DK&H Chapter 7-1

Demon King & Hero Chapter 7-1: Haaaah… I don’t even know.


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Yuria was still confused.


If the demon king had fought the Pope, she wouldn’t be this confused.

If the demon king had turned the capital into cinders, she wouldn’t be this confused.

If the demon king had declared all of humanity his enemy and decared war, she still wouldn’t be as confused as she was now.




“Ho ho, to think that I would be the first guest of the honeymoon house of the greatest hero in the continent and the greatest demon king of the demon world, it’s an honour.”

“No, no, it’s an honour for us to be able to receive Your Holiness’ blessing.”


If the demon king and the Pope weren’t sitting and laughing together in the same carriage, she wouldn’t be anywhere near as confused as she was now.


‘What on..? Maybe, when I first invaded the demon king’s house, I was hit by a mental attack? Or this is some random dream? If I wake up right now, I’ll be in my own bed in my family’s house?’


It would be great if it was true, but unfortunately, Yuria’s imagination wasn’t good enough to be able to conjure up a scenario as completely and utterly outrageous as this.


As her emotions kept on churning within her, she lifted her head, which she had kept lowered all this time.


“Hahaha, to get such a beauty, you must have some sick skills!”

“I do my best! Having said that, I heard that Your Holiness was quite the popular man back in the day?”




Listening to this conversation, Yuria’s killing intent erupted.


‘Should I just kill them both?’





At the sudden bloodthirst, both men flinched.


“We have arrived.”






But very luckily, the carriage arrived with excellent timing, and thanks to that, the two men could prolong their lives.


‘Yeah… There can’t be anything else to be surprised about? Yep. That’s all.’


She had just gotten a grip on her emotions and unlocked the door when.




She had definitely not sensed the presence of anyone.

No matter how lost in thoughts she were, she was still a swordsmaster.


Her being able to notice the presences of even veteran assasins, the fact she couldn’t even detect a single hint of their presence meant that her opponent was even more skilled than she was!


‘But… tea?’


The intruders were three women.


With beauty comparable to the woman who brought upon the downfall of a country, no, these three women had such grace and elegance, that even if the continent were to fall into ruin, men would still seek to make them theirs.


Two women were glaring at each other, while the other one was quivering and pouring tea into their cups.


‘Who are they?’


Just as she was thinking this, the demon king and Pope pushed past her and knelt in front of the table the women were sitting at.


“This humble servant looks upon the Goddess of Love and Benevolence, Sermir, and her mother Raelle the Goddess of Light.”

“This humble servant looks upon the Goddess of Love and Benevolence, Sermir, and the ruler of all things demonic, Demon Goddess, Nielle.”




1 second.


Yuria.exe has stopped working.


2 seconds.


“You wanna die?”

“You wanna die?”


The responses from the two elegantly positioned goddesses.


3 seconds.




Yuria rebooted herself and finally took stock of what had been said up till now.


4 seconds.


Yuria’s eyes took in the three women, no, goddesses.


5 seconds.




That was how long it took for Yuria’s scream to make its presence known.



Author’s Note:

Trolling of our heroine Yuria at its finest.


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  1. So…. Two women that glared at each other are the Goddess of Light and Darkness?? Then, the one who’s trembling and shivering is Sermir??

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