DK&H Chapter 6-1

Demon King & Hero Chapter 6-1: What’s going on? We’re here to capture a demon king.


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“Will this be alright?”

“We bought a fairly expensive one, after all.”

After the demon raid, Yuria and the demon king had systematically looted everything of value from a certain someone, and using those, calmly purchased a house in the capital which was slightly too big for the two of them alone.


“Do you think she’s alright? She looked really angry.”


Yuria was thinking about Aya, who had fled to the demon world yelling, “I’ll get my revenge! Even if I have to sell my soul to the devil!” but the demon king made a flippant gesture with his free hand.


“She’s a demon herself, what kind of devil would she sell her soul to? And she has at least that much jewels of her own back at her place as well.”


Even if she had that much, it was not alright.


Aya’s (looted) collection had included priceless antiques made by the best of the best craftsmen, objects that were hard to get by no matter how much money you had. But the demon king that had spent all his life behind a desk had no idea of knowing, nor Yuria who had spent all her life roaming around the wilds.


“Having said that… We even have our own honeymoon house, so now let’s have an intense-”

“Yes, an intense… fight to death.”


The brightly smiling Yuria aimed a fist at the demon king.


Knock knock.


“Who’s there?”


The demon king, who wanted to avoid being a panda again, very quickly answered and, poking out her tongue in annoyance, Yuria lowered her fist.


“The Pope’s summons for Yuria Ashrien.”

“H, how?”


Yuria bit her lip. They’d been found out already.


‘Calm down. It’s going to be alright.’


Calming herself down, Yuria faced the unopened door and asked,


“What’s the matter?”


The voice on the other side answered in a matter-of-fact way,


“We’re here to catch a demon king.”


Their very first day in the capital, and crisis had found them already.




A white carriage pulled by two white horses rolled down the street.

Inside, Yuria asked the man beside her curtly,


“So now what?”


The demon king, who was also riding the the Pope’s carriage, shrugged his shoulders and said,


“Well… it’ll resolve itself somehow.”

“Liar! In that case, there’s no way you would have come so meekly!”


Just before, Yuria had been about to draw her sword at the news that they were here to catch the demon king, but the demon king himself had grabbed her shoulder and said that he would go to the Pope’s castle himself. Presently, they had nearly arrived.


“Well… If there is justice in this land, then my innocence-”

“And if there is no justice?”

“Run away.”


Yuria agonized over her choices.


‘Should I just kill him now?’

“Should I just kill him now?”


“Hang on, your thoughts are leaking?”

“In that case, to carry it out-”

“We have arrived.”




At the coachman’s words, Yuria clicked her tongue, as if she was regretting something. Looking at this, the demon king broke out into another cold sweat.


“The Pope has been expecting you.”


Another man from a different carriage led the way, leading six paladins.


“Shall we go?”

“Haaaaaa… Ah, whatever.”


Looking at the demon king who was all smiles, Yuria sighed and followed him.


‘Twenty hidden by the gates alone…’


Sensing the presences of people hidden all around her, Yuria bit her lip.




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Translator’s Notes:

(1) At the time the raws were written, it was 52 days before the sunung (수능) which is THE test of all tests for Korean high school students. It’s the results of THIS test which Korean universities look at to determine the grades of the applicants. People often repeat this test if their results are too low to get into the university they want. Naturally, during the next year’s sunung. Other equivalents would be the Chinese gaokao and the Japanese senta shiken.

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