DK&H Chapter 5-7

Demon King & Hero Chapter 5-7: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~♥


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji



“So, this means that I win overall, right?”


The demon king nodded at Aya’s words.




Yuria admitted that Aya’s skills were much better than hers, but even so, she still felt bitter about it.


“So, I’m gonna borrow the demon king for a sec, kay?”



At Aya’s words, Yuria felt an emotion that she could not name.


‘Wha, what’s this?’


Taking the opportunity provided by a stunned Yuria, Aya quickly took hold of the demon king’s hand and ran outside.


“Hee hee~”


Looking on at Aya, who looked incredibly pleased with herself, the demon king said,


“Alright, now what?”


While they were dancing, Aya had told the demon king about the current state of affairs in the demon world. And at the most important moment, she had whispered in the demon king’s ear,


‘The next part for when I win~’


The demon king could not help but to concede to Aya. It was that important.


“Even we could feel it, it goes without saying that the demon god noticed it as well.”


It was about the previous time when the demon king had briefly unsealed his power.


“So, what was the demon god’s reaction?”

“Of course there was a big fuss. But unlike the demon world, the intermediate worlds aren’t under her jurisdiction. Therefore, she can’t just go blindly searching, now can she? Thus, she went to the various other gods and lost her shit everywhere.”


Unlike heaven and the demon world, in the intermediate realms, there were several gods. However, unlike the gods of heaven and the demon world, these gods weren’t absolute supreme existences. Rather, their abilities were limited to only being able to  provide some of their power, and they are unable to interfere directly in the affairs of their respective worlds. Compared to those two, they were powerless, and if the demon god decided to throw a tantrum, they had no way to deal with her.


“And so?”

“Eventually, Raelle came along to stop her. So the grand masterplan called the invasion of the human world was shelved.”

“Invasion of the human world?”

“To find you.”


Aya started snickering. To think the demon god would order an invasion just to find the demon king who had run away from home. This was hard to understand even for the demons who always had a reputation for being eccentric.


“But, did the demon god actually stop when Raelle convinced her to?”

“No, eventually Raelle lost it as well, declared an all-out war and caused even more mayhem. Ultimately, the Chief God had to come in himself and stop them.”


Speaking of which, apparently Raelle and the demon god were siblings.


“The gods sure have a fun time of it.”

“Well, just how differently would they live compared to us?”


Aya shrugged and grinned.


“So, you’re here to look for me too?”

“Yep! But just how should I report this~?”


Aya whined and stuck herself to the demon king.


“In the rear side of the demon king’s castle that I manage, there’s a second-hand goods store called Mirran. Look for a red sword. And if the owner says anything, tell him to give it to you for free.”

“Hmmm~ So what’s in it?”

“A year’s worth of funds.”



Aya’s eyes widened. The fact that he had manage to save that much money was amazing in itself, but also, having such a massive amount of money was hidden in his territory was something else entirely.


“It was an emergency system for the off-chance that something came up.”


The demon king shrugged, with an expression that seemed to imply ‘nothing much.’


It was designed in mind to be able to continue distribution even in a crisis, but to the demon king who was holding onto about five years’ worth of funds himself, that kind of small change could be recovered any time.


“Alright then, so who was here again?”

“Hm? Was there something here?”


Aya looked around, pretending she couldn’t see the demon king.


“Well, that should do.”


As the demon king finished listening to the last of the latest stories of the demon world, Aya smiled and said she was going to get a drink.


“Why isn’t she back? Is she digging a well or something?”


It was just when the demon king started to worry.





“S, so strong?”


As the demon king heard Yuria’s shriek and Aya’s shocked voice, the house collapsed.




“Let’s see…”


Aya was approaching, not water, but Yuria.



“Are you alone?”


Now aware that the demon king wasn’t near Yuria, Aya reddened her cheeks and cupped them with her hands.


“Aiiiiing~ So embarassing~”

“Wha, what did you do!”

“It’s obvious what a man and woman would do together~”


Yuria’s face turned crimson in an instant.


“C, could it be?”


Even though she looked pure and innocent, on her travels, Yuria had picked up a comprehensive understanding of how the world worked. Looking at Yuria who had briefly imagined something she shouldn’t have, Aya chuckled and said,


“Heee~ Looks like you know~?”

“H, how indecent!”


Yuria shouted, but Aya shrugged her shoulders as if nothing was amiss.


“Demons have a custom of making children if they feel even the tiniest bit together.”

“Re, really?”

“No, there isn’t.”



Yuria finally blew her temper, and charged at Aya.


“Hmph, with just that… eh?”




“Wa, wait a second!”


Aya, who had prepared to dodge expecting no more than something like a slap, suddenly felt a very real threat to her life at Yuria’s unsheathed sword.


“Wa, wait a second, can we talk about this?”

“No need, no answer!”

“You mean further explanations are pointless!” (1)


Aya gathered magic power in her hand and thrust forward. The legendary blade that could destroy Adamantium was-




Broken in a single hit.


“Wh, wha!”


Her fingernails, which when filled with magic power could act like a sword, were sliced through instantly on contact with Yuria’s sword.


“Ha, hang on a second!”


Aya bolted inside the house, but that proved to be no obstacle to Yuria.


“Sword of Azure Flames, Lawless(2) Wave of Azure Flames!”


A thread, no, scratch that, a river of sword ki swept across the house, taking Aya along with it.



“S, so strong?”




The sound of an explosion accompanied the complete destruction of the house.


‘I, I may have picked on the wrong person?’


Aya broke out into a cold sweat, looking around at the trail of destruction that was once a house. To be honest, she was feeling scared. Very, very scared.


“Uh, excuse me… Hero-shi?(3)

“Write your will, demon king.”


Yuria leaked out a dark smile, the hero giving off an aura of a demon king rather than the hero she was. Aya gulped.


‘At times like this…’


“What’s going on!”


Shocked at the sight of the destroyed house, the demon king ran towards Aya.


“Darling~ I was so scared!”

“Have you lost it?”


Why was she like this all of a sudden, doubting Aya’s sanity, the demon king had no idea.


“Hohhh~ So the two-timing demon king has arrived.”

“H, hero?”


Just facing her glare caused a cold sweat to break out on the demon king’s back, and he involuntarily took a step back.


“Darling~ I’m scared!”

“S, stop it!”


At the word ‘darling,’ the bloodthirst in the air thickened, and realizing this, the demon king shouted at Aya, but at his words, Aya stuck to him even more.


“Hooooh, so, you might as well broadcast to the world that the two of you are like that? Then, it’s true that you two are close enough to try make children?”




The hero let out a series of short laughs, before charging up her sword with energy.


“You. What did you say to her?”

“Hehehe~ Sorry.”


Aya pushed herself off the demon king and started running for her life.





Listening to the laughs of the devil, Aya closed her eyes.


‘Sorry, Greed.’


And the hero’s blue sword ki swept across the land.




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Author’s Notes:


New semester crit, computer restore crit, because of those around 720 pages of assorted stories have been lost to the grave. Sob…



Translator’s Notes:

(1) Yuria’s line (무용무답) is a corruption of a phrase that means something along the lines of ‘No need for any more words,’ or ‘further explanations are unnecessary.’ Aya says the correct phrase (문답무용) in Korean, but the hanza (Korean equivalent of kanji) of the last two characters are different,(even though they’re pronounced the same) changing 問答無用 to 問答武勇, which an (approximate) re-translation would be something along the lines of ‘Ask questions, get military/martial strength.’ Basically, ask questions, fist meet face. Just another pun which was 1) lost in translation and 2) I failed horribly at translating due to my own limited knowledge of proverbs and Chinese. Can anyone to help me clarify this?
Edit: According to h0rr1bl3cpu問答無用 = questions are useless. 問答武勇 ≈ confrontation

(2) Another pun by the author, intended or not. ‘Stupid’ and ‘lawless’ are, in this case, actually pronounced the same way, the difference being the hanza (Chinese equivalent character) that it can be written as.

(3) Korean honorific to politely address an equal.



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    New semester crit, computer restore crit, because of those around 720 pages of assorted stories have been lost to the grave. Sob…

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