DK&H Chapter 7-4

Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-4: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


TL: Eevee

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The Demon King had thought from the start.


As long as he had the Demon God’s blessing, there was no way he could ever defeat her.


Receiving a blessing meant that he would obtain strength and power, but at the same time, he would become the God’s subordinate.


A subordinate whose mind could be read and location known at any time.


So the Demon King had used Sermir as the sacrifice, obtained her blessing and discarded the Demon God’s.


“Wha, what do you mean, sacrifice!”


Naturally, having read that thought, Sermir looked at the Demon King, about to cry yet again.


“Ah, sorry. Tribute.”



As Sermir finally let the waterworks flow, Raelle, who wasn’t the most pleased with the Demon King to begin with, scowled and shouted,


“Don’t make my daughter cry!”


“M, mom…”


Yes, no matter what happens, Mom’s the best! Was what she thought.


“Do you know how annoying it is when she’s whining!”


Well, although this was a result everyone but, Sermir, had expected.


“A trade…”


Feeling a fresh wave of irritation, she stared evenly at the Demon King.


“Greed, you’re amazing, you know that? Wow, in my entire divine life, all my most interesting things have all happened recently. A demon king quits and runs off to play house with a hero, to not even Raelle, but a God of the same status, and now making deal with the Demon God… You really know how to get on people’s nerves.”

“Although I’ll admit to playing around, but the reason why I quit being a Demon King is different. You know, don’t you? That office hell. After being summoned to the human world, I started to regret living that life.”


Even in the face of the Demon God’s oppressive killing intent, the Demon King only smiled.


“Well, the covenant I can assume was to prevent me from reading your mind… Well, I’ll, at least, listen. But, prepare yourself… It better be good.”


In that brief instant, even though everyone else flinched at the bloodthirst the Demon God emitted, the Demon King still only smiled.


“Ho, you’re that confident, is that it? Very well, what do you want?”

“Hmm… Letting Demon King start a family as they want? And for once, actually following labour laws?”

“If you want a deal, you need something to bargain with? What are you offering?”


As the Demon God smirked with a corner of her mouth curling up, the Demon King likewise showed a similar smirk on his own face.


“The terms… shall I offer you the Demon World?”


In an instant, the smile on the Demon God’s face vanished.




Author’s Note:

A demon king selling the demon world.

………….Last time I thought it was too long but this time it’s too short…

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