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Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-5: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


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-The Demon King’s selling off the Demon World!


In that instant, the Goddess of Light, the pushover Goddess, the Pope and the hero all had the same thought.


“What do you mean a pushoverrr!”


Someone raged for a second there, but let’s ignore that.


“The Demon World… The Demon World…”


The Demon God’s face was also contorted in an odd expression.


“How about it? This much seems big enough for negotiations, isn’t it?”


As the Demon King smiled brightly, the Demon God eyeballed him with a gaze of pure anger.


“Yes… Although it is sufficient… The Demon World… Coming from a demon king that threw it aside?”


The Demon God was angry. The Demon World was her territory, a part of her.

Keeping the balance of the dimension the Demon World resided in, and fighting off the heavens to expand its territory, that was all she had done in her entire godly life.

But this Demon King, dared! And not even that, one that formed a covenant with that blasted Goddess of Light’s pushover daughter, he dared to put the Demon World on the negotiating table!


“I’m not a pushover goddess!”


It seemed like a heartfelt cry was heard from somewhere but of course, everyone ignored it.


“Hmm… Before I quit, I was a Demon King that governed the Demon World.”

“Rather than govern, weren’t you more of an office worker pushing pencils and paper?”


At those words, the Demon King smirked.


“The human world has this saying. You govern, but do not rule.”

“Is that so?”


So what? Was the message written out on the Demon God’s face, but the Demon King’s face only curved in a sinister smile befitting the Demon King that he was.


“But the Demon World is the other way round. You rule, but don’t govern. That’s exactly you, isn’t it, Demon God?”

“Hmmmm~ Well, that’s right.”

“But as you said before, not even gods can create something out of nothing.”

“Well, even we have our own rules to foll… You don’t mean?!”

“Ah, Ahhh!”


As the Demon God’s expression crumpled, at the same time, Sermir’s eyes widened, having just read the Demon King’s mind.


“Yep, that’s right. Maybe about a month from now? After that…”


The Demon God’s face contorted and Sermir’s horrified expressions. The Demon King looked at these with a smile fitting of his good looks, but to those whom it was aimed at, it was the face of pure evil.


“The Demon World’s finances would collapse.”


= = =


Govern, not rule.

Lead the people to create a better environment, but do not rule over them. A scholar’s words of an ideal monarchy. However, the Demon World was the complete opposite.


The demon kings rule over the demons, but they do not govern.


And by the strength supremacy ideology that the demons followed, this was their ideal environment.


But for gods, that meaning becomes slightly different.

They rule over their servants, but they cannot help them directly.

For example, in the case of heroes, gods can give them their blessings, but that doesn’t mean that they will always emerge superior over evil.


That was why they started off from weak minions and gradually worked their way up to the final boss.

God’s blessings and providence or not, there would simply be no way they would be able to beat the final boss at level one.


When it came to those that managed dimensions, the restrictions became even more severe. Because of that, the Demon God could only employ her subordinates, the Demon Emperor and the Demon Kings, and direct them to rule the Demon World as she wanted.


“But, it looks like I’ve been stabbed right in the back?”


She couldn’t read his thoughts, but the demon God knew very well that the Demon King’s words were not a bluff.


“No wonder. Even though Internal Affairs was in a state of emergency when you were gone, the Demon World went far too smoothly for these past few months.”

“But, that has it’s limits.”

“Was this planned as well?”


At the Demon God’s words, the Demon King tilted his head slightly.


“I told you. The humans summoned me. Well, in a nutshell, forced AWOL? The current system was made in case I collapsed from overwork. Of course, it would have its breaking point.”


Even the Demon World has the concept of currency. There were the odd demons that would rob someone in a back alley somewhere, but demons were intelligent beings as well, so there was more than ample economic activity generated in the Demon World.


“Hmmm… Say I was to refuse your offer?”

“Then, the current Demon World might return to primitive times?”


The Primitive Demon World.

The age where they suffered the most from the heavenly beings, where the concept of currency didn’t exist, and everything was settled by strength. Because of that, the demons had to struggle ferociously for their very existence, and the heavenly beings could comfortably pick off the destabilized demons.


“Oh, that sounds pretty good?”


At those words, Raelle smirked and the Demon God’s expression turned rotten.


Let it be said again, these two were siblings. But their relationship was disgustingly bad, and the superior of the two would receive the title of unni,(1) and the Demon God who was being continually pressured by Raelle at the time was forced to call her unni, and that age was the Demon God’s most disgraceful period of her history.

She actually even did the study of the human world she never did and created the concept of currency!


“So how about it, do we have a deal?”


Even in the face of the Demon God’s rotten expression, the Demon King only smiled and was grinding salt into the Demon God’s wounds.


‘Ahhh… Just what was I thinking when I made this pipsqueak into a demon king…’


This was bullshit. She just stuck on the mark of a demon king on some random out of sheer laziness, but to think that demon king would run away from home and now threatening her!”





As the Demon God ground her teeth, the Demon King made a face of victory, and leaked out an unpleasant smile.




When the word ‘deal’ came from the Demon God’s mouth, the Demon King turned to the hero with a very satisfied smile.


‘How’s that, did I do good?’

‘I don’t think I’ll live to my natural lifespan because of you…’


Looking at the Demon King’s ‘praise me’ face, the hero could only sigh. But, the Demon King had forgotten something.


Just how unruly, how short-tempered the Demon God was. And that was shown through actions.


“Deal… Is to be nothing of the sort!”


Flipping table, the Demon God yelled, and everyone’s eyes widened.


“Wha, what did you say?”


“There will be nothing like a deal! What, negotiations! The finances of the Demon World will collapse? Return to the times of the Primeval Demon World?”


With an expression that screamed ‘no quarter,’ she yelled down to the Demon King.


“Well then, let it collapse! Let it return to primeval times! So I’m worse off? So what do I care!”


The Demon God raised a white, delicate finger and pointed it at the Demon King.


“I think it would be much more fun to abandon the Demon World and screw you over?”


Having issued a **ck you(2) twice over at the flustered Demon King, the Demon God let out a bleak, chilling smile.


‘What should I do?’

‘You’re asking me!’


The flustered Demon King looked at the hero but would she have a solution just because she’s a hero?


“Then, are you prepared?”


Looking at the smiling Demon God who was limbering up her hands, the Demon King started creeping away with an awkward smile.


“Uh, ‘scuse me? Lady Demon God, can we talk about this?”

“Very funny.”

“Do you really not care about the Demon World?”

“Yep. It’s mine anyway, so what’s the matter?”

“Thoughts on the necessity of maintaining the dimension as a god?”

“Feed it to the dogs.”




After a moment of silence, the Demon King grinned and shouted,


“O Hero, fell this god of evil!”

“Why are you calling me!”

“Ho… That reminds me, you were the cause of all this, weren’t you?”


At the Demon King’s one sentence, the shitstorm flew Yuria’s way, and the gears in the unknowingly corrupted hero’s head started rolling.


“Ou, our Goddess of Love and Benevolence! We have Sermir’s blessings! You first need to face with Sermir’s first servant of His Holiness the Pope!”

“Hey, hey! What are you doing!”

“True. Thinking about it, the one that sent that hero girl to the Demon King, the one who took my Demon King in… That was all your doing?!”


Having made the new target of the Demon God’s wrath in an instant, the Pope, startled, looked to Yuria, but the hero had already learned a lot of good(?) things. With an expression as if wondering just what was wrong, she looked to the Pope and only tilted her head.


“Everything happens according to the goddess! To get to me, you must first overcome Sermir!”


But the Pope wasn’t Pope for nothing! In an instant, he looked every bit the pious believer towards Sermir.


“Wha, what are you saying!”


Although it only meant the Demon God’s wrath had moved to Sermir.


“That’s right. You were the cause of all this evil, weren’t you?!”

“Hiii, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”


Being called the source of evil from the Goddess of Demons and Evil, Sermir looked to the Pope with eyes full of tears, but it was useless.


“Eh, everything according to mother’s will! My mother beside me, the origin of light! As long as Raelle is here, things won’t go your way, Lady Demon God!”



Raelle had been leisurely watching the pandemonium, but receiving all the Demon God’s resentment in an instant, she turned to the cause, Sermir, in panic.


“Oi, did you sell out your mother?”

“My first servant betrayed me, my blessed hero betrayed me, the Demon King in a covenant with me betrayed me as well!”

“What’s that got to do with me!”

“Mom hasn’t sided with me even once today!”


Looking at Sermir’s resentful eyes, Raelle scowled a bit.


“You, you’ve grown?”

“Hmph, I’ve just gone through so much today.”


Sermir went back over the day’s events.


The Demon King formed a covenant with her, she told that to Raelle and got scolded by the bucket, followed the Demon God over to the human world, met the Chief God and learned her family was pure bean flour, was abandoned by everyone, and finally passed over the Demon God’s resentment to her mother.


“I… will no longer only be on the receiving end!”


Whether or not a goddess decided to turn over a new leaf in her life, the Demon God only turned her bloodthirsty smile towards Raelle.


“That’s right. Which reminds me… We need to settle it out, don’t we?”


At the Demon God’s chilling laugh, the startle Raelle took a step back.


“Hey, watch your tone in front of your big sister?”

“Ah, one more reason. Since we’re on a similar levels now, I don’t have to call you unni. Now, let’s hear you call me unni from you now, shall we?”


At the Demon God’s one step forward, Raelle took a step back.


“I, I’m a pacifist!”


Raelle and the Demon God’s strengths were about equal. That was what was known, but against the Demon God, Raelle was slightly weaker. In a straight 1v1…




Raelle looked around at her surroundings.


One goddess, albeit a non-combatant. A demon king, albeit another non-combatant. Plus there was a Pope, and a combat specialist hero in the mix.


And everyone else read the message in those eyes, and thought,


‘Hang on a second… This is the human world?’

‘We have the Goddess of Light here?’

‘Those two are equal…’

‘So if we enter the fray as well’

[We can win this?!]




Noticing the sudden change in the mood, the Demon God looked around.


“Wha, you lot… Wha, what are you doing!”

“Hehehehe… Once the big sister, always the big sister.”

“So you should have taken the offer when I offered nicely.”

“The Demon God put me under so much trouble! And I’m on the opposite side!”

“Well, it’s my duty as a hero…”

“To fight against evil, that is the role of the Pope.”

“Eh, Eh? Ahh!”


Feeling that something was definitely wrong, the Demon God broke out in a cold sweat and took a step backwards.


“Can we… talk about this?”


Looking at the Demon God’s innocent smile, everyone shouted.


[It’s too late!]




Author’s Note


Points of note today:


A scenario that could have been written on drugs.

The demon king’s reversal

Consecutive blame passing

The innocent goddess, Sermir’s growth(fall)

The demon god’s reversal


The pressure of the scroll for those who read my stuff (even if the person in question tried to cut it…) No, to think I’d write over 10kb! What is this madness! In the case of Butler* with only two lines, I who was once praised for writing less than the synopsis would write 10kb!

(*Another WN of the author)


Author Edit: Eh? This stuff rated an average of 4.91 dafuq… (TLN: Out of 5)

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Translator’s Notes:


(1) Big sister in Korean. Carries connotations of seniority and superiority, especially between equals.

(2) Written in Korean, pronounced in English,  censored according to the Korean transliteration of the censored part.



EN: Longest chapter I’ve ever edited for this novel…..


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