DK&H Chapter 5-8

Demon King & Hero Chapter 5-8: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~♥


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“A, am I alive?”


Looking at the surroundings that had been thrown into ruin, a chilling laugh entered the demon king’s ear.


“Fufufu… So, is it breasts? As expected, breasts?”




At Yuria’s haunted cries, the demon king started scrambling away on all fours.


“Uh, excuse me? Calm down first…”

“Saying how he liked me so much… So breasts takes priority over heroes, is that what it means?”


Yuria closed the distance in an instant, and the demon king gulped.


‘Am I going to die?’


Ah… it was a good life, the demon king thought


‘Absolutely noooooott!’


In the last flashes of his life, all he could see were images of him working to death, and even in the midst of his soundless screams, Yuria came right up to him.


“E, excuse me?”


Even at the demon king’s pleas, Yuria’s fist came up. The demon king closed his eyes and waited.





“Why… why…”

“A, are you crying?”


Puzzled by the lack of any solid impact, the demon king peeked out the tiniest slit of his eyes. His eyes turned to saucers when he recognized  that Yuria, who was on her knees with tears streaming down her face.


“Just because you’ve got me by the Scales, just because I’ve already been caught, you’re going for other women? Do you hate me? Was it all a lie?”


Thump. Thump. Thump.


At this moment, looking at Yuria who was hitting his chest, the demon king could only love her even more.


“Is this the first time I’ve seen you cry?”

“How would I know!”


Thump. Thump. Thump.


At his teasing words, Yuria’s glare hardened and continued to hit him

“L, let go!”


But, the demon king suddenly pulled Yuria into his embrace and finding herself crying into the demon king’s chest, Yuria struggled to escape.


“I haven’t strayed.”

“Lies! Says the one drooling over those breasts!”

“I like my hero even if she’s small?”

“As I thought… I’m small…”


Yuria cried even more pitifully.


“It, it’s alright. That girl’s boobs are just stupidly large. I like my hero the best.”


Patting her back, the demon king soothed Yuria.




Yuria glared up at the demon king.


“Even if I’m not lying?”



As Yuria’s tongue was about to deliver another lashing, the demon king sealed her lips with his own.


“Mm, mmmmm!”


At this sudden turn of events, Yuria frantically tried to escape, but losing out to his surprisingly overpowering strength, she had her lips stolen by the demon king.


“You, you… You!”


As their lips separated, Yuria escaped the demon king’s embrance and with a face completely dyed red, pointed her shaking finger at the demon king.


“You know, this is my first kiss?” (Demon king)

“A, and you think mine isn’t!” (Yuria)


Yuria squeaked at the demon king’s casual first kiss declaration, but looking on her, the demon king only smiled and moved in closer to again.


“Is that so? Then, can I take your second as well?”

“Wha, why are you like this? S, so sappy…”


This time, Yuria was the one retreating.


“Fufufu… I need to show my hero just how much~ I love her. You like it as well, don’t you?”

“S, says who!

“Then, do you not like me?”

“N, not like that…”


Looking at Yuria, whose lips were quivering with indecision, the demon king shouted,


“Kawaiii!” (1)

“Eh, s, stop it!”


The demon king hooked Yuria’s hip with his right hand and pulled her towards him, and Yuria found herself in the demon king’s embrace once again.


“Now, then!”


Looking at the demon king who was coming closer, Yuria closed her eyes.


‘F, fine. It’s too late to run away anyway… And it’s absolutely not because I like this!’


And JUST as the their lips were about to meet again-




“Ah, sorry.”


Startled at the sudden noise, Yuria snapped her head around, only to see Aya looking apologetic, while scratching the back of her head with an intense blush on her own face.




And with the fist that came with Yuria’s scream… The demon king turned into a sparkle in the sky.




Author’s Note:


Was… Was I on drugs when I wrote this? My hands are cringing so hard I can’t type properly… *shudder*


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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Translating ‘cute’ to kawaii was a matter of translator choice. Now, admit it. When you read that, at least one of you imagined an anime girl screaming that in your mind. Now, transpose a young handsome man onto that voice making the exact same gestures and voices, and you’ll have some idea of what the demon king is like in this line.

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