DK&H Chapter 7-2

Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-2: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji


Note: This chapter takes place a short while before the events of 7-1.

= = =


“Grrr… Now, how do I find them?”


The Demon God, who had actually arrived in the human world, grit her teeth while looking out over the plains of the wasteland.

Normally, she had information to do with anything and everything relating to demon kind, from the lowest minion to the demon emperor. But when the Demon King abandoned her blessing and accepted one from another god, she could no longer track him.


“Of all the countless years I’ve been a god, something as ridiculous as this, is a first…”


Thinking about that Demon King, an endless rage surged through her again, but her anger quickly turned to curiosity.


“Playing around with a hero, does things like this happen when heros meet demon kings?” (1)


Thousands? Tens of thousands?

She couldn’t even remember how long she’d lived.

The only really special thing that had happened in her life was the Heaven-Demon wars after all. But even among the multiple wars, she had never been shocked to the extent she was now.


“It was the capital of some empire… Urgh…”


Because she could see anyone with her blessing, the times where she remembered something exactly was rare.


It was then.


“Oi, you crazy bitch!”


With a flash of light, the Goddess of Light, Raelle, appeared and started yelling at her.


“Hmph. I knew you’d show up if I did.”


Looking on her enraged counterpart, the demon goddess simply made a neutral expression as if nothing was wrong at all.


“Are you insane? The Demon God coming over to the human world?”


Just as Raelle spat those words out, from another light identical to the one she had come out of herself, the Sermir, Goddess of Love and Benevolence, appeared.


“Perfect timing!”


The Demon God, who cared not one whit about Raelle’s words, rushed over upon seeing Sermir appear.


“Oh, hello-kyak!”


Our innocent Sermir politely greeted the Demon God, knowing she was of a superior rank… And the Demon God promptly grabbed her head and shook her about.


“This bitch! You dare lay a hand on my demon king!”

“Kyak! It hurts, it hurts!”


It looked like just a catfight with one side being shaken around by the hair, but it was important to note that one of those involved was the Demon God.


“Oi, what are you doing to my daughter!”

“Daughter! If that’s how you want it, then your daughter was the one that wagged her tail at my son!”


Looking on at Sermir taking a beating, Raelle also grabbed a fistful of the Demon God’s hair, and at that, the demon god let go of Sermir to concentrate on the new foe and grabbed Raelle’s hair in turn.


“Let go!”

“Says the one that grabbed first!”


“Fight me!”


As the two highest goddesses in this world began their incredible combat(?) Sermir managed to speak, holding onto her still-hurting head.


“Um, um,”

“Shut up! I need to trample this thing first!”

“Hmph! It’s your funeral!”


And then, Sermir saw.


The incredible shockwaves emanating from the two goddesses’ fight.

And the world about to be destroyed.

And the Chief God descending.


= = =


Masculine, yet feminine.

Childlike, but also mature.

Noble, yet plain.


Looking on the Chief God’s figure, Sermir marvelled.


‘Tha, that’s the Chief God!’


And when the Chief God opened his mouth, Sermir understood.


“You wanna die?”


Just where the two sisters’ disgusting personalities came from.





Looking at the two goddesses forced to sit in seiza under the incredible force exerted by the Chief God, Sermir couldn’t help but think,


‘This world… Is it alright like this?’


Having heard the reason why the two were fighting, the Chief God also thought,


“What is this, this hilarious setting?”


The Demon King had entered a covenant. Furthermore, not even to the Goddess of Light, but her daughter.


“Isn’t this too much! A demon king is my direct follower as well as someone like my own son! But, that little vixen stole him away!!!”



At the Demon God’s rage-filled glare, Sermir could do nothing but shut her mouth and make a face like she was about to cry.


“Don’t you dare act cute!”


But apparently, even that pitiful position was one liable to incite the Demon God’s wrath.


“Yeah, that’s pathetic!”



Sermir was genuinely sad. Sure, she understood why the Demon God would be mad, but to think that the Goddess of Light, Raelle, who called her a daughter, would also be angry!


“Sob… Lady Raelle… Lady Raelle too… If you’re a mother, you should help your daughter!”


At Sermir’s words, Raelle averted her gaze ever so slightly and muttered,


“Don’t call me mother…”


“I’m not your mother…”

“You are! You told me to call you ‘mother’ yourself!”

“No, you’re… Slightly awkward. More mature than me.”



Looking on Sermir who was about to cry and Raelle who was trying to avoid her, the Chief God thought,


‘Just how did the gods become such a bean flour family?’(2)


The most senior god, according to the geneology, said he couldn’t understand where this bean flour had come from and clicked his tongue.


“Anyways. Don’t you just have to follow that demon king?”

“But my blessing’s been undone so I can’t find him!”

“In that case, wouldn’t that child know?”


Looking at Sermir, who the Chief God had pointed at, the Demon God yelled,


“Find them right now!”


The end result.




Yuria’s mental collapse(3) had begun.


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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Yep. Note: % of romance seems higher with demon kings/lords of economy.

(2) Korean phrase ‘bean powder family’ which roughly means a completely messed up/broken family. It’s hard to crumple powder up into a ball, so it refers to a family that can’t be in harmony. (NAVER)

(3) This is a phrase which is literally translated as “mental destruction,” or in colloquial English, ‘complete and utter mindfuck.’ Usually used in situations where something bad has happened and your brain has no idea how to process the situation. If anyone has any replacement suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

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