DK&H Chapter 6-3

Demon King & Hero Chapter 6-3: What’s going on? We’re here to capture a demon king.


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Demon kings.


Evil incarnate.

The strongest demons that could come down to the human world.

According to legends, they were formed from the human seven deadly sins, such as greed, envy, gluttony.

And of those, the one bearing the fearful name of Greed…


“May the blessings of Sermia of Love and Benevolence be with you, always.”


Was currently being baptized by the Pope.


“This is…”


The submissive demon king, or the Pope that was accepting this, none of this which could be understood by the Yuria and paladins group. They could only stare blankly as the proceedings unfolded.


‘Blessings actually do work on demon kings as well…’


Looking on at the demon king’s body pulsing with a faint light, Yuria continued to be at a loss for words.


“Ho ho… Live a clean life from here on, demon king.”

“Even if I look like this, I’ve lived a clean life so far. I haven’t committed any crimes yet.”

“Is that so? Ho ho, then this old man has made a mistake.”

“Well, it’s a mistake anyone could make?”

“Ho ho ho!”

“Ha ha ha!”


‘Wha, what is this atmosphere…’


The Pope and the Demon King.

Two existences, which when put together, would be expected to soak the land with each other’s blood. But looking at the two laughing like this, Yuria felt that there was nothing left that could surprise her anymore.


Well, although that assumption would be shattered next chapter.


“What’s this chill…”




A place that was not the human world.

A place that was both the heavenly realm and the demon world at the same time.

Yet an odd place that was simultaneously neither the heavens or the demon world.

At that place, a woman was stretched out on a sofa with her eyes closed.




Letting out a pleased hum, various images floated through her mind.


[Aaaaarrgh! Th, there’s too much to handle!] [Where’s the demon king! Leaving rank aside, fight me!]


The chaos of the Department of Internal Affairs.


[I told you. Even that smart demon king would run off one day.]

{Haaa… And we got overtime because of that.}


Or the soldiers tasked to look for the demon king.


“That Greed’s in the human world anyway.”


No matter how much the demon realm fell into chaos, she didn’t care. No matter where he ran, he still had her blessing.


A being that ruled over all demons.

The god of all things demonic, she looked at those struggling figures and laughed.




[From today onwards, I offer myself as a servant to the Goddess of love and benevolence, Sermir.]




Her head tilted for a bit.


“What was that?”


At Greed’s new position of servitude, she felt like she had heard the shocking news that the goddess of light Raelle was actually her sister.


“Oh wait, that’s right. We are siblings.”


They could be described as such. They were the first two gods that the Chief God Sermia had created, after all.


[Sermir would not forsake those who seek her.]




And then she saw an image of a human, imbued to the brim with a god’s blessing, baptizing the demon king.


“What’s this?”


This conversion that hadn’t occurred even once since the creation of the world, the demon god couldn’t understand.




“Eh? My blessing vanished?”


She felt her blessing that she’d placed on the demon king of Greed, the sole demon currently in the demon world, disappear.




Serving her was one demon emperor and seven demon kings.

And under Raelle, goddess of light, there was one heavenly emperor and seven heavenly kings.


The seven heavenly kings were called gods in the human world.


Ergo, in terms of rank, demon kings and human gods were equal.




“Not even Raelle, but under that brat Sermir?”


The demon god’s beautiful face contorted.


“Fufufu… Alright then, it’s on!”


For the first time since the creation of the world, the demon god prepared to head out for the human world.




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