DK&H Chapter 7-10

Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-10: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


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“”…We’re sorry.””


At the sounds of the Chief God and demon king, both of them on their knees and hands in the air, the sanity of the three gods and two people came back.


“Like I said, even if you’re Dad! I’ll get angry if you keep picking on me?”

“Yeah. And demon king, what did you say? Weak mentality?”

“G, grandfather’s in the wrong!”

“Demon king, I think you’ve been taking me way too lightly of late.”

“Hohoho… All by the grace of Sermir.”


All of them had something to say, except for one. As the Pope made a solemn expression, the three gods’ and the hero’s lines of sight turned to the Pope.


‘What, why are you like this?’

‘You mad?’

‘You plotting something?’

‘So scary, why are you looking at me like that.’


The ultimate technique of communication by eye contact, usable only depending on the situation and by those whose hearts were linked, came into play again. As glares of reprimand flew towards the Pope, he only made a serious expression.


‘Who did we just mess with just now?’

‘That, Dad, of course…’



‘…The demon king and… Eh?’


That was it.


Losing their reason due to rage, the ones they had brought to their knees with their ultimate weapons were the demon king and the Chief God. As for the demon king, whatever, but the Chief God was the Creator.


Right now, swept away by the mood, he was currently on his knees with his hands up, but in the face of reasoning, he was an incredibly scary figure to have to take responsibility for.


‘Now that I think of it…’




While the three goddesses were all flustered, the already well-experienced hero made a solemn expression and said to the Chief God.


“The demon king as well, but Lord Chief God! To one who gave me the [Blessing,] and the role of the hero, you went too overboard to Sermir!”


‘F, fast!’

‘A, as expected of a hero? Such shrewdly pinning responsibility to my daughter!’

‘Th, the hero, too!’


“Yeah, Dad! How dare my excellent subordinate demon king make his covenant goddess angry like that!”

“As her mother, I couldn’t do anything less!”

“A, are you really going to do this?!”


Sermir looked like she was about to cry again, but the source of all this was already firmly established to be Sermir.


‘It couldn’t be helped.’

‘I’m a hero. I still have much to do.’

‘Hm… Sacrifice yourself for us all.’

‘Right, Zero… No, Sermir Requiem. You’re going out bearing the sins of the world. As expected, my best daughter!’


At the intense looks of the demon god and the god of light, as well as the hero and the Pope, Sermir lowered her head. Then.




””Wh, what?””


Even surprising the demon god, emitting an incredibly depressing aura, Sermir smirked.


‘Fufufu… You all took me too lightly.’

‘Wh, what?’

‘I don’t know, is she mad?’

‘…I might have to convert religions after this.’

‘Wha, what is this bad feeling?’


As they looked at Sermir with uncertain gazes, as if nothing had happened, with a bright smile, Sermir moved to face the Chief God.


“Eh whew, even if they say it was for me, they went too far! You’re still the creator of the world, and my grandfather! My little cousin was being to annoying, so I only wanted to discipline him!”

“C, cousin? Me?”


Raising the Chief God up and dusting him off, Sermir looked at the demon king and the corner of her lip curled.


“Of course! You’re my mom’s sister, Nielle’s son, so you’d be my cousin!”

“B, but the relationships within the demon world are a bit different…”

“Hmph, since you quit being a demon king and made a covenant with me, you’re a citizen of the heavens now!”

“Eh? You’re right?”


The demon king tilted his head. Now that he thought about it, he had no relations with the demon world anymore?


‘Th, that demon king’s being won over!’

‘E, even I haven’t managed that?!’


And the demon god and hero, who had watched over the demon king for a long time, were shocked.


‘M, my daughter’s changed! 70824 years since she was made, is she in puberty?’

‘Wh, who is this? This isn’t my goddess!’


And Raelle and the Pope, who had watched over Sermir for a long time, had their mouths dropped right open. Sermir sent a smirk that said [I’m a god] their way, and hugged the Chief God, crying.


“Sob… I’m sorry granddad… They say it was for me… But it’s still too far, how could they hit granddad? No matter how angry I was, I still couldn’t hit you.”




The two gods that ruled the worlds used their mighty godly powers to instantly replay the previous situation, the Pope, leader of the greatest religious force used his memory that could remember thousands of nobles and influential figures to remember the fight just now, and the combat specialist hero reenacted the fight in her head.








And they were horrified.


””Sh, she really didn’t hit him even once!””


It was true.

Sermir had not, even once, attacked the Chief God. Only the demon king. Looking at their horrified faces, Sermir, who was still in the Chief God’s embrace, turned her head slightly at the two humans and two gods that were facing her, and made a smug face.




Looking at the horrified beings before him, the Chief God closed his eyes.


In reality, he didn’t read the minds of others. Because as an eternal god, he found that much too boring.


But the situation being what it was, just then, he activated his divine power, one transgressing that of Raelle and the demon god, but a power which could read any living creature short of other Creators, even crossing dimensions. His power allowed him to think and feel all.


‘So, to sum it up. These kids went insane and took a bite outta me, and when they were all saying what they had to say, the human called the Pope handed over all responsibility to the evilly smiling girl in my embrace, the hero dyed in the demon king’s colours quickly followed suit, my daughters backing her up to completely cover it up, but this girl here anticipated all that and only pretending to lose reason, attacked only the demon king and didn’t touch me at all, and as a result is showing me the face of a kind, weak and innocent girl… is what’s going on?’


How would you put it. For the first time since his birth, the Chief God finally realised what it felt to have goosebumps break out all over his skin, and he thought to himself.


‘What, these kids are scary.’


Afterwards, the Chief God would describe this situation like this:


-The world’s going mad.


Of course, in his diary.





Chapter 7 – Haaaah… I don’t even know. – End.


► Chapter 8 – Who are you? A goddess from the next town over.




Author’s Note:


This chapter: Sermir’s counteratack. Bring to mind Death Note’s Light (Kira) for a better mental image.


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*Meaning Chapter 7 as a whole, not this part.


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