DK&H Chapter 6-4

Demon King & Hero Chapter 6-4: What’s going on? We’re here to capture a demon king.


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And somewhere else:




A woman draped in a white robe was quietly sipping her tea. And before her, a graceful maiden approached.


“Ah~ Sermir. What happens to be the reason for your visit?”


At those words, Sermir, Heavenly King of Love, as well as the human Goddess of Love and Benevolence opened her mouth and reported,


“Umm… it’s about my religion…”

“Hm? Ah, boasting about your believers again?”

“No… How should I put it…”


Occasionally, Sermir would come over to boast about some of her kindest followers, and having mistaken this visit for that purpose, Raelle, goddess of light, tilted her head.


“Is there a problem?”

“Th… That’s… A demon king’s converted to my faith…”

“What’d you just say, you retard?”


An insult spontaneously spouted from the mouth of the Goddess of Light, Raelle.



“Does that make even a shred of sense?”

“Eh? Th, that’s…”

“Do you even think? You’d imagine that I was siblings with that brat, Nielle… Oh, wait, we were siblings.”


Having ridden the exact same train of thought as the demon god, Raelle turned back to glare at Sermir.


“Anyways! No matter how better you are than the others, a demon king! Who on earth would buy that!”

“N, no… It’s not a lie…”

“Hmph! And even if it was true, do you think Nielle wouldn’t notice? Knowing that brat, she’d head straight for the human world… eh?”


Her mouth closed suddenly.




“Is… that true?”

“Wh, what is…”

“About the demon king converting to you!”

“Y, yes it’s true…”


Looking on to the mumbling Sermir, Raelle grit her teeth.


“Urrrghhhh…. And the demon god jumps to the human world just for that!”

“Eh, eh?”

“Nielle! She’s headed for the human world right now!”


Demons, Angels, Mystical Beasts, Spirits.


Each had their own ranks in their respective elements, and of those ranks, a king was the highest that could jump to the human world.

Ranks such as a demon emperor, if not for cataclysmic events similar to wars between dimensions, wouldn’t move at all, and it was the gods’ role to maintain those dimensions.

Because of that, no matter how much they were nerfed in the jump to the human world, there would be no way humans would be able to stop them. No, it would be more accurate to say that that very dimension would be in danger.


“H, how…”

“What do you mean, how! If this goes on, this would become the Third Heaven/Demon War!”


Abandoning her elegant appearance, Raelle stomped on the floor with a ‘thud’ and rose.


“Everyone gather around! Prepare for war!”

“Ra, Raelle…”

“I’m off to the human world!”


That day, since the creation of the universe.


For the first time, a demon king entered a covenant with a god.

For the first time, the Demon God invaded the human realm.

For the first time, the God of Light invaded the human realm.



End of Chapter 6



Author’s Note:

The human world right on the cusp of utter pandemonium.

TLN: Shit -> Fan in three, two, one…


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Translator’s Note:

Quick breakdown on the ranks of the deities:

Demon God(dess) (Nielle) -> Demon Emperor -> 7 Demon Kings (incl. Greed)

God(dess) of Light (Raelle) -> Heavenly Emperor -> 7 Heavenly Kings (incl. Sermir)

Chief God (Sermia) -> Nielle & Raelle -> as explained above

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  1. Oh, if it’s him converting to become a believer of a goddess with more or less an equivalent status as his, it is much more intriguing.

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