DK&H Chapter 6-2

Demon King & Hero Chapter 6-2: What’s going on? We’re here to capture a demon king.


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji




Previously on Demon King & Hero: 


‘Twenty hidden by the gates alone…’


Sensing hidden presences all around her, Yuria bit her lip.




“What are you doing? Let’s go.”


But, whether the demon king knew what Yuria was thinking or not, he continued to confidently stride towards, what could be his, death.


“Welcome to the Pope’s estate, Hero of the Azure Flames and Demon King of Greed.”


“Your Holiness…”


Yuria was about to say something when,


“That’s the Pope?”

“You impertinent!”

“How dare he, a demon!”


An existence that not even the Emperor of the empire could handle roughly; that was the Pope. But as if they were equals, the demon king was casually striding towards him and instantly he was surrounded by paladins on all sides.


“Oi, what are you?!”

“Leave him.”


At the demon king’s provocative actions, Yuria hurried to stop him, but before she could, the Pope held up a hand and stopped the paladins.


“Your Holiness!”

“You shouldn’t! That’s an evil demon king-”

“Did I not say to leave him!”


Thp. Thp. Thp. (Shoes on marble SFX)


As everyone else in the room waited with bated breath, all that could be heard were the demon king’s footsteps.


Thp. Thp. Thp.


The demon king was now only a metre away from the Pope.


As Yuria and the knights watched with their breaths held.


What happened then was the first of it’s kind since the Chief God created the world.




(Yuria’s POV)


“What’s he doing…”


He was walking way too boldly. The opposition was someone not even the Emperor could do something about. No, in times of emergency, the Pope would have more authority than the emperor. Plus, there were at least fifty paladins keeping watch around him. And these were just the visible ones, let alone the hidden soldiers.


‘Is he picking a fight?’


His expression was one of utmost confidence.

That’s it. No matter that this is the capital, the man in front of her was a demon king. The authority of a demon king outstripped all other magics, and even a paladin blessed by the gods would find it hard to match him.




‘Wh, whose side do I stand on?’


She had already gambled on the Scales of the Chief God and lost, and as such, she could be seen as a property of the demon king.


But, the other side was the Pope.


Her household, which only now had a glimmer of a chance of revival, could be completely eradicated with a single command from him.


Hurriedly swallowing the saliva cloying her mouth, she continued to watch the two.


‘H, he stopped.’


He was now only a metre away from the Pope.


And then the demon king did it.




“From today onwards, I offer myself as a servant to the Goddess of Love and Benevolence, Sermir.”


The room echoed with silence.


‘I, I must have heard wrong, didn’t I?’


Yuria rubbed her eyes.


‘Ah, I must have been too tense. If I open my eyes now…’


“Sermir would not forsake those who seek her.”


And in front of Yuria’s eyes was the sight of the kindly smiling Pope blessing the demon king.




Author’s Notes:


Old man author is back.


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  1. Battle of fox and snake

    Also Sermir-chan is trying her best to explain the situation to her sister, demon god who already reach her boiling point.

  2. That Pope probably knows the circumstances of the Demon king of greed. It said capture after all. If he does know something it means that if he killed the demon king. Demon god go burn them to hell.

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