DK&H Chapter 5-9

Demon King & Hero Chapter 5-9: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~♥


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“So what you’re saying is. The demon god’s looking for the demon king, and you gave her that information. Is that it?”


In front of a cross-legged Yuria, the two demon kings were sitting in seiza.





The two panda-marked(1) demon kings both nodded.


“And this one picked a fight with me?”


This one, aka Aya, flinched and glanced fleetingly up at her. The pressure Yuria was emitting… Even she was scared of her, and she was a demon king in her own right.


“Heh, heheh… It’s just that this dense block of wood kept coming onto you and I got jealous…”


The hero let out an odd hum at that and turned to the demon king.


‘A block of wood?’


She couldn’t even imagine that description about the demon king that she knew. This incredibly lively, villainous man – a block of wood?


“Errr… Hero?”


The demon king said to Yuria.




At her voice as chilling as an Arctic frost, the demon king gulped and lowered his gaze a bit.


“Um, that’s… It’s dangerous here now as well… It might be better to change our base?”

“Change our base?”

“Yep. We need to move. Otherwise the demon god’s going to come after us.”


Yuria sighed. At this rate, the next thing you know, she might really end up meeting the demon god by following the demon kings she seen so far.


“Where are we going?”

“The capital.”

“The capital?”


The capital. A place where the Emperor of the empire, as well as assorted nobles resided. As well as…


“Isn’t that where the Pope lives?”


Aya stared at the demon king as if everything coming out of the demon king’s mouth had turned to gibberish.


“That’s why I’m going. In my case, well, I’ve got no real strength, so I’m the best at hiding out of all the demon kings by a long shot. Plus, if it’s where the Pope lives, then other demon kings can’t easily approach either.”


There were twenty thousand soldiers and two squadrons of mage corps protecting the Emperor in the capital. Plus, the holy attribute magic that the Paladins and Priests, which protected the pope, used could be nothing but anathema to demons.


“Well, if we get caught, we can always run away.”

“Having that said… Do you have the money?”


The capital is expensive. Commodities are expensive, houses are expensive. As such, nearly everyone that lived in the capital were either rich or beggars and thieves.


“Money… Is something we don’t have. But, we can earn it.”



Yuria tilted her head.


“Over there.”


The demon king smirked and pointed at something with his finger. Yuria, naturally, followed that finger to what it was pointing at.


“Eh, eh?”


The direction the finger was pointed , where Aya was sitting. She looked around before eventually pointing at herself.


“You, you mean?”


The moment the demon king nodded, Yuria’s face broke out in a sinister smile, and Aya blanched.


Shortly afterwards.


“Somebody help me!”


Behind a borderline-hysterical Aya, a blue sword ki erupted.


“Surrender peacefully!”


Aya, who only barely dodged the sword ki, came face to face with dark magic, in the form a dark hand that revealed itself.


“You too!”

“Fufufu, become the sacrifice for our love nest!”


The demon king raid had started.




Author’s Note:

Aya. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. (TLN: Press F to pay respects)



End of Chapter 5


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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Not that I really need to remind you, but this is a panda. Note the markings of the eyes. Basically means they’ve got double black eyes, courtesy of a certain hero.

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