Now become this unni’s cute little sister!”

“Yeah right!”


The Demon King, who was watching the Goddess of Light + Hero + Pope + Goddess vs Demon God fight, had an evil smile creeping across his face.


‘Now then…’


He had been unable to anticipate the Demon God’s decision to abandon the Demon World, but that was alright.


He was shocked, true, but there were still opportunities.


‘A little bit more… Just a little bit more!


The Demon God, as expected was a Demon God.

She was still holding out against the combined attacks of the least battle-hardened but strongest Sermir, the fraudster Pope that could draw on Sermir’s power at will, and the combat specialist hero that would never fall short of the Pope.


‘But even she has her limits!’


If this had been the Demon World, no, even the heavens, then she wouldn’t have even needed to fear the attacks of the hero and the Pope, but this was the human world.

No matter how much she was nerfed, she was the Demon God that could obliterate the human world, but because she was so strong, her power reduction was also massive. Because of that, even the Pope-leeched goddess could, although not critically, still deal damage!


Added to that, was the hero, Yuria’s Sword Arts was testament to her willpower.

According to the ancient records, there were stories of knights fighting freely even with broken legs, by sheer force of willpower. A strength that was the pure manifestation of willpower, Yuria’s sword ki infused Sword Arts could even inflict mental damage, and if a god’s strength was stacked on top of that, even the legendary Demon God would suffer massive  damage.


Although both the hero and the Pope were hesitanting at first of attacking a god, having realized that their attacks were effective, they continually launched offensive after offensive, and because of that, the Demon God was gradually losing ground.


‘Just a bit more…’


Just a bit more. Then, the right timing would appear. With those thoughts, the Demon King shouted,


“Go my hero!”

“Who’s your hero!”

“Who else?”


Having only barely dodged one of the Demon God’s attacks with Sermir’s help, Yuria yelled, closing in near the Demon King.





Yuria snapped at the Demon King’s quiet reply, but to the Demon King’s next whispers, she, too, lowered her voice.


‘Take it easy.’

‘Now what?’



‘We’re sticking with the Demon God.’

‘Why? We’re winning right now.’

‘The enemy is the Demon God! One of the greatest gods in existence. She’s only like that right now because she feels like she can take it, but when she feels truly pissed off and starts rampaging, all of us will probably die except for the Goddess of Light?’

‘Isn’t your mind going to be completely read?’

‘Heh, even if it looks like this, Sermir and I are equals. This is all calculated, you know?

‘This evil man…’

“Heh, you know that’s a compliment to a Demon King, right?”


Looking at the smirking Demon King’s face, Yuria sighed.


“To think that I’d be tangled up with this evil thing…”


But, Yuria didn’t notice. The evil smile on her own lips. Herself, that was already steeped in darkness.




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