DK&H Chapter 5-5

Demon King & Hero Chapter 5-5: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~♥


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji



“They only look different, are the two of them doppelgangers?”


The two were both the same in that, aside from being pointlessly strong, they were both completely incompetent at absolutely everything else.


One would expect a demon king by the name of Charm to only be good at seduction, but in reality, in terms of combat ability,  she was actually on par with Destruction.

When you took into consideration that Destruction was almost 2000 years older, that meant that in reality, in terms of potential alone, Aya actually trumped Dawihaslo.

In Yuria’s case, the fact that she had drawn with Dawihaslo, aka Destruction, at not even twenty years of age was impressive in itself, even after taking into account that half his strength had been sealed. Actually, by now, she could perhaps even fight him on even terms even at full power.


“Hahh… Hahhh… Impressive?”

“Hmph, not bad?”


Looking at the two women, one would have expected them to have undergone a life-and-death duel. Actually, in a way they had, and they laughed reminiscing on their matches so far.


“Alright, so the current score is 2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw. Next match determines the winner!”

“Come at me!”


Looking at the two of them, the demon king leisurely sipped his tea.


‘It just doesn’t have to involve me. Just me.’


The demon king had already given up on the house a long time ago.

And he, who was casually drinking his tea, froze. Because the two women had both turned to him. And then, Aya opened her mouth.


“The objective of the last match is… The demon king that started this all…”

“The demon king?”

“Seducing him!”

‘Seducing me? Says who?’


The demon king threw himself out of the hole Cerberus had previously made and shouted,


“Second emergency escape!”




Long story short: the demon king was caught again.


The reason was because Cerberus, thinking the cooking match was over, had been coming back to the demon king’s house, and had seen the demon king running away and promptly brought him right back.


“The moment I get back to the demon world, I’m create a boshintang(1) culture.”


Looking on the demon king who was gritting his teeth, Aya let out a laugh.


“Fufufu, how dare a mere demon king reject the charms of this body and choose to be a hero’s pet?”

“Get it right. To be accurate, I’m the owner, so the hero’s the pet.”

“So I’m a pet now?!”


The hero shouted, enraged at the demon king’s words.


“No, that was an example. By the rules of the contract, I’m the one in a higher position?”



The hero pouted, having no more to say.


‘This mouth of mine…’


Just why did she make that slavery contract, the hero regretted it slightly.


“Well, anyways! Now all I have to do is get you to fall for me!”


Aya declared confidently, creeping closer to the demon king.


“Fufufu, you don’t have to be scared. Just close your eyes and it’ll be all over.”

“Wait! What do you think you’re doing!”


At Aya’s unexpected words, the hero’s face turned red and she immediately put herself in between Aya and the demon king.


“What else, marking him as mine, of course.”

“Mark him AFTER you seduce him!”


At the hero’s words, Aya’s eyes widened.


“Hey, heeeey~ the hero’s got quite the wicked side to her? If you had seduced him, would you have gone all the way?”


At those words, the demon king blushed and said,


“Hero… I need time to prepare myself…”


The hero flushed red all the way to the tips of her ears, and shouted,


“Demon king! I know you’re having fun with this, so stop it! And when did I ever say it like that!”


The demon king pouted.


“Tch, I got caught.”


Aya pouted as well.


“Tch, and she was the one who said to take him.”


‘Th, this demon king combination!’


Grinding her teeth, the hero calmed herself. But her bright red of her face didn’t show any signs of fading away.


“Well, might as well settle this with something even humans can do.”



Looking at the stoic Yuria, Aya shrugged her shoulders and said,


“Dance. It’s commonly taught to all human nobles, isn’t it?”



At those words, Yuria briefly looked back at her childhood.


Wake up, eat breakfast. Then sword training. Then lunch. Basic lessons in etiquette, then more sword lessons. Then dinner. The the sword again. Wash up and bed.


‘Wait, I never learnt that kind of thing!’


“Why? Lost your nerve?”

“A, as if!”


Yuria, who stubbornly refused to lose to Aya, slowly approached the demon king.


“Wh, what are you smiling for?”

“Oh, nothing.”


Aya muttered, looking at the smiling demon king. For some reason, that smile gave her a bad feeling.


“That hero otaku…”


As the hero reluctantly held out her hand towards the demon king, he took it and stood up.


“You can’t dance, right?”

“H, how did you know?”

“There’s no way my hero would know how to dance, right?”


It was true, but for some reason, it ticked her off and she grumbled,


“I had no time to learn. Why, should I just forfeit?”

“No, why would we waste such a good opportunity like this?” Smiling, the demon king pulled her towards him. “Leave your body to me. Naturally. Then, it’ll all work out.”


A gentle melody started playing.




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Translator’s Notes:

(1) Boshintang(보신탕): A soup made of dog’s meat. Said to be good for restoring the body’s vitality.

TLN: Hey guys, lately I’ve been wondering about my style of translation. Normally I try to stick to a more literal interpretation, making necessary adjustments as I go, but sometimes I wonder if a localisation style, a la Yen Press and co, might be better. What do you guys think? Leave your opinions in the comments.

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  4. Your translations are pretty good, and actually very nice to read. Tho there are some sentences that are a bit ‘odd'(?) when you read them in english, but that is probably because it is a korean novel, where sentences are built in a different way and such. (same goes for 99% of all chinese and japanese novel translations – which is why i dont think you need to mind it too much.)

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