DK&H Chapter 5-3

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Demon King & Hero Chapter 5-3: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~♥

TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji



“So what you’re saying is… you want me to officiate?”


At the demon king’s words, both Yuria and Aya nodded.


“Because you’re the fairest.”

“If you judge her easily because she’s a hero, I’m not going to let you off.”


At those words, the demon king smiled… and ran for the window.


“Emergency evacuation!”




With the sound of the window breaking, the demon king started running away at full speed.


“Get him, Blacky.”


But at Aya’s words, outside, a giant three-headed canine beast appeared. And so, the demonic beast that even high-class demons couldn’t beat, Cerberus, the gatekeeper to the Underworld, came back with the demon king in his mouth.


“Let go! How dare a mere demonic beast hold a demon king! Let go, I don’t wanna die!”


At those words, the two women smiled and approached the demon king.



“Do you think you’re gong to die?”

“Aren’t you two actually really close friends?”


Aya’s fingernails, which were sharper than your average legendary sword, and Yuria’s sword, belonging to the strongest swordsmaster under the nine heavens, both threatened the demon king’s neck.


“Shut up.”

“And play the judge?”


‘You two are close friends, aren’t you!’


The demon king thought, and let out a sigh.

And thus, the first match between the hero and the demon king began. Match type: cooking.




“Hmph! I’ll show you my cooking skills!”


Aya sneered, picking up her knife with confidence.


“There are queues that form in the demon world just for my cooking!”


At those confident words, Yuria flinched.


‘Why cooking, of all things!’


The first round was a cooking showdown. (1) Reason being that apparently, the most important role of a housewife was in her ability to cook.


“It should be alright?”


She was uneasy about this, but Yuria still faced this challenge. With the mindset that she wouldn’t lose to this oppai demon king!


Meanwhile, the demon king was comfortably (wrapped up in chains) sitting in a chair, leisurely (with Cerberus keeping watch) waiting for the cooking (death) to come, and with a smile (absolutely saturated with fear) on his face, the demon king closed his eyes.


“Rather than lining up to eat, more like picking who to sacrifice.”


Even now, he remembered. The demons that would cling to him, sobbing. When they had first come to him, he’d thought it was something to do with the finances, and he had treated them hardheartedy. But what had come out of their mouths was nothing to do with finances or money.


“Save us.”


That was what they had said. A later investigation had discovered that Aya was experimenting with cooking to feed him with, and had used them as her test subjects.


And thus, if the human world had Yuria, the demon world, to put it simply, had Ayariss. Needless to say, her cooking skills were the absolute worst anyone could have imagined. To make matters worse, her opponent was Yuria.


“It looks like the victor is going to come down to whoever feeds me first.”


Because it seemed quite obvious that it would be impossible to eat the next one after that….


Thinking on it, the demon king had an idea, and turned to Cerberus.


“You can understand me, right?”


Cerberus’ three heads nodded. Even if he looked like this, he was still a top-tier demonic beast.


“In that case, I’m going to eat my Yuria’s dish first.”


At those words, Cerberus’ three heads tilted. Clearly asking what the demon king meant.


“My Yuria’s skills… Are about par with Aya?”


At those words, Cerberus flinched. As if he had heard Doomsday was upon them!


“Plus, aside from myself, there’s no one at home right now to be the judge. So if I collapse… You’ll probably have to eat Aya’s dish?”


At those words, that giant Cerberus broke out in a cold sweat and started shaking.





“There, there. You’re scared too, right? So am I. So… let’s run away.”


Shortly afterwards.






Through the hole the demon king had made previously, the giant demonic beast Cerberus fled.


“Oy, you unfair little shit!”


Leaving the demon king behind.


“Now, complete!”

“I’m done, too!”


And thus the gates to hell beckoned from the kitchen.




Author’s Notes:

I accidentally made a mistake when I uploaded this under the ‘fusion’ (2) category… No wonder I couldn’t find my own stuff under the LN section…

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Translator’s Notes:


(1) The temptation to translate this as ‘shokugeki’ was… *shudders*

(2) The Korean blanket term for isekai or other world, may or may not feature reincarnation, transmigration, time travel, previous life memories, etc.

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    That also gives her people things to do without being obvious seducers (because you can only get tricked so often when there is no excuse). So charm’s people might do things like offering to tame a mighty mount for a powerful demon, and then seduce him in the middle, or use small animals as spies.

  3. Lol so Envy is also an abysmal cook… Yeah run Blacky the Cerberus… Flee… You are the Demon king’s(multiverse’s) only hope… Oops looks like it will be time for a new Demon king of finances…
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