DK&H Chapter 5-6

Demon King & Hero Chapter 5-6: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~♥


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From Yuria’s point of view again.




One of the demon world’s specialty magic items was a tool that could play music. A gentle melody started playing from it.






Ahhh, this pattern… My face is gonna turn red again, isn’t it? But still… this is too close!


“Focus, focus!”


The demon king whispered in my ear again. But, hearing his breath so close to my ear, I think my face turned even redder.


‘Why is this song going on for so long?’


It felt like over a minute had passed already, but the music showed no signs of ending.


“You said you just worked all your life, when did you learn to dance?”


At my whisper, the demon king smiled and said,


“I learned in secret to dance with the hero.”



Let’s just not say anything.

With just words, how on earth would I beat a demon king that forcibly made six other demon kings submit to him.


‘That said, how much longer is this going on for!’


It’s already been a minute and thirty seconds! How much longer do I have to do this for!

As if understanding my feelings, the demon king smiled and whispered,


“A normal song is around three minutes, but this song is slightly longer, so think of it as being around five minutes long?”

“Five minutes? That long?”

“Well, it’s not that long.”


‘He picked the longest one, didn’t he.’


I sighed. Typical…


“But, do you really want to dance with me?”


“Why? I actually can’t dance?”

“Because I can hold hands with my beloved hero at such a close distance?”


So that’s why he was acting so frisky? No wonder he was so close!


“Would you mind separating a bit?”

“Wow, the hero’s being cold. Too cold… Her love has faded…”

“There wasn’t any love to fade to begin with.”


At my cold retort, the demon king pouted. Hmph! Sulk, for all I care! Can you really affect me just by sulking?


“I’m not cooking.”



This was a bit of a low blow. To be honest… Even I don’t want to eat my own cooking.


“I’ll work hard, so please don’t go on strike.”


At my words, the demon king perked back up, smiled and nodded.

How much time passed from there? The song ended and I traded places with the shrew of a demon king known as Aya.


“Wait, what’s this disparity!”

“What disparity?”


That vixen yelled all of a sudden, and the demon king tilted his head in response.


“What’s with that blank expression! That’s the complete opposite of when you were with the hero!”


The demon king sighed, and with a neutral expression said,


“Haa, are you a hero?”

“This hero otaku!”


Looking on this… It’s a mixed feeling. Well, sure it feels good to be liked by someone, but that someone in question is a demon king… And even though he said he’d quit, he still has the authority of the demon god and here he goes on to say he’s sealed that…


“Why is this so complicated?”


I scowled for a moment but quickly loosened my face.


“Well, I just don’t have to think about it.”


Well, it’s not like I have to care, right?

As I was nodding at my own appraisal, I heard an irritated vixen’s shriek.


“What’s this!”

“What do you mean, it’s a song.”

“Hold on! You picked the longest song when you were with the hero, but why are you picking the shortest one with me! This is only a minute long!”


So it was the longest song he had! Having said that, a minute? That would have been great when he was dancing with me!


“Actually, that might not be good?” (Yuria)


…Hey, wait? That’s basically admitting that I actually enjoyed dancing with the demon king!


Uuuuu…. Nope, it’s just because I was glad to have an opportunity to learn to dance. Yep, that’s it. As I nodded to myself and faced forward again, the demon king compromised and agreed to two minute songs for both of us.


“Jeez, they both look annoyed.”


Unlike with me, this time, a very fast rhythm was playing, and the two demon kings were dancing with a speed to match. No, to be accurate, saying that the shrew was dragging along a completely unwilling demon king with her would be more accurate.


But, but!


“He, hey, isn’t she sticking a little too close?”


That shrewd was pressing herself against the demon king. And with those demonic breasts leading front and center! Pressing herself like that, she whispered something into his ears, and when they separated, she pushed herself up against him again… Uuu….


“That’s cheating…”


I’m not small… I’m slightly above the Empire’s average… Uuuuu…


“Hmph. But, the demon king liked dancing with me better.”


Yep, it’s my win anyway!

The music finished, and I asked with sparkling eyes,


“So who’s the winner?”


At those words, the shrewd smirked and said,


“Me, of course. Right?”


Hmph! Says who!


“Yes, it’s Aya’s win.”



Eh? I, did I lose?


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