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Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-3: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


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I wanted to say something about how this chapter was longer than the others, but Reigokai (Tsuki ga Michibiku) posted a whopping 16k chapter the other day.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




“Wh-wh-what are you on about!”


At Yuria’s shocked words, the Demon King candidly replied,


“But the Chief God aside,  they’re the two greatest beings, wouldn’t it be right to show them respect?”

“This here is our goddess. She’s still the Goddess our empire believes in, so wouldn’t it be right to show her due respect?”


Yuria was dumbfounded. The Demon King, sure, since he did this all the time, but was this sly old man really the overbearing Pope that had given her the order to capture the demon king at the very beginning? Maybe, just maybe, when he and the demon king were together, some other group had replaced him with a fake substitute? Was what she was thinking, when Sermir, who had been pouring tea, showed a bitter smile and said,


“Unfortunately, that is the Pope who has the responsibility for conveying my words to the humans.”

“Ho ho, unfortunately, what a choice off words! To I, the Goddess’ loyal servant!”

“What, you mean you’re the one that laid on that blessing?”


With instaneous killing intent the Demon God glared at the Pope. But, his response was swift and effective.


“Everything is according to the goddess.”


As he brought his two hands together and mumbled in a reverent voice, the Demon God’s bloodthirst turned to Sermir.


“Hwiiiiiing…” (Whining SFX)


Facing that gaze, Sermir could only turn to the Pope with a resentful look, only for him to avoid her gaze.


‘H, he sold her out?’


Yuria could feel her mentality crumbling even further. But, her trials were nowhere near over.


“Ho, and you’d be the one who charmed my Demon King?”

“Eh, eh?”


The Demon God’s frigid gaze turned from Sermir to Yuria, and she shivered  a little in the face of her killing intent. Trying to appease her, the Demon King said,


“Hm, hm… She’s my wife.”

“So, it was you!”


Nope, scratch that. Just pouring oil onto the flames.


“Wh, who’s your wife!”

“We bought this love nest together!”

“Wha, what love nest!”

“So, the hero is a tsundere…”

“What do you mean, tsundere!”

“Going all tsuntsun… Then again, normally being tsuntsun, makes the deredere even cuter.”

“I have no idea what you’re sayiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngg!”


Looking on at those two, Raelle muttered to the Demon God,


“What’s with that Demon King… he’s scary somehow…”

“I dunno, but same here.”


Normally, by now Yuria would have long since pulled out her sword and gone berserk, but in the face of a God, let alone superior gods who could even annihilate other gods, all her titles of ‘best warrior in the empire,’ ‘genius of the sword’ were all meaningless.


“We more or less get it. So, hero girl. What did you do to attract my Demon King.”

Having finally ceased the seemingly endless argument, with a cold smile, she sipped the tea that Sermir had poured.

“Ow hot! Oi, I told you I wanted mine cold!”


The Demon God that could annihilate the human world released her power through the house, for no other reason than the tea was hot, not cold.


“Ah, s, sorry…”

“Hey, hold on a second…”


Raelle leered at the Demon God with a chilling expression.


‘Ah, Lady Raelle! As expected, my mother is on my side?”


Sermir trusted her parent.


“I’m pretty sure I wanted mine cold as well?”


But, those expectations were shattered instantly.


“Don’t you think that’s enough, Demon God?”


But the one that rose to quell the Demon God’s rage was no other than the Demon King.


“Ho, so just because you entered her covenant, you’re on her side now?”


Sermir held hope. He did enter a covenant, so surely the Demon King would side with her.


“Eh, no, I don’t care whether you shit on Sermir or not, but we can’t have this house destroyed right now. After all, it’s only been a day since we moved in.”


But unsurprisingly, Sermir was the local punching bag.



‘…Poor Goddess…’


Looking at Sermir, Yuria sighed.


Sold out by the Pope, abandoned by the Demon King in her covenant, now shat on by the creator Goddess of Light. Was there someone more pitiful than her?


‘Wait a second, there is, isn’t there?’


Now that she thought about it, there was. And that person was no other than herself.


Sworn on the wrong end of the Scales of the Chief God, and dragged(?) along by the Demon King ever since, fought against evil organizations, fought a major battle(?) with the Demon King of Charm, dragged along to the Pope and now she was stuck in the middle of a fight between Gods.


‘Th, this is all the Demon King’s fault!’



When Yuria stared at the Demon King with eyes loaded with several emotions, the Demon King avoided her gaze ever so slightly.


“Lookee here, now they can communicate with their eyes alone?”


The Demon God that could make ice cubes float in a hot cup of tea with a glance reaimed her glare at their original target, the hero.


“Hiiiiiing… Even knowing that she can make it cold herself…”


Let’s ignore a certain goddess’ mutterings.


“Wha, it feels like even the world’s will is ignoring me!”


You’ve already had enough screentime. Sorry.


“Hero girl. Why did you wag your tail at my demon king and make him enter a covenant with that useless Goddess!”

“I, I’m not useless! I’m still the one the Empire believes in!”

“That’s true. She’s not useless.”


And the Pope put out a helping hand to Sermir.


‘A, as expected of my first servant!’


“But, she’s poor.”



Sermir thought this. There truly was no one you could trust in the world.


“Hm hm… Sorry. Let me amend that. Why did you wag your tail at my demon king and make him enter a covenant with that poor Goddess!”

“We, well to begin with, I’m actually the inferior in this relationship…”


Yuria explained about how she had lost her bet with the Demon King, and was tied to him with a contract sworn on the Scales of the Chief God.


And the Demon God’s reaction was simple.


“Then break it!”


“Something sworn on the Scales can’t be broken even if it’s by the name of the two goddesses…”


Yuria frowned. The Scales of the Chief God was a relic of the Creator. An unbreakable promise.


“The Scales of the Chief God, a relic of the Creator, an unbreakable promise? Hmph, do you think Dad’s got the time for that? Scales of the Chief God? Don’t give me that! Sure, Dad did make them, but he said he couldn’t be bothered maintaining them, so he gave us the authority to deal with it? So break it! I don’t even care if you do! I’m not going to punish you!”


At the Demon god’s words, Sermir exchanged eye contact with Raelle.


‘It’s a lie, isn’t it? Surely the Chief God wouldn’t be so…’

‘You know the truth. That our family is pure bean flour.’(1)


Completely shocked, Sermir faced Raelle.


‘T, to think that mother’s family was such a mess…’

‘Oi, it’s your family as well.’


With an expression of complete despair, Sermir’s body shivered, clutching  the table.


“To think that I was a person, no, a goddess of such a family…”


At those words, even the Demon King looked as if he couldn’t believe it.



“Hmph. Have you ever seen me scam someone?”


At the Demon God’s words, the Demon King nodded.

She was, as per her title, the god of all things demonic and a goddess of tyrannical force. She did not lie. If she wanted something, she would just beat someone up and take it.


“…Then really?”


With a somewhat hesitant expression, Yuria faced the Demon God.


“How about it, do you want me to break it for you?”


The Demon God looked at Yuria with a seductive smile.


‘What should I do…’


To put it nicely, she was under contract, but to put it bluntly, she was no more than the demon king’s minion. That was what she had thought at first.


‘Then, why am I hesitating?’


But, now she didn’t know. Why she still had doubts left in her heart. Pouting, Yuria made an expression as if she was agonizing over a decision.


‘I hadn’t expected this…’


And looking on at Yuria, the Demon King scowled and faced the Demon God.


‘Do you really have to wreck someone else’s relationship?’

‘Who told you to quit being a Demon King and form  a covenant with that bitch so you could play with that hero? You wanna die?’


Towards that Demon King, the Demon God let out an aura of rage.


‘Although it feels a bit early for this…’


Although he didn’t have the initiative at present, if he let this go on, he was risking the possibility of having his woman stolen away.(2) Rising from his kneeling posture, with confident steps, he approached the Demon God.


“Why, you mad? Is something the matter?”


Grinning, the Demon God loosened her fist.

Alright then. The current assumptions seem to be holding. In that case.


“Lady Demon God, shall we make a trade?”


The Demon King offered negotiations with the Demon God.




Author’s Notes:


I tried to rewrite this… Ahahaha it’s a mess.

So I did think on it and tried to move the story forward, I tried to look for a point to stop this, but for some reason I couldn’t find one.

Cutting doesn’t mean ending… All of a sudden this chapter’s even longer…


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Translator’s Notes:

(1) See previous chapter’s notes

(2) It wouldn’t be a Korean romance without the danger of NTR. /s



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